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  1. Good point well made re pulse timer! All sorted, cheers!
  2. Evening Is the confirm output linked to the bell timer on the dimension series? I always just use the bells function for the EWD but need bells on confirmed for a few sites. Does it work with the bell timer or do I need to pulse it for 15 mins? Ta
  3. Yeah, is definitely from the europlex days. I wonder if they are able to create an output type similar to gal in their next firmware release. SPC connect is great, shame it doesn't have a virtual kp like SPC pro had.
  4. Found it to be reasonably good, each wireless detector can have it's own activity log which is handy. No issues yet apart from tamper switches being a bit fussy on the door contacts. On another note, it's a bit odd how it doesn't have a speaker output or the equivalent output type of 'ee horn' like on galaxy. Could see it being a pain on a panel change if internal speakers need changing to hi/lo sounders too
  5. Cheers. Connected via browser and flashed to SPC 3.8
  6. After taking over a few SPC systems, I'm now wondering if we should make the move over to SPC from Galaxy. We mainly install galaxy and the odd bit of texecom. I was very impressed with the flexibility of the SPC, the camera Integration and the app. Customers seem to love it too. But is it worth making the move?
  7. Hi all, does the Vanderbilt SPC pro software work with the europlex signet range of panels? I'm guessing it does but just checking before going to site tomorrow. Cheers
  8. Off to quote a client for additional detection this week, their boiler house was broken into a couple of nights ago by the metal wombles and had a load of new pipe stolen that was stored in there. The boiler house is part of their building but can only be accessed from outside. What should I do for detection, I was thinking of having a TMD and a sounder in there that sets when the building is set in the evenings. Anyone else done anything similar before?
  9. 3.1.14 digital key device used for setting and/or unsetting an IAS which can be removed from the supervised premises Such a device/key was formerly known as “Portable Ancillary Control Equipment” abbreviated to “Portable ACE” or “PACE”. Examples of digital keys include magnetic card, electronic token or similar, provided these keys have the required number of differs according to the Grade of the I&HAS (see Table 3 of BS EN 50131-1:2006+A1:2009)
  10. I'm hoping that instant will be okay. Never known what digital key refers to, either code via keypad or via an app etc maybe?
  11. G3 monitoring, shall check out that section of the regs. Wanted to do it on instant set but looks like we'll put a keypad inside and a push to set on the outside in that case.
  12. We were thinking of putting a keypad in there for setting purposes only but there would be no point as the nearest keypad is in the corridor that's 2 rooms away which would be fine. Other option would be a max reader on the outside of the cash room. The group logic will be setup so the rest of the building can't be set unless the cash room is.
  13. A client who has a large commercial premises is adding a cash room during their refurb, it will be on its on group that can only be set and unset by management with a maglock to prevent anyone gaining entry when set. Does there have to be a keypad in there since it's on its own area or can we set and unset outside of its group on another keypad? Regs don't seem to be very clear about it and don't want to upset anyone.
  14. Thanks GalaxyGuy. I usually tell the difference between the label on the panel lid, 3 series will have 3-xxx on the lid and dimension usually has 'galaxy 48', 'galaxy 96' on it etc etc
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