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  1. Thanks for the replies. Was just curious as to why the rte was inline with the lock feed, and if I was missing something obvious. They look to be done using a transistor driven relay straight off the reader with data to the panel, And not via a door controller card.
  2. Just taken over a couple of ATS systems that have access on a few external doors. Do these systems not have a timed egress function. Every one you have to hold the rte and open the door, rte just wired across the lock feed. Seems like a bodge way of doing it to me.
  3. I did fit an eol to solve the issue. Just wondered if it was something I had missed in the programming. No it wouldn't set. I prefer galaxy all day long. But I guess it's what you get used too.
  4. Anyone know why a zone programmed as unused still shows as open when trying to set? I'm sure it's a simple thing, but not a panel I am familiar with.
  5. I would be checking your company insurance policy before letting any furloughed staff out on calls.
  6. You trying to say if your on call you get the normal working day off ??
  7. Quite easy really. Furlough is a minimum of 3 weeks and currently max of 3 months but could be extended. With enough of you on an agreed rota you do your week on call then 3 or more weeks furloughed. And back to the op question. Whilst furloughed you should not be working.
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