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  1. Hi all, This issue finally got resolved .... I replaced the cable from the Garage PIR to the Panel and also replaced the PIR. No more false alarms so far. Thank you to all that helped and advised
  2. Hi all, So recently bought some of these Bosch Blue Line Gen 2 PIRs ...but the instructions mention nothing about the EOL resistors. Pelase could someone confirm across which terminals they should be placed? (2k2 and 4k7) Thanks
  3. Many thanks. I will double check this also.
  4. Yes ...I believe so. It also done the funny beep.
  5. Thank you. Will try those things. Yes, We did walk test the system and the detector did pickup movement at the time.
  6. Sorry, I mean a Dual Tech sensor is installed the garage. The model of Sensor is ‘Texecom Premier DT’ I will try the steps you have suggested ...and get back to you. thanks
  7. Hi all, Need some help please. Me and friend just installed a Premier Elite 48 and placed a Premier Elite DT PIR Sensor in the garage. However, the Garage PIR is causing false alarms within minutes of arming the system. We have turned the Microwave sensitivity right down to minimum and changed the Pulse Count Jumper to '2' ...but it's still setting off the alarm. What's the first thing I can try please? Could it be cold air blowing through the garage door or vents? Thanks
  8. Hi all, I'm gonna attempt my first DIY install of Texecom Premier Elite 12-W Panel. What I'd like to know is ...Can I upgrade the firmware via a COM IP module? or do I have to use the Flasher Module? Thanks
  9. Yes - There are two bells ....How do you mean 'set them correctly'? ...is this on the Bell? or on the Panel? Thanks Thanks
  10. Woo Hoo! - Thanks ...can I just ask that are you 100% certain?? ...before I get up on that ladder and risk my life!?!?! - lol
  11. Hi guys, I have an old Abacus Panel (By DA Systems) it's been solid ever since we had it installed. The Bells on the outside are looking a bit tired now ....So I wanted to change / modernise them. So the question is ...will a modern Siren (bell) something like a Texecom Odyssey work with this old panel? Thanks
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