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  1. I have got the Texecom Premier 48 with a Battery Fault. This has happened since we had a short power-cut one evening. I have logged into engineer mode and looked at the status of the battery. The battery has 13.6v and is fully charged. I have done a walk test to make sure all the PIR’s and Door Contacts work. What I have displaying on the LCD Keypad is ‘System Alerts!’ and ‘Battery Fault’, how can I stop these messages from appearing?
  2. Evening Gents, So Texecom released Premier Elite v4 software at last and i'm going to have a go at updating my panel. (48) I have the Prem Elite Flasher Interface and JAA-0001 USB lead. So should be all set to go at some point over the weekend. Any advice before i get stuck in ? !
  3. I have a Texecom alarm with a Veritas R8 (or plus?) / Excel styled control panel box with a Premier LCDL remote key pad from around 2003. The keys on the remote key pad were made of a soft silicone and some of them have become worn and difficult to press and register. I have looked around but I can’t find replacement silicone key pad so I purchased a second hand Premier LCDL remote keypad from ebay with the intention of changing over the silicone but the new keypad actually came with solid plastic keys which look much better and should last much longer. Now I’m wondering if I can just s
  4. I’ve just installed a premier elite panel and everything else is working 100% but when I try to set area b the speaker is not sounding when the timer is counting down and doesn’t sound when someone enters the building after being set it doesn’t sound either
  5. Some help please, I was trying to personalise the user access on my recently installed Texecom Connect App, not sure what I have done but all I get now when I try to log in is the message "access to the system is currently disabled". I have now effectively locked out all three users I have deleted the house and reloaded it but still get the same message Any advise how to resolve "access to the system is currently disabled" Thanks
  6. Hello, I have recently moved into a house and noticed that I have one permanently lit green LED on the external bell box. Neighbors systems seem to have 2 leds which alternate. Any idea what causes this? The alarm is a Veritas 8 with telecom bell boxes. Is that enough to go on? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  7. Evening all, Anyone managed to get the camera section of the Texecom Connect App working? I'm using HIKVision IP cameras but need an example of the "Image Command"
  8. Considering getting ceiling mounted 360 (AM360 DT) sensors for fresh home install (keep walls clear for wardrobes, shelves etc). Any tips/advice on placement? Any reason why this would not be a good idea? (ie vs traditional wall mounted) There are windows / glass doors in most of the rooms. All rooms are ~2.4m tall. Getting cable to location is not an issue. Combined with premier elite 48 panel. Thanks in advance for your any assistance
  9. Hi People, Have not posted here in a long time but I need some help. I am looking to use a new intruder alarm (wireless kit). The Pyronix Enforcer seemed to tick all the boxes, ease of install, features, peripherals, price, tech support and contents of the kit. However, I have asked around a few engineers here in Dublin and they tell me to stay clear because of the app being very unreliable and general end user experience which leads to too many call backs. If you had to recommend any system what would it be and why? Any input or advice would be
  10. Hi all: I have been installing Texecom Premiere Elite 48 (wired) for a while with great success and reliability. I now need to install a wireless alarm as I have come across a property where running the cables with be too difficult. As I know Texecom very well I am looking into install their wireless alarm, specifically the 64-W Kit-0002 with a few add-ons (panic button etc). Can anyone please give me their experience of how reliable this system is? Any advice... Thanks v much
  11. Hi Everyone I have just got back into doing Domestic Alarms it’s been 10 years since I have been in the domestic sector Boy have things changed ! Gone it would seem are the days of Redcares and Digi’s So having installed a Smartcom with the APP on a customers IPAD I found it notifies of setting and unsettling engineer logon e.t.c from the top of the screen when the apps closed but gives no kind of notification when the alarms actually set of this I thought would be the entire purpose of the APP ! Texecom don’t seem to show this as a feature on their demo videos it all seem to be abo
  12. I'm reasonably competent with all things electrical / electronic and recently moved in to a new house. I was initially planning to go for a full wired system as the house supposedly had a "first fix for Alarm", long story short the first fix was rubbish and had no where near enough cables for the kind of security I was looking for. So I decided to go with a Texecom Premier Elite 64W with a rough mix of 50/50 wired and wireless sensors, I also got the SmartComm as I wanted the ability to talk to it remotely with my phone etc. The parts I bought were: 1 x Premier Elite 64
  13. Hello all, A few months back I installed a Texecom Premier Elite 48 control panel, with Ricochet PIR's, door contacts, a could of hard wired devices. Along-side this system, I wanted to be able to be alerted to any alarms so bought a GSM communicator plugin for it. The part number is CEG1000. The set-up took a few reads of the manual, but I got there and it was all working very well, it was tested, receiving messages, replying to them and alerting me if an alarm was activated. A few weeks after installation the system started beeping intermittently and gave me an error me
  14. What do we think about charging for the APP use to clients, Risco, Eaton is Free both APP & Cloud, HKC charge for both APP & Cloud, Pyronix has Free APP & free Cloud 1st year, then annual subscription, Texecom charge for APP but it uses client direct web connection and needs a degree to programme. Current we include the feature in the annual maintenance agreement, but where clients do not renew which is getting more and more common, we charge, additionally most of the APPS are based on clients broadband, when that faulters from time to time as they do, they want us to fix FOC, thou
  15. i think ive misunderstood the part set function of my veritas alarm panel (excel , lcd keypad ) my question is if i set zone one of suite one to E/E does this mean the that zone one of the other three suites will be E/E as well or can the zones of the other three be a different program type ? example suite 1 zone 1 E/E suite 2 zone 1 Guard suite 3 zone 1 inhibited suite 4 zone 1 back to E/E ps this is only an example many thanks any help is great
  16. For my premier elite 24 plastic, I have also purchased a texecom USB-Com cable. Could I leave it plugged in when the panel is closed? i.e. route the cable from the back. That way I can easily connect it to my laptop without having to open the panel. This is in a domestic home, so I think it's unlikely a potential intruder would tamper with it. Would this be possible, and if it is is it a bad idea?
