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  1. If you are not an installer, then the installing company will of changed the engineer code if that is the case then I would suggest getting a installation company out to default and add the keypad for you
  2. If it’s non uk it may be #### can you not default it & reprogram from scratch ?
  3. As above, I would use a 12v dc relay personally and power it from a little 12v independent psu (as it’s an NVR you probably won’t have a 12vdc PSU powering any cameras as everything will likely be Poe)
  4. Derek pakora, he was a rice guy
  5. I’ve seen a few failed myself , unsure if the issue has been fixed
  6. Hi, first point to note the battery (if checked and maintained) should last more than a few hours without mains power to the control panel If you have fully drained the battery then when you have switched the power back on to the unit it may of blown the quick blow fuse (next to the transformer) I think this is 125ma (but it does say on the label) l if you are electrically competent & know what you are doing you could check this First if not call the experts
  7. You can add either wired or a wireless keypad to the enforcer my personal preference is wired
  8. I’m fairly sure they are wireless bells, never been a fan If you were looking to go down the wireless route I would recommend pyronix or Texecom
  9. If it’s just ordinary bt cable with no protection, it will work (for a while)
  10. Likely the keypad but suggest you get the system fully checked over by a qualified alarm engineer, if it’s been unchecked for a number of years you can have a number of potential issues
  11. Best to call In an alarm engineer to check your system over its highly likely there is a major issue with your alarm, even if you did manage to get the keypad working you still would not know if everything was functioning correctly. I appreciate it’s an expense but better this than find out the hard way and it not work if you get broken into
  12. Did menvier not do a shunt lock for fire exit doors (zone omit module or something) remember fitting a few
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