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  1. Can you take pictures of the keypad and CPU. I can take a look on ebay for you.
  2. To be honest I don't see much reason in replacing it. Since it has defaulted I will go through the manual and programme it. The battery is fine (12.45v) so I'll go and set it up and report back.
  3. I came in the other day and I put in my code like normal, but that didn't work. It just ignored it completely. Then after 3 tries it failed completely. The pulsing buu buu buu noisce stopped and it played a two note boo buu boo buu noise. Along with that there was a high pitched reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee noise from the loft area, which could be the dreaded master blaster (I didn't even know we had one!!) I tried code and that worked. Now the FAULT and ALARM light is on and the display is flashing E, 6 and I. I called the company but they charge exorbitant prices. I will give it a go myself, although if it goes out of my skill set then will give em a call. Any suggestions? The alarm has been well maintained ever since my parents moved in 20 years ago . New batteries every 3 years, new bell around a year ago (quite flashy if I say myself) and p.i.rs swapped for pet tolerant models (except the DT in the garage). I know a fair bit about alarms and have been playing around with them for a good 4 years at least (I picked up a galaxy and sterling 10 to mess about with, along with a few joblots of pirs and galaxy bits). Any suggestions as to why it might have done this? Also I thought it would make sense to let you know of the bits (I know) are on the system. 1x Paragon Plus Panel 1x Paragon RKP in the garage 3x normal door contacts (z1 - Front door, z4 - Back door and z2 - garage side door) 1x garage door contact (z2) 2x visonic pet tolerant PIRs (z4 - Living room/kitchen and z5 landing) 1x risco DT pir (z3 garage) 1x pyronix deltabell Many thanks - James
  4. Yeah, I get that. To be honest I think I will just bite the bullet and decommission it. Its causing more problems than its worth.
  5. Also another thing, when I open the rkp there is no tamper... Although there is in the CPU. Here is my shoddy MS paint 'diagram' of the inside of the rkp
  6. Alright that looked a bit out of my price range but I saw another, which I used on my system. The Texecom Premier Odyssey 1E. Its only £30 so £10 cheaper than the AG6 which is not bad! Some prices were stupid. We managed to work out the code. It was written on the lid of the CPU, and engineers is default. I didn't think the concept had memory although I might be wrong. The lid is dated 22/09/94 if that helps. Also there is a quite noticable burning smell inside and one of the caps is swollen. Is it worth replacing or should I just leave it. Any idea on how I will go about connecting the new bell and what procedures to take? Will it go into tamper or is the bell too old? The current bell is a tall faded red rectangle with a clear smaller rectangle at the bottom which I am assuming is the strobe. The comfort LED's are really fast too? Is this normal or is it fried?
  7. Ah, ok. Any other suggestions? Also the bell box does not seem to work. As the system is powered down, what bell box would you recommend. Preferably nothing more than £40 as the budget is very low, so I don't want to spend too much money on it.
  8. Does anyone have the user manual for the concept 4 zone alarm system. I know a fair bit about alarms and have installed a couple for relitaves previously. I need to reset the alarm to the factory defaults and the details shown in the concept 6 manual are not working. All zones and tampers in the panel are closed but it just does the setting tone when I power it up again! Any help would be appreciated!
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