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  1. Hi All, Apologies for the absence - I've spent several days trying successively ever-more radical methods to recover from the mess that I had been left in after the Windows 10 'fall update'. As usual with these things it just went from bad to worse so in the end I had to resort to an ISO disc that I made in October 2016. The bottom line is that I am about half way through re-building the system with about another weeks work ahead of me. Fortunately all the data is securely backed up. You are of course absolutely right al-yeti about the battery. The unset light etc. problems have now returned and I now have the additional problem that without mains power the keypad is inoperative. I don't have time atm, but it will have to be a factory reset. I'll keep you posted. For those of you who were kind enough to show an interest, the stent is behaving well and I start an 8 week rehab. prog. on Monday.
  2. The stent has now been inserted and I have survived doing nothing for a week by way of recuperation, so it's time for an update. I hope you are all sitting up to attention because this is very strange! Last night - well, this morning really - at 00:20 hrs we were woken by the alarm. We noticed that the radio alarm clock in the bedroom was flashing, suggesting that there had been a power cut. The radio alarm always does this, even if the 'power cut' is just a transient one. I cancelled the alarm and reset it. I also reset the radio alarm clock, and climbed back into bed. At 00:50hrs the alarm went off again. Observations:- The alarm clock was again flashing 12:00 . . The computers and ip surveillance cameras were unaffected, as were the LAN and the NAS box. The oven clocks in the kitchen were unaffected. This 'power cut' had been very brief - perhaps just a 'spike'. I hope you at the back are still paying attention because this is where it gets really interesting: The alarm reset perfectly - without the problem of the unset light flashing or the chime chiming. The whole reason for this thread had evaporated in a moment!
  3. Yes, it has. It's called angina. I have survived three 'strobe events' so far - this service is intended to prevent (or at least delay) the fourth.
  4. Gentlemen, thank you all for your opinions on this, especially helpful as you all have basically the same view. Sorry about my delayed response - I'm a bit snowed under atm. I was wrong about the engineer code not having been changed so, as I vaguely remembered changing it myself I guessed what I might have changed it to and fortunately it worked first time! The manual says that just putting in the engineers code removes any expired service timer settings but that didn't happen. I have re-done the date and time settings and I have also set historic (expired) dates for service timers one and two. Sadly, nothing has changed; on unset the unset light starts to flash and the chime chimes at one minute intervals. I can inhibit the chiming behaviour (until the next unset) with usercode>>prog>>chime. However, the flashing unset light persists. So, not too much pressure now, although I do need to decide how to proceed. I expect it will be a factory default, but I will sleep on it - or maybe you guys have some other thoughts. I shall be in hospital next Monday to have a little job done on 'the old ticker'. It would be nice if - after nearly 80 years - they could do a default on that.
  5. A bit of a story, but trying to provide full background info. My Veritas 8 system has performed well since it was installed new about 5 years ago. It was then 'upset' by a power cut a few months ago. I replaced the main battery, and all seemed fine for a while until it was 'upset' again by another power cut. My attempts to reset it again left me with a flashing 'set' light but it functioned well in all other respects for a while until it started to chime every minute. This served to nag me into fitting a new sounder battery. However, the flashing/chiming symptoms remained. I discovered that although no zones were set to chime I could silence the chiming issue by one simple press of the chime button on the remote keypad - but it would revert to chiming again each time the system was 'unset'. Yesterday I removed power, disconnected the system battery, returned power, reconnected the battery (in that order, because I had read that on a forum). The periodic chiming (at one minute intervals) had ceased but I was left with the flashing set light which I believe indicates a battery/charging issue. THEN, reading through the manual again I saw that it said at 3.7: Power should always be connected in the following order: Connect the red battery lead to the positive terminal of the battery and then connect the black battery lead to the negative terminal. Connect the AC mains. So I did exactly that. And I am back to flashing and chiming. I notice too that the power LED on the main panel is flashing, (the panel is above door height in a cupboard, so hard to see) but there has to be power or the battery would have gone flat ages ago - and anyway, nothing would work, would it? If fuse F5 has gone, (I haven't checked it) could the panel still function and maintain charge? There has to be a simple solution to this. Do I need to try reverting to factory default settings? I think the default engineer and boss codes are unchanged, but is there a simple way to check that without changing anything?
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