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  1. Happy out mate. Wish id of known.

  2. tbh, generally they are not that clued up as much as being in fear of being ripped off. No matter what religion or colour someone English white somewhere along the line has done or they think has, to them or a relative. I tell them up front i'm not the cheapest around. i try to start with what i think they need basically, and add on other bits as we go through the requirements. Again straight up i care more for their security than than their budget, as i can only fix one of them. Iver the years i have built myself up a reputation be trusted, reliable and respectful of their perhaps lack of
  3. Yes there are, mainly on the larger houses. Many of the clients i serve don't like logo's on the cover or even the vehicle.some thing your advertising at their expense. others think if the criminal knows the installers, they will know their 'habits' like colour codes and be more vulnerable. So i only had my logo put on some of them a while after they came with built-in cut off timers. Client moves out switches power off, result EWD starts up and that results in calls or complaints. I can't respond to disable, as i have no knowledge if they have actually gone, just refurbishing or a fuse has
  4. Cats are actually like swiss army knife and very useful, they will keep your feet snug as example, you go for some games if badminton, no or damaged shuttle cocks, no problem call for a cat On the down side i agree they are not so stable or even travel well in flight, but on the big plus side - boy can they build up your power serve if you feel the above is overly cruel to treat a cat, then i suggest to use a cricket bat! . did i say it was secret? they are simply very exclusive . the one with your head inside it!
  5. sorry no can do, my clients pay dearly fir the honour of having my cover adorn their front elevation, so i do't want to devalue it .
  6. for what it's worth I don't advertise at all other than business cards and name on EWD's, i work 99% on recommendation, but that takes time to build up. when i have tried advertising i got mostly begging call from charity's, agencies trying to sign me onto estate agents brochures for an exorbitant fee, or enquiries to survey in the ar$e end of some God forsaken town miles from anywhere late at night, even had calls early hours to supply security guards ffsks. If you have gone the registered route then basically you have to advertise ti get the turnover, my advise is to be very careful how i
  7. on a lighter side, few years back i was awoken by the sound of rain, thought thats odd as it was not forecast, then it really pelted down, as i sat uo there was a very loud whoosh! and i rushed ti the patio door, to see plant pots floating by and eater a foot up the door. Daft reaction, i went to open the door and remembered just in time it was not a good idea. Tops out we had a 15 foot pool on our patio, type with the air ring around the top. we think a fox or squirrel bit through the cover while after bugs and punctured it . We were lucky in that thus door is a slide and tilt, often in
  8. internet! bar humbug, several years back farm lorry machine yard having fuel and batteries nicked. i installed a GJD external lighting system to trigger a Master Blaster & a 4 cameras system. The guy who lived on site was the owners father and going mutton. As you do i get into explaining how to use the dvr, this button is play just like your own DVR etc. Trouble was he had never ever seen a VCR - let alone use one.. but a great old country character all the same, just fascinating listening to.
  9. Agility, and Lightsys you have the choice of one or 2 way detectors or mix and match and 2 way radio fobs, and now have a 2 way door contact at last. Don't forget the current camera detectors are also 2 way ( i asked can they take pictures of the scene and themselves so i can see their not slacking, he was half way through how two way worked before he noticed i was laughing The rep i see had worked with mesh - your flavour? - i know little about them. he pointed out if you get a dodgy detector you can take out a lot of detectors because no relay path of signals, shorter individual radio ran
  10. I know the Gardtec Risco mark has firm haters in here, for me they have been and still are fantastically reliable including wireless, after admitted very trying early quality control issues. Having said that i service a scany 9800 still going strong after 26 years :0 with their 9100, then 9800 they were akin to being the defacto Apple like quality o,f the day
  11. Big issue with viper type detection used on plastic frames is condensation, i've used them in utility rooms to find the client causing them problems with using a steam generator iron that could hot wash busses, sort of problem that can disappear before you get there to actually see it.
  12. back on topic, Safest way is always to have an alert attentive adult watching them closely, but i know from my own beautiful fearless head strong precocious 9 year old granddaughter, kids can be very slippery, disobedient and devilishly fast just that time when you loose concentration, even for a few seconds distracted for say a neighbour phone call, or to adjust the cooker etc. i'd suggest fit a camera to watch the pool area at all times wired to a monitor or a dedicated Tv located in a prime position, only ever as a backup. you can get external flood lights (that need wiring in to the mai
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