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  1. I use Risco Shocktec - a suggestion for any alternative
  2. aissecur

    Veritas r8+ random zone faults

    I would measure for induced AC, also measure the incoming mains I have fitted ACT DC stabilisers when I've had ever had a problematic site that had false alarmed for no apparent reason. (obviously after testing the detector) Do you route your alarm cables away from mains cabling? (this can cause spikes, especially from circuits that control motors or fluorescent lighting)
  3. aissecur

    Identification of reader

    agree with you all Galaxy Max Reader
  4. aissecur

    The Best

    ditto, very good sensor... excellent false alarm rejection and good catch
  5. You need to connect the 0V from the GJD controller to the relay (C - or Common) and from the (NO - Normally Open) via a diode to the relevant zone you want the GJD lighting controller to trigger. When the bell triggers it will energise the relay & trigger the relevant GJD lighting zone activating the lighting. See picture below
  6. I would consider a professional service to ensure everything is working as it is intended
  7. I suspect you may of blown one of the panels quick blow (I would test them)
  8. aissecur

    Risco door contact error

    That will be possible an anticode code number, I suspect unless you have the knowledge to default & reprograme everything give your installer a call
  9. aissecur

    Paragon Plus NIGHTMARE!!

    I agree, so many people say security is high priority on their list but then scrimp when it comes to protecting their home & valuables... It makes no sense, upgrade for peace of mind
  10. aissecur

    Honeywell AG8 bell box

    Is the onboard bell box timer set for 5 minutes? (may be worth triggering the bell again from the panel to check that the bell fuse has not blown)
  11. aissecur

    Risco door contact error

    As per PeterCTS's comment, I suspect the company will have engineer reset on the tamper. Have you checked the battery has not come lose? If you tap on the casing does the LED light?
  12. The 601 doesn't have an app you can use (not to my knowledge anyway) other Risco products do but that would involve a change in controls
  13. Only Just seen this, Are you part setting the system? If so you have a part set response on the programming menu (it can either be full alarm or internal sounder only)
  14. aissecur

    Veritas R8 will not programme

    I agree with SWB, a tamper is a must for an external bell box. My preference is to wire them with 8 core then at least you have a few spare cores
  15. aissecur

    Help with resetting Accenta 6

    Best thing is to look on the NSI website and pick a local company from there... These companies have all been vetted Depending on what issues they find will govern the overall price, but im sure they will give you a standard service cost if you ask...

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