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  1. As per previous comment, adjust the spring & ensure the battery is at a healthy level some sit on a spacer, so make sure that’s not causing any issues Or that the spring is not bent (has that before) if you want to remove from the zone you need the engineer code & it’s done on the program zones (first option when in engineers mode)
  2. have you programmed as a fire zone?
  3. I've seen the annke stuff on a few occasions, I think they may missed the W off
  4. I know it may seem like an expense, but at the end of the day if regularly maintained & kept updated / in good working then it will give you peace of mind... With respect some people just see an alarm as fit & forget
  5. be mindful that the engineers code may be locked !
  6. be mindful to replace them with the correct sized quick blow fuses (if you don't intend to get an installer in & DIY it) The fuses are sized to prevent damage or possible fire!
  7. You could of simply put the bell in engineer hold off mode, removed the power to it & then you wouldn’t of had any messing with it
  8. Not sure I follow, have you been sniffing urinals ?
  9. You need to check the zine you trigger is programmed as a 12hr (ie instant alarm on zone) failing that press & hold 1 & 3 on the remote keypad to activate the panic, this will give you a full alarm condition
  10. If you want to keep your system operational I do hope you change your battery more often than once every 10years
  11. Hi, zone 7 factory setting is PA (personal attack), if this is not a pa zone then program it to what it is (12hr, EE etc)
  12. Ive got a nice piece of 25mm galv conduit with female bush (not the wife's) on the end protecting mine
  13. Have you tried ringing technical?
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