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  1. For the benefit of anyone wanting to replace the battery for a Securit 700L and since I couldn't find an answer anywhere else (including the user guide and engineer guide) I will detail here. As a video guide, it is pretty much exactly as explained in this video (for a different system): https://youtu.be/4vsC9jgkVbo I first tried entering the engineer code, but this triggered the internal alarm, suggesting that the engineer code had been changed from its default value in my system. Solution: I went with option 1 above. There are two components to the alarm, the KEYPAD (by the front door) and MAIN PANEL (which is a white metal box about 20 cm square, and should be hidden in an internal cupboard/garage). With the alarm deactivated (not set), remove the front cover from the MAIN PANEL by removing the two screws. The internal alarm sounds when the cover is removed as a response to the tamper being tripped. The alarm is deactivated by resetting the system (enter user code, followed by #) on the KEYPAD. The tamper light will remain lit on the KEYPAD until the cover is replaced on the MAIN PANEL. The earth cable for the MAIN PANEL may be attached to the front cover. Now replace the battery, by removing the red then the black wires from the terminals and replace with a like battery. In my system it was a 12V, 2.1 Ah lead acid battery, like this: http://amzn.eu/d/5kVETi2. Recommed buying from Screwfix as you can easily return/exchange if needed. Replace the front cover (tamper light should go out) and reset the alarm just for the hell of it. Throughout this process I left the mains power on so the external alarm bell (which is powered by a separate backup battery) didn't ring. Best to wear insulating gloves. Other notes: this is an easy job which costs £12 for a new battery and saves an engineer call out (£200+). Why there aren't instructions for this in the user or engineer guides (bearing in mind it needs doing every 5-10 years) can only be because it is classed as unsafe for a customer to attempt, and too easy to bother mentioning for an engineer. I think Securitech, the original manufacturer, was bought by ADT Security - I did phone them for advice but despite being as helpful as possible they couldn't offer any over the phone assistance.
  2. Thanks for the advice guys, I will try option 2 and report how it goes. Main concern is getting into a situation where the external bell is ringing and can't be deactivated!
  3. Hi there, I'm just after some general advice regarding a security system I have installed in the house I just bought. It is a (C&K Securitech) Securit 700L, and the internal battery is apparently dead, as when the mains is cut, the external alarm (bell box) sounds, presumably powered by an independent back up battery. I have both the user and engineer guides (available online), neither of which have instructions for battery replacement. I would ideally like to know the model of battery required, and also which of the following methods should be followed to replace: EITHER 1) Remove cover from main panel (which will presumably trip a tamper alarm) - then enter the user code to acknowledge the tamper - then replace the battery, OR 2) Enter the engineer code - then remove the cover from the main panel - then replace the battery - then press reset. I'm hoping someone will have experience with this or other similar Securit systems and will be able to advise, then it should be a simple job to do myself. Any help greatly appreciated!
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