  17. Hi all, I have a Texecom Premier Elite 48 control panel. Everything (magnetic contacts, PIR's, glass break sensors) so far is working perfectly and I'm just tweaking everything for my liking. I've now run into a problem with the speaker, in the sense of I've wired in a speaker (SECWARE 16 Ohm Internal Speaker) into the "speaker" section of the control panel board. Unfortunately I don't seem to be able to get any sound to come out of it. Does anyone have any ideas? Is there perhaps a setting I need to turn on, or something of that matter? This includes all sounds - sp
  18. About 12 months ago I fitted a Texecom Premier Elite wireless system. The system commissioned without any problems and walk test was fine. The system consists of 6 PIR's, 4 Dual and 2 Quads. Since then I have had 4 false alarms, all on the Quad PIR's . The first 2 (about 2 months apart was on the landing PIR, one at about 5 in morning and one mid afternoon. I could see no reason for the alarm. PIR facing a number of closed doors and no windows. In the end I changed this out for a Dual PIR. Last night I had the second false alarm in the dining room. Again a Quad PIR facing in from the window an
  19. Hello Everybody, I'm hoping you can help me with what is (hopefully) a relatively simple fix; I upgraded the firmware on my premier elite 24 panel from 2.(something i cant rememeber) to 3.2. Since doing so when i press the area button on my control pad in the hall the system goes to part arm 2, The system is set into 2 areas; Area A = Ground Floor and Garage Area B = First Floor The control pad in the hall is set to Area A&B but I havent got the "use keypad areas" box checked in wintex, I tried it and it made no differe
  20. I have a relatively 'smart 'house' which is connected to my phone and a number of peripherals around the house. I have built most of it myself and want to know if I can disam a Texecom Premier alarm using a discrete input from the 'house system'? I couldnt see anything obvious as the zones are the only input (I have no communicator board!). There are plenty of outputs which I have programmed to output on alarm to the 'house system' to perform various tasks. Its the ability to disarm Im a bit stuck on. Any ideas??
  21. Hello All I'm struggling to get my Alarm panel set up as i want it, and i think i have a gaping hole in the way i have it set up at the moment. I have Texecom Premier Elite 48 with several PIRs around the property and a magnetic door sensor on the main door. i have a key pad in the hall way, where i also have a PIR. so i have set up the zones as follows: Front door: Zone Type - Entry/Exit 1 Attribute 1 - Omittable Attribute 2 - None Halllway PIR Zone Type - Guard Access Attribute 1 - Omittable, Access, Entry/Exit 2 Attribute
  22. Good Day, I Installed an Texecom Premier elite alarm system and I would like to know how long an 12 Volt 18Ah will last if the power went off. And should a 50va 16Volt Transformer be enough Here is my alarm specs. 13X PIR Detectors 6X Door Switches 9X Panic Buttons 8X Fire Detectors 3X Dual Beam outdoor beams 2X LCD Keypads 1X RF ADT communicator 1X GSM Communicator 1X 30watt Siren 2X Sound Bombs 1X Remote Reciever. Thanks alot
  23. Hey guys, I've been searching for a burglar alarm for our house for a while and then I came home yesterday after a 2 week holiday and the missus has gone mad and purchased from a friend, lol. It's a Texecom Elite 24 Wired Kit. Other than slightly damaged packaging, the alarm is new and comes with a Control Panel, Keypad, COM2400 Communicator, 3 Compact IRs, 5 keyfobs, Odyssey 1E External Sounder, 8 Core Alarm Cable, 7.0ah 12v Back Up Battery, Anti Masking Dual Technology PIR Burglar Alarm Surface Contact Her friend had bought this about a month ago to install in hi
  24. Hello,I've currently got no alarm at our property and were hoping someone could give me a few recommendations for a DIY HARD-WIRED system that I could install myself. My original budget was approx £500, however I've had an unexpected flood damage to the property, costing me hundreds of pounds, so unfortunately my budget is now no more than £350.I know it's much less, but I'd rather have some security system, than nothing at all as I'm going on a pre-booked holiday within the next 3 weeks.If possible, I'd like to have:- GSM UPGRADEABLE MODERN Much appreciate your help.
  25. Hi All, Having been out of the industry for a few years I've come back into it and hit an issue with the texecom 24 setup. I have 7 Zones all wired as NC and without any EOL wiring. (I'm going to expand the system at a later date depending on my cusatomers requirements) I've got the system up and running but the programming is a nightmare!!! I'm using the Wintex software but every time I try to do a walk test the system won't allow me to set this off using the RKP. I've also got issues with arming the system I'm arming and the chime sounds for exit all ok, w
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