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    I know they had terrible trouble with gearboxes but to be fair they have about 350 of them on our outfit and I haven't heard of any having gearbox failure? Most of our stuff is less then three years old and mine is the higher end of mileage at 84k @ 2.5 years.
  2. luggsey


    I've got a 15 plate Traffic, had several warranty jobs so far.... Broken down several times with dodgy electrics, used to turn its headlights on when left sometimes! Was leaking oil and now has a fault on the steering wheel, clicks like crazy sometimes, garage won't fix it as it doesn't do it all the time! 85k miles now. I would never spend my own money on such a **** vehicle!
  3. Can you not just use the output of the Paxton to switch a timer relay to the output of the videofied detector? you may be able to use the spare Paxton contact if the door uses Pte buttons. or do you not have access to the videofied wiring?
  4. They don't make um like they used to! i only recently retired some pliers from 25 years ago, I thought that was good going!
  5. Started as a sparks and moved to a company with electrical and fire/intruder/access arms. Worked as service/breakdown for both sides for many years. Continued to go between approved sparks and fire related jobs ever since. Now work for Sovereign doing all the above plus AOV. I keep all my training up to date so I can carry on deciding which area to work in but electrical or alarms install in domestic is my pet dislike!
  6. Mine simply mis fires every few staples and drives me nuts when it does so. never tried cleaning or oiling it mind, can you maintain them?
  7. R28 again then, maybe get a 36 if I see an offer.
  8. Time has come for a new staple gun! Im looking at the rapid R36 but I'm unsure this one will work for 6 core alarm cable 'and' larger cat5/belden/coax? Anybody use one, cheapest price I found is £40.
  9. Means it's fooked, it may come back after a power down reset but will possibly fail later, replace it.
  10. for that, once I get the old one out I may fix it as a spare, can't be much goes wrong, I suspect a toasted relay. Paul.
  11. I just found this old thread and wanted to know if any of you Gents can source me a ZA4 pcb trade? Online is stupid money unless I'm looking in the wrong place? cheers. Paul.
  12. I have lost count of the number of times Joe public has pushed a GBU by mistake! We all think it's obvious that the GBU is for emergency use but experience tells us otherwise now. Agree on the hinged plastic covers stopping most mistaken use of the GBU but only alarm them if there is continuing malicious use.
  13. Yes it is James, I don't remember the spot frequency so I said 800 MHz band. Age and all that .
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