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  1. New link to our ever popular Grade 3 surface contact YEND74 below: http://www.knightfireandsecurity.com/product/grade-3-surface-contact-suitable-for-double-doors-with-mid-suits-all-panels-white/
  2. Thanks for this. I will make some enquiries.
  3. Hi MrHappy. I will ask if we've changed the resin / compound used to seal the units recently and update the thread when I get an answer back.
  4. Bit late to the thread so apologies, but a few years back we did have issues on our G3 RSC (YF10C). They would be tested with a meter successfully pre-install, tested in situ successfully, then commissioned and handed over successfully. Yet a random period later, they have gone into tamper (usually at 3am). Cue phone calls to us, site visits (150 separate loading bays in large Distribution Depot) to inspect but no visible damage and RSC working perfectly well leading to much scratching of heads. Turned out that some of the concrete bays were steel reinforced (buried in concret
  5. Fair point. As we managed to cram in so many different panel options / double door config / TACT tamper and MID for G3 , the orientation of the arrowed resistor modules can be a little fiddly. Although they are shipped out as Galaxy config by default, if that helps...
  6. for the feedback! Don't know if you've tried our G2 and G3 flush multi's recently, but we've now thinned the fixing plates down to 1mm after installer input.
  7. Really sorry to hear that. He was the poster I most associated with this forum. RIP
  8. Have you tried them recently? We strengthened the lid clips and slots after negative feedback around 12 mths ago so you should see an improvement.
  9. Our G3 'Soapdish' speaker is a perennial favourite, presumably for its sleek lines and unobtrusive aesthetics http://www.knightfireandsecurity.com/view_item.asp?id=46
  10. Hi Adi - we did have a multi drawing but it was discovered (after your call) that it didn't correlate perfectly to a later revision of the PCB shared zone jumpers! So yes, you did indeed alert us to this anomaly, so thanks for that :'> Also, my Technical colleague here saw your comments above and said for me to say thanks for the positive feedback! Any further queries from you or any other posters are welcome on here, good and bad as it helps us improve!
  11. Hi Neil, Not sure if this is resolved, but in any case could I ask which partcode you were using to try to ascertain the issue? It does seem likely that the contacts were too close and the knocking together is affecting the delicate reed inside (albeit momentarily but enough to create an alarm / tamper).
  12. You don't state which contacts you used on that installation but for future reference, our G3+G2 YEND74 and G2 D75MULTI are specifically designed for multi contact configurations, as detailed in the diagram below:
  13. Hello all. Bit late to see this, but the D75MULTI is an addition to our range i.e. it didn't replace anything. The YEND74 is one of our most popular contacts and is predominantly used as G3, but also contains a header to bypass the Magnetic Interference Detection thus making it suitable for G2 also, thus reducing van stock / distributor storage space required. The D75 is for those who want to add their own resistors - the D75MULTI comes complete with resistors (both obviously cheaper than the YEND74). All of these products contain 2 free spacers in each pack.
  14. Yes, you were right Charlie. And thanks for the condiment
  15. Posted this in wrong thread earlier, so here it is again:
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