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  1. Are you using MS nodes? We have had similar problems as yourself and have found there is a link on MS nodes (link 3) that needs to be on and if not will cause ramdom tamper faults. Andy
  2. Tech support number is 020 8732 3350/3353
  3. I think you could be right about it being an Itec panel. I dont have a user manual, but from what I remember you programme the code as follows... enter code then press * then # then new code follwed by * you can not use a zero in the code as this is used as a clear button. Give it a try! regards Andy
  4. Microtec are no longer trading and I doubt you will get a replacement keypad for a system that is that old, unless someone here has a second hand one. I would consider replacing the control equipment for an up to date system. Im sure someone on here could recommend an installer in the North East.
  5. The only manual I could find is attached. May not be exact but most Aritech's work more or less in the same way. I hope this helps. Regards Andy cd_3403.pdf
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    I totally agree with all comments so far. I find that I visit this forum less and less due to the fact that some peoples replys', both in public and trade were nothing short of rude, to the extent I couldnt stay silent and had to say somthing to said persons. If you have something constructive and helpful then by all means post, but if it is to try and look high and mighty and belittle newcomers to the site then dont say anything at all. Its not about the amount of posts per member but the quality of the discussions and topics raised. I hope the new moderators will keep the the posts on topic and not at a tangent as has been in the past. I know there have been some major changes recently but this forum is widely respected in the industry and im sure it will evolve into a new and better site.
  7. secomandy


    welcome to the forum....
  8. secomandy

    Aritech Alarm

    I hope this helps! I dont think the master code can be changed by the user. You would be better getting an engineer in to service your alarm if it is 8 years old. Im sure if you ask there will be someone in your area on this forum.
  9. have you tried pressing no 3 (reset) after your code?
  10. could be the the estate agent was typing the wrong code in the system and after 4 attemps it would go into tamper. Enter you passcode and press 0 (end) it should clear the fault.
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