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  1. Only Just seen this, Are you part setting the system? If so you have a part set response on the programming menu (it can either be full alarm or internal sounder only)
  2. aissecur

    Veritas R8 will not programme

    I agree with SWB, a tamper is a must for an external bell box. My preference is to wire them with 8 core then at least you have a few spare cores
  3. aissecur

    Help with resetting Accenta 6

    Best thing is to look on the NSI website and pick a local company from there... These companies have all been vetted Depending on what issues they find will govern the overall price, but im sure they will give you a standard service cost if you ask...
  4. I concur with SWB, the optex units (dependant on choice) usually fire out dual IR beams, both of the IR beams are centimetres apart and have to be simultaneously tripped to cause a trigger event.. They come as a pair, One of units is the transmitter & the other a receiver, I certainly would look at installing to an alarm panel as a minimum
  5. aissecur

    Scantronic 9930 Panel Not Working

    I echo what Al-yeti has said, a service or upgrade would be the way to go
  6. aissecur

    Help with resetting Accenta 6

    The system has probably locked out with the PA button being still activated, also appears like the back up battery is well past its best and needs replacing... I would strongly consider either a system upgrade (as the panel is very old) or a service by a professional
  7. aissecur

    Scantronic 9752 K02 missing

    I would power down (mains & Battery) & then power back up & see if it is still missing the keypad address
  8. Just reading this post & I agree that beams installed internally would be the way forward, I have always used OPTEX and found them very reliable. Have you had any thoughts on what the alarm will trigger? Siren / GSM dialler etc, if there is expensive kit in there as you say then it may attract professional thieves
  9. aissecur

    Concept alarm system

    Im sure the concept rkp needed 12 cores
  10. aissecur

    Risco Panic Button Not Setting Of Siren/Sounder

    I suspect you will need to ask the installer to modify in the engineer programming
  11. I have an IPC tester that I bought from videcon a couple of years ago it does analogue & iP and looks exactly the same as this... Does anyone know if the firmware can be upgraded so it will do TVI / CVI?
  12. aissecur

    Eurosec/ Risco cpx 8l keypad removal

    If you decorate in future , a suggestion would be to remove a pir (and you feel competent enough) you could drop the cables out of the 12v AUX terminal in the control panel, carry out the works, then when complete reconnect the 12v+
  13. aissecur

    Eurosec/ Risco cpx 8l keypad removal

    wait for your fuse to come, down power your panel - ensure no cables are shorting out reconnect your PIR re-fit blown fuse (check all other fuses with a multimeter & if blown change - ensure you replace with correct size) Power back up, silence alarm & reset
  14. aissecur

    Eurosec/ Risco cpx 8l keypad removal

    I would change your fuse, there is a possibility that if your code doesn't work the panel may of defaulted back to the default code (quite rare for this to happen but not unknown) By the looks of your panel it is a CPX
  15. aissecur

    Eurosec/ Risco cpx 8l keypad removal

    The panel contains NVM - non volatile memory, this should retain all your codes / settings

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