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  1. They are made by a company called MDT. I'm unsure if they are still in existence... The led part number is : - 9EP310 Avanti LED RKP Inside the main control panel are there any stickers that say LED or LCD (ive seen these but never fitted them)
  2. I agree, had the misfortune to fit and take over a couple over the years - not nice
  3. Its certainly an old panel, is there a yellow date stamp on the back of the panel pcb? (please only look if you are electrically competent and confident to do so)
  4. Take a look at zone 3.... looks like two circuits may of been wired in parallel (is this the zone where there are two detection devices on?) - If there are two detectors on zone 3 then they must be wired in series
  5. Pyronix enforcer panel in the house, fit one of their new wireless pirs (XDL12TT-WE) across the driveway (when set up correctly it can give you push notifications to your mobile phone) - probably not as good as IR beam but just making a suggestion...
  6. Its probably safe to say in the last few years,when mains power is lost to your alarm control panel, the back up battery (before it was swapped out) would give you anything from 10 minutes to an hour backup time (dependant on the systems current demand / any alarm activations within that period...) False economy in my eyes as it seriously degrades the security of your system Most alarm companies measure the battery Ah capacity when the system is serviced and replace when it has lost a set percentage of its capacity (or after a set time frame 3 / 4 years)
  7. Yale are not too bad at locks but not as a CCTV / Intruder alarm suppler IMHO, if you have the skills / knowledge to fit then look at Pyronix enforcer but I would thoroughly recommend getting an installation company in to assess your home & vulnerabilities. That way hopefully you can have peace of mind
  8. I agree Strange that they operate when the house is unoccupied (I assume the dish washer has not been left on a cycle or anything) Does the kitchen suffer from excessive temperatures (Ie roof poorly insulated?)
  9. Texecom do a wireless heat & smoke - Model number OHW - GBN-0001 - I bet that what is installed To fit anything other than a heat in a kitchen is asking for trouble If it is located anywhere near the kettle or steam when the dishwasher is opened I would suggest it is relocated as a minimum
  10. especially as you can alter the settings on the unit (it can be heat 60 deg / 77 deg / rate of rise & smoke) - I think ive got that right never the less they are good
  11. David, if it was me I would be installing the Eaton / cooper M12 (4 in 1 detector) - I have a couple at home and they haven't missed a beat I fitted a few texecom in the past and after a few years had false alarm issue...
  12. I've used a lot of aico's domestically with very few issues - they get a thumbs up from me A cloud based system would be interesting
  13. yep it a ricochet system... I fitted one of the wireless smokes and seems ok
  14. Ive fitted a few eurosecs over the years (agreed they are not the best) if you can upload a pic maybe I could be of some help
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