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  1. For the benefit of anyone wanting to replace the battery for a Securit 700L and since I couldn't find an answer anywhere else (including the user guide and engineer guide) I will detail here. As a video guide, it is pretty much exactly as explained in this video (for a different system): https://youtu.be/4vsC9jgkVbo I first tried entering the engineer code, but this triggered the internal alarm, suggesting that the engineer code had been changed from its default value in my system. Solution: I went with option 1 above. There are two components to the alarm, the KEYPAD (by the fr
  2. Thanks for the advice guys, I will try option 2 and report how it goes. Main concern is getting into a situation where the external bell is ringing and can't be deactivated!
  3. Hi there, I'm just after some general advice regarding a security system I have installed in the house I just bought. It is a (C&K Securitech) Securit 700L, and the internal battery is apparently dead, as when the mains is cut, the external alarm (bell box) sounds, presumably powered by an independent back up battery. I have both the user and engineer guides (available online), neither of which have instructions for battery replacement. I would ideally like to know the model of battery required, and also which of the following methods should be followed to replace: EITHER 1)
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