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  1. Option 9 to set random passwords was kind of for testing. Just so I had something "non default" to prove that the "back to defaults" was doing something. Although I guess it gets past that problem where every company uses the same engineer code malarkey... My sympathies to Al-Yeti, I also work with Scantronic panels lol. Damn things have been added to so many times over the years that you're jumping back and forth looking for the correct code sequences. Still, makes life interesting - and at least these can be defaulted easily!
  2. Didn't realise this was so active ! Some of you guys are on after midnight, thats a bit hard core lol
  3. Had a locked panel recently and just couldn't get into it to default it. So ended up making a utility to do just that. Annoying when a company locks a panel then decides to go bust lol.
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