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  1. looks like it is asking you to maybe install (address) the keypad (not done much on this panel but the CPX / 595 & 600 there is an option to address them)
  2. obviously the bottom pic is input mains rated & not 24v dc for fire alarm (unless switched via a relay or contactor)
  3. That's unfortunate for you. If I remove a functioning one I will let you know
  4. I'd say its goosed, I assume you have shorted the nvm pins and factory defaulted it?
  5. in the engineers menu (under Programme zones) you need to turn off wireless ZEX (I think it is)
  6. Good, better to have the conversation... IMHO Insurance companies love to take your money but are not so keen in giving it back
  7. He's merely trying to protect you.... If your insurance specifies it is maintained by say a "nsi installer" for example then that what you need to do or change insurer for one that doesn't have the requirement (or inform the current insurer it is not maintained)
  8. Hi, the 595 has Vo-com on it, if set up the panel will ring you and advise you what zones or zones have triggered in an alarm event. As previously mentioned you cannot add an app to your phone to set or unset it, if you want this functionality you would need to upgrade your full alarm system
  9. You could use a Pyronix enforcer, it has two wired zone inputs (if you don't need to wire the external bell box) - note if you use the two wired inputs and want an external bell this would have to be wireless It has wireless fobs / and or prox tokens & is fairly simple to use Or another suggestion would be a texecom 12W (or similar) , fairly similar to the enforcer (probably better IMHO) it has at least 4 wired zones, it is wireless capable for expansion, has wireless fobs / prox tokens Hope the above helps
  10. Logan, have you tried it with just one keypad at a time? (address that keypad as 00) It seems strange both keypads are not working (I know it can happen) Have you fully defaulted the panel?
  11. or power down remove one of the keypads (address the connected one as 00) and power back up to see if it works (try this with both different keypads in an attempt to rule out a faulty keypad)
  12. I'm fairly certain the address at the first keypad should be 00 not 01. (This may be the reason why you are getting device fail) - I may be wrong but worth a shot
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