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  1. Yes. One in each room. The red light of the movement sensor in the room where the patio door is does seem fainter and somehow not like the others exactly but it is not off. I think I should try the different rooms and do the walk tests, also check the contacts on doors etc and then I'll report. Thanks a lot for giving me troubleshooting guidance. Really appreciated. Al
  2. Ok yes that makes sense. Ok I shall try the walk tests.
  3. Very good point. I didn't do all that at all. I closed all doors and all windows. Even after that zone 4 was coming up. But someone in the forum, while answering someone else using a Veritas, wrote "zone 4: patio doors". Admittedly I do not know if they gave this as an example or if this is the default recommendation for Veritas... All I know is that the previous people didn't use it so I can hope everything is set as default (for example the code was the default code). But considering I ran a test with everything closed, I still do not know which house room to look ou
  4. Ok I see. Where is the most likely place for these contacts to be located, on those doors? What am I looking for? (So sorry I forgot to mention I am a total newbie and I know nothing about security installs). Thanks a lot for this swift reply, I am really impressed
  5. Hello I have an issue I was hoping someone here could help me with. I have recently moved into a property with a Veritas 8c alarm fitted. My previous house had the exact same system so I was confident I'd know what to do with it. I changed the code and tried to set it on "full" like before, but zone 4 would lit and 4 successive bleeps are heard. My landlord isn't entirely sure which zone is which... Through a quick search in this forum it seemed to indicate that the patio doors are open. However I've checked them and they are definitely closed. What else c
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