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  1. I have fitted the new battery yesterday, logged in via Wintex and it looks like everything is back to normal. No more Alerts on the screen either. Thanks for all your help and advice guys.
  2. Thanks for your help and advice guys, I have now ordered a new battery. I will let you know the outcome once the battery has been installed.
  3. Thanks for all the replies guys, it very much appreciated. I’m not sure what the actual current of the battery is, but what I can see is in the Wintex software it shows: - System Voltage: 13.73v - Battery Voltage: 13.73v - System Voltage: 0.285a -> 0.351a (it is constantly moving up and down) I’m not sure what the Current draw is, does the above Voltage mean anything? I don’t have a battery tester either. The Battery is around 4 years old now, how long do they last for? I have found ‘Monitor Hardware’ via the keypad, it reads ‘PAFBALB’ I cant seem to do anything. I have
  4. I have got the Texecom Premier 48 with a Battery Fault. This has happened since we had a short power-cut one evening. I have logged into engineer mode and looked at the status of the battery. The battery has 13.6v and is fully charged. I have done a walk test to make sure all the PIR’s and Door Contacts work. What I have displaying on the LCD Keypad is ‘System Alerts!’ and ‘Battery Fault’, how can I stop these messages from appearing?
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