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  1. Thanks for your reply sixwheeledbeast. I would like it disabled, don't mind the devices staying on the walls etc. Any ordinary electrician should be able to disable/ stop the system from being active right? Obviously, I know it depends, but what sort of approximate fees/cost would an alarm engineer or electrician charge just to disable the system?
  2. Hi I would like to know how to disconnect the abacus intruder alarm system safely. I am sure the alarm has been triggered due to the old battery being knackered. Inputting the code puts it to "system off". After a while even on system off, it triggers again. Input the code and leaving it on" TRBL" has improved the situation with the alarm remaining off for a longer period. The other day on TRBL, the alarm triggered again, the sounder sounded very weak and the strobe started flashing. The control panel displays "TAMP". The sounders off, but the strobe is still flashing. I guess if I input the code and leave it on TRBL, the strobe will stop, however, only a matter of time, the alarm and strobe will be triggered as the backup battery must be knackered. When there is a power cut, the control panel is no longer lit and the sounder goes off, nothing can be done to stop the sounder, until electricity is back on. I want to know how to disconnect the alarm system without risk of electric shock. Do I have to get the alarm back to TRBL first or leave it on TAMP?. I go to the room where the battery is located and I'm guessing I turn off the electricity from the fuse box for the whole building. Last time I started unscrewing the box where the battery is located, the alarm triggered. Once all electricity is turned off from the fuse box, the external sounder and strobe should trigger, do I remove that battery from the external alarm where the strobe and sounder is or should i just let it run until it stops. will the strobe stop if I remove the INTERNAL battery that's inside the building by the fuse box . My point is, I prefer not to touch the external sounder/strobe as have to climb high to access it and I want the alarm system disconnected so it's no longer in operation. Any advice would be appreciated thank you
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