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  1. Thanks for the info. Battery ordered. I'll for when it arrives and fingers crossed it's all good! Thanks for all who helped! Great forum!
  2. Hahahaha. . . Btw, I took the panel off and found this... Ordered an identical one.. Out of interest, it says rechargeable. Is it worth recharging in future or just change?
  3. Sorry, that's auto correct. I meant internal bell. Cool, I'll give it a go in the morning. Don't want to wake the entire neighbourhood up triggering the main alarm! Thanks for the help!
  4. Thanks for the responses guys. So I'll definitely need a engineer code to change the battery even though I have the master? I managed to download a copy of the Abacus manual and it said if it was an AC fault the code TRBL SUPPLY. I reset the system. The TRBL power code disappeared but after 5mins the interval bell went off again with the same fault code. The box is metal. Has anyone got any idea which battery is standard or best?
  5. Hi all, Another issue with my alarm. On searching on the forum, I understand that a TRBL POWER fault on the DA system Abacus is due to a faulty battery. Just wondering if I remove the cover to find out what battery to get, will all hell break lose? I've not reset the system or set it as I fear the internal sounder will just go off for hours. I just moved into this property and been left with no manuals etc. I have no engineer codes either, just the master code. I'm assuming that if I undo the cover on the box, a tamper fault will register. Do I just switch the battery and reset the system with the master code? Or is this a job for the professionals? Any advice will be greatly appreciated. thanks in advance, Titch
  6. Hi all, Just moved into a property which has abacus alarm system installed. One of my lil ones decided to press the panic button and now the alarm will not set. I've tried resetting but on reading some posts on the forum I'm aware I need to reset the panic button. The question is how do I do this? Do I need a special key? Any help will be greatly appreciated!! regards T
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