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  1. That'll be the one. All sorted now, thanks @Nova-Security
  2. Tried a restart @james.wilson. there are 3 outputs programmed as bells, strobe and ee horn all assigned to A3 only without any modifiers. @al-yeti might try this, A1 and A2 work fine in the main building. Thanks
  3. No bell delay programmed, ee tones are fine on both the keypad and ee horn for that group, but neither of them sound during alarm and the bells output type doesn't either
  4. Yep, outputs are fine otherwise
  5. Yep all wired correctly, correct outputs assigned. I've done an output test too and that's all fine. Very strange.....
  6. The setup has 1 building with 2 groups, and 1 building with 1 group. The building with 1 group is seperate to the main building, with the exception that the keypad in the main building is assigned to all groups. Sounders are seperated per group.
  7. Got a galaxy dimension that activates fine on all groups apart from one group...sounders assigned to that group don't activate but comms goes through fine. Had a look at all the group parameters and output programming but can't see anything out of the blue. Any suggestions? Thanks
  8. Thanks Mr happy. How much individually? Might be interested
  9. Oooo how many of each have you got and how much would you let go of them for?
  10. Does anyone happen to have a signet keypad anywhere? I install SPC but have a collection of signet kit going and just after a keypad if anyone has one kicking about. (Not really vintage though!) Cheers
  11. Managed to get it working shortly after posting on here. It's a piezo so had a feeling that a programmable output was the one. Wired it to speaker - and changed the polarity and now it's fine. Must've been having a bad day!
  12. Update on this, tried a programmable output instead and still no luck.
  13. Popping back there to look at it this afternoon so will try it and let you know how I get on. Yes, tried some different resistor combos 4k7 and 1k
  14. Fine for domestics imo but prefer the soint2. Can a programmable output be used then? The manual isn't very clear!
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