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  1. pull yourself together man
  2. aissecur

    Accenta g3 flashing Pa led

    I've have two system out there that the power light flashes constantly (even though mains are present), voltage within tolerance, battery ok (ah capacity measured with ACT battery meter) End station not in a warm environment... Contacted Honeywell and they could not explain... Customer happy as all works as it should and cannot justify the change of controls to fix a flashing led
  3. You can hard reset the device by holding down the reset button on the left of the unit (I think you hold it down for 15 seconds) I would try that then try again to reconfigure
  4. aissecur

    Access Control System Wiring

    I would think twice before using this kit (for the sake of the user and your insurance)
  5. aissecur

    Texecom Fuse.

    Worked on these redcot systems a couple of times before, they appear to always lock the nvm
  6. aissecur

    Hive and ring

    I am an installer so unsure on the comment?? I'm unsure myself on the cause, I'm thinking possibly a dodgy router or dodgy Hik doorbell (It is fibre broadband but that wont make a difference) - maybe a call to EE or failing that purchase a better router... Anyone any suggestions on routers?
  7. aissecur

    Hive and ring

    EE's own (I had a EE brightbox previously then that went t*ts up so got their latest one about a year ago) Would have to look in the loft to confirm.... Are you possibly suggesting digging deep for a new router?
  8. aissecur

    Hive and ring

    lol has anyone else got similar Hik door bell issues?
  9. aissecur

    Hive and ring

    I've got the hik door bell, its within three meters of the router and it sends more time off line than it does on.... I'm have thinking of taking it back as it certainly doesn't perform the way I expected
  10. aissecur

    Controlling lights with Galaxy RIO

    If heavy loads are being switched you could use the relay to switch on a contactor
  11. aissecur

    Risco / Eurosec tamper reset

    I would check that tamper spring clicks when the cover is fitted and that the cover is seated correctly, then wait a couple of minutes then trigger the detector (so it sends a new signal to the panel) then type your code in. Is it possible that the system has been set up for engineer reset on tamper. If the above fails then you will have to make a call to the installing company / current maintainer
  12. I use Risco Shocktec - a suggestion for any alternative
  13. aissecur

    Veritas r8+ random zone faults

    I would measure for induced AC, also measure the incoming mains I have fitted ACT DC stabilisers when I've had ever had a problematic site that had false alarmed for no apparent reason. (obviously after testing the detector) Do you route your alarm cables away from mains cabling? (this can cause spikes, especially from circuits that control motors or fluorescent lighting)
  14. aissecur

    Identification of reader

    agree with you all Galaxy Max Reader
  15. aissecur

    The Best

    ditto, very good sensor... excellent false alarm rejection and good catch

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