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  1. Thanks Mr happy. How much individually? Might be interested
  2. Oooo how many of each have you got and how much would you let go of them for?
  3. Does anyone happen to have a signet keypad anywhere? I install SPC but have a collection of signet kit going and just after a keypad if anyone has one kicking about. (Not really vintage though!) Cheers
  4. Managed to get it working shortly after posting on here. It's a piezo so had a feeling that a programmable output was the one. Wired it to speaker - and changed the polarity and now it's fine. Must've been having a bad day!
  5. Update on this, tried a programmable output instead and still no luck.
  6. Popping back there to look at it this afternoon so will try it and let you know how I get on. Yes, tried some different resistor combos 4k7 and 1k
  7. Fine for domestics imo but prefer the soint2. Can a programmable output be used then? The manual isn't very clear!
  8. Yep, tried a 2k2 resistor as per the manual
  9. Hi all Currently having issues with the speaker input on a twin alert. It's wired to a GD48 and all is working apart from the speaker input for ee horn tones. I've connected it to the speaker negative (and tried positive) to no avail, anyone else had issues when using a dimension? Can I use a programmable output instead? I was under the impression that the speaker input of the twin alert wasn't designed to be fed DC so being a bit wary! Even pyronix tech support were scratching their heads. Cheers
  10. Good point well made re pulse timer! All sorted, cheers!
  11. Evening Is the confirm output linked to the bell timer on the dimension series? I always just use the bells function for the EWD but need bells on confirmed for a few sites. Does it work with the bell timer or do I need to pulse it for 15 mins? Ta
  12. Yeah, is definitely from the europlex days. I wonder if they are able to create an output type similar to gal in their next firmware release. SPC connect is great, shame it doesn't have a virtual kp like SPC pro had.
  13. Found it to be reasonably good, each wireless detector can have it's own activity log which is handy. No issues yet apart from tamper switches being a bit fussy on the door contacts. On another note, it's a bit odd how it doesn't have a speaker output or the equivalent output type of 'ee horn' like on galaxy. Could see it being a pain on a panel change if internal speakers need changing to hi/lo sounders too
  14. Cheers. Connected via browser and flashed to SPC 3.8
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