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  1. Ive got a nice piece of 25mm galv conduit with female bush (not the wife's) on the end protecting mine
  2. Have you tried ringing technical?
  3. As above possible damage charging circuit. If you don't know anything about these alarms with the greatest amount of respect should you (if you are a company) be touching them? You may rectify the fault but there may be other issues within the system - you could give your customer a false sense of security thinking all is ok - not being funny when I say that just an observation
  4. Yes defo a scanny fan back in the day, 9600 was my favourite
  5. Defo still in production.... I actually quote like the 595 & 600 (don't slate me too much lol)
  6. AC voltage in seems about right & you say you have disconnected the battery Have you power cycled it? (may be worth powering it off for a short duration then powering it back up) If all that fails then I suspect its a faulty PCB.
  7. just out of interest have you measured the AC supply on to the pcb? Should be between 18 - 20VAC
  8. Assuming its a coax based system and not CAT 5, can you review the cabling routes on the cameras with issues? Do they run through any switch rroms? Are the cables routed next to any LV / HV cables?
  9. Christmas or birthday presents?
  10. black tape was to hide the red & green leds on the panel front Greem - Power Red - Comms you can use either a 4 wire or 6 wire keypad but you cannot use a eurosec / cpx or 480 / 490 keypad
  11. aissecur

    SL Compact

    The SL was an ADE product, I assume you have tried google
  12. Hi all, I need to quote replace an existing knackered flat intercom system, 6 flats & limited cores at the intercom so thought of using a 2 wire system. I've used Videx in the past and rated them but age old thing client doesn't always want to pay / wants options I would need vandal resistant intercom & its audio (no video requirement) Any one used any other good 2 wire gear? If so where is a good place to purchase / price up? Thanks In advance
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