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Found 11 results

  1. I have got the Texecom Premier 48 with a Battery Fault. This has happened since we had a short power-cut one evening. I have logged into engineer mode and looked at the status of the battery. The battery has 13.6v and is fully charged. I have done a walk test to make sure all the PIR’s and Door Contacts work. What I have displaying on the LCD Keypad is ‘System Alerts!’ and ‘Battery Fault’, how can I stop these messages from appearing?
  2. Hi, could some on tell me who to work out the size of a battery needed to back up the system for 12 and then 24hrs. We've just taken over a national trust site and they require 24hrs back up though out the whole system. Thanks
  3. Hi there, I'm just after some general advice regarding a security system I have installed in the house I just bought. It is a (C&K Securitech) Securit 700L, and the internal battery is apparently dead, as when the mains is cut, the external alarm (bell box) sounds, presumably powered by an independent back up battery. I have both the user and engineer guides (available online), neither of which have instructions for battery replacement. I would ideally like to know the model of battery required, and also which of the following methods should be followed to replace: EITHER 1) Remove cover from main panel (which will presumably trip a tamper alarm) - then enter the user code to acknowledge the tamper - then replace the battery, OR 2) Enter the engineer code - then remove the cover from the main panel - then replace the battery - then press reset. I'm hoping someone will have experience with this or other similar Securit systems and will be able to advise, then it should be a simple job to do myself. Any help greatly appreciated!
  4. My sister has a veritas 8c, the alarm will not set.Normally my sister presses full and goes out the alarm is set.On entry she inputs her code and the alarm is off.At present the alarm will not set and when trying to set the alarm red lights 6,7,8 illuminate.It omits constant beeping.I have counted the beeps 8,slight pause then the same 8 beeps and so on, always 8 beeps. Can somebody help please.
  5. A bit of a story, but trying to provide full background info. My Veritas 8 system has performed well since it was installed new about 5 years ago. It was then 'upset' by a power cut a few months ago. I replaced the main battery, and all seemed fine for a while until it was 'upset' again by another power cut. My attempts to reset it again left me with a flashing 'set' light but it functioned well in all other respects for a while until it started to chime every minute. This served to nag me into fitting a new sounder battery. However, the flashing/chiming symptoms remained. I discovered that although no zones were set to chime I could silence the chiming issue by one simple press of the chime button on the remote keypad - but it would revert to chiming again each time the system was 'unset'. Yesterday I removed power, disconnected the system battery, returned power, reconnected the battery (in that order, because I had read that on a forum). The periodic chiming (at one minute intervals) had ceased but I was left with the flashing set light which I believe indicates a battery/charging issue. THEN, reading through the manual again I saw that it said at 3.7: Power should always be connected in the following order: Connect the red battery lead to the positive terminal of the battery and then connect the black battery lead to the negative terminal. Connect the AC mains. So I did exactly that. And I am back to flashing and chiming. I notice too that the power LED on the main panel is flashing, (the panel is above door height in a cupboard, so hard to see) but there has to be power or the battery would have gone flat ages ago - and anyway, nothing would work, would it? If fuse F5 has gone, (I haven't checked it) could the panel still function and maintain charge? There has to be a simple solution to this. Do I need to try reverting to factory default settings? I think the default engineer and boss codes are unchanged, but is there a simple way to check that without changing anything?
  6. Hi I would like to know how to disconnect the abacus intruder alarm system safely. I am sure the alarm has been triggered due to the old battery being knackered. Inputting the code puts it to "system off". After a while even on system off, it triggers again. Input the code and leaving it on" TRBL" has improved the situation with the alarm remaining off for a longer period. The other day on TRBL, the alarm triggered again, the sounder sounded very weak and the strobe started flashing. The control panel displays "TAMP". The sounders off, but the strobe is still flashing. I guess if I input the code and leave it on TRBL, the strobe will stop, however, only a matter of time, the alarm and strobe will be triggered as the backup battery must be knackered. When there is a power cut, the control panel is no longer lit and the sounder goes off, nothing can be done to stop the sounder, until electricity is back on. I want to know how to disconnect the alarm system without risk of electric shock. Do I have to get the alarm back to TRBL first or leave it on TAMP?. I go to the room where the battery is located and I'm guessing I turn off the electricity from the fuse box for the whole building. Last time I started unscrewing the box where the battery is located, the alarm triggered. Once all electricity is turned off from the fuse box, the external sounder and strobe should trigger, do I remove that battery from the external alarm where the strobe and sounder is or should i just let it run until it stops. will the strobe stop if I remove the INTERNAL battery that's inside the building by the fuse box . My point is, I prefer not to touch the external sounder/strobe as have to climb high to access it and I want the alarm system disconnected so it's no longer in operation. Any advice would be appreciated thank you
  7. Hi, I know nothing about cctv. I have someone dumping the contents of their ashtray at our front gate, nothing major but very disrespectful and I would like to know who it is. So, I am not looking for something very spohisticated but something basic and portable that does not require a power supply. Any suggestions? Thanks
  8. Good Day, I Installed an Texecom Premier elite alarm system and I would like to know how long an 12 Volt 18Ah will last if the power went off. And should a 50va 16Volt Transformer be enough Here is my alarm specs. 13X PIR Detectors 6X Door Switches 9X Panic Buttons 8X Fire Detectors 3X Dual Beam outdoor beams 2X LCD Keypads 1X RF ADT communicator 1X GSM Communicator 1X 30watt Siren 2X Sound Bombs 1X Remote Reciever. Thanks alot
  9. Hi all, Another issue with my alarm. On searching on the forum, I understand that a TRBL POWER fault on the DA system Abacus is due to a faulty battery. Just wondering if I remove the cover to find out what battery to get, will all hell break lose? I've not reset the system or set it as I fear the internal sounder will just go off for hours. I just moved into this property and been left with no manuals etc. I have no engineer codes either, just the master code. I'm assuming that if I undo the cover on the box, a tamper fault will register. Do I just switch the battery and reset the system with the master code? Or is this a job for the professionals? Any advice will be greatly appreciated. thanks in advance, Titch
  10. I used to be selfemployd before retirering and mostly i used to instal Scantronic panels at that time and lately I have been interested in the Texecom range. Hope to be of help in this forum
  11. I've got an alarm on my house (installed by previous owners) that I've just ignored up until we got a power cut last night at 2am. You guessed it, as soon as the power went off the alarm started (and went on for over an hour until the power came back on, neighbours must love me...). The keypad was completely dead when the power was out. Anyway it's a eurosec CP8L and a Texcecom Odyssey 3E. I've spent the day researching how to stop it happening again and it seems likely I just need to replace the battery in the control panel. It was last replaced in 2009 according to the receipt from the previous owner. My question is, as I don't have the engineering code (at least I assume it was changed from default) what is going to happen when I remove the cover on the control panel, and what do I need to do then? I've read it's possible the installer configured it so the engineering code is needed to reset tampers, does that mean that the alarm will go on forever until someone enters the engineering code? I definitely DO NOT want that to happen when I open up the control panel!!! BTW I don't have any means to get up high enough to reach the bell box itself (it's well above the upstairs windows, we have a very steep pitched roof), and given that it went on for over an hour I don't think it will switch itself off! Thanks for your help. Scott
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