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  1. hi thanks for the info . but when i first powered up the panel on mains the digi wifi was flashing blue then amber . as you know i had a problem with my additional keypad i powered it down cutting the power off to the control panel the battery was not connected . anyway when i put the power back on to the control panel there was no lights on the digi wifi modal . and looks like its not connected . how do i reconnect it ??? 



    mr holland 

    1. grantc


      Can you send a pic of how you have connected the Digi WiFi?

  2. oh ok can you tell me how to enable the comms device using the keypad ??? ps thank you for your reply to my post
  3. hi all i am having trouble adding my pyronix DIGI-WIFI /XA to my pyronix euro 46 v10 . All is new and the DIGI - WIFI /XA was fitted to the motherboard using the 8 pin cable before i powered up for the first time . at first i got a blue light on the digi wife but i had a problem with my keypad and i had to power down . but when i powered up again there was no lights at all on the digi wifi module and in the communication menu there no listing for setup of wifi in there . can anybody help
  4. hi Abbz so your saying you cannot twist the main and the additional keypads wiring together and put in the same place on the board or do you have to programme the main keypad first then add the additional keypad after???? .i have got one of the keypads working now by removing the additional keypad from the control board . but my digi - wifi /xa is still not been recognised in the communication menu on the keypad . will i need to do a clear start and start again ??? ps thanks for your help
  5. i just got a new pyronix euro 46v10 with a additional keypad i have wired them both together in the same place on the motherboard in the control panel but when i powered up the system the keypads would not let me do anything even the manager code would not work and the alarm went off . also my DIGI-Wifi / xa does not light up . any ideas???
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