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  1. That's perfect Thank you
  2. Hi, could some on tell me how to work out the size (Ah) of a 12v battery needed to back up the system for 12hrs and then 24hrs. We've just taken over a national trust site and they require 24hrs back up thoughout the whole system. Thanks
  3. Hi, could some on tell me who to work out the size of a battery needed to back up the system for 12 and then 24hrs. We've just taken over a national trust site and they require 24hrs back up though out the whole system. Thanks
  4. Would probably be handy I guess This one seems like It will do the job and at a pretty decent price https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.co.uk%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F264063429451
  5. I looking to buy a new cctv test monitor. Was looking at this Chinese one, anyone got a option on these : https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.co.uk%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F223118091538y We mainly install hik but need to be ready for most things like most people Any other recommendations for around the same price point?
  6. Bite the bullet and defaulted. Got the system programmed but still have the descriptions to add which I'm hoping to do with the rss software in the morning. Got few more outputs still to figure out and couple of users codes to program but wasn't as unachievable as it seemed on Friday Thanks for all the advice
  7. Yeah this is our one and only 520.. Bench test is out of question and have no spare to test on. We have a keypad out of the way I can work from. I use to work for ADT about 10 years ago so I'm pretty familiar with Galaxy's but have never come up against anything like this! Its looking likely default is the only way so will give this ago 1st. If it works I'll let you know :-)
  8. What do. you mean access? The system is currently fully working but any issues then we are screwed basically. The plan was to get in early in the morning and default before visitors start arriving. This is a massive national trust Abbey. We ran the risk of leaving over the weekend and had no issues as of yet.
  9. I'm back Monday now but have Hi Galaxy Guy, I've managed to get hold of a RS232 lead but do not have the software. Is it easy to get hold of if I get my office on the case 1st thing. I've put them off until the morning so unless an alternative comes up I'll have to go in early doors and bite the bullet and default. Not sure if it's RSS locked or ptsn or ethernet it's enabled. It's signals via dualcom but has AV devices all over the place that are no longer in use.
  10. Crazy! You live and learn I guess. At least I've got my five posts (-:
  11. Its not just the zones, there's outputs hanging of it all over the place. AV, speakers, some sort of pager system, detector leds, the list goes on.. Defaulting is going to be a nightmare.
  12. I just get the lovely welcoming message ' insufficient access rights' I spoken to tech support and they say It needs a default. They were vague as whether or not a download using the rss software could be changed and uploaded to rectify the issue. I just can't believe that changing one option on such a big system can lock you out and the only way around it is to do a default.
  13. Yes the master manager code, I have it. The issue is I've removed the right to allow engineer access using all levels including 6. This has made it impossible to allow engineer access using any user codes thus not allowing me back in to engineer mode to change it back.. Stupid of me I know but seems rediclus to be even a option and then even worse not to be able to un-do it. I don't have the RSS software or leads to get a download. This is one of our very few galaxy alarms so have never needed it. I'm back in the morning to try and rectify it so not sure if I can get it over the weekend anywhere? At the moment I have a huge system just waiting to go in to fault with no way to programme or reset it. Nightmare
  14. I'm not a full member so not sure if I could? I've used menu 68, sub menu something and turned user access rights off for engineer access thinking this would stop me having to use the master code to allow engineer access. The outcome is I've completely locked myself out of getting out of engineer mode as none of the user code can allow the access now. Been told the only way around this is to default the panel. This is on a huge system with very little paper work, surely the is a back way into engineer mode?
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