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  1. ok so ive the problem sorted i think the bell box sorted. I did what this as below and move the jumper to battery start. What I also did was put back in the front box the MSW 1 cable. Sorry I didn't take picture before I closed the unit...now both lights are flashing on both boxes , the strobes are working and alarm bells....so hopefully all sorted. The alarm will arm and all works.....big thanks to everyone with all there ideas.
  2. TBH Im not 100% about the front bell as it was late and couldnt test it but definite know the strobe doesn't work. The rear bell everything works.. I have fed a cable from the front to rear through the attic to power and connect the rear box, and yes using 6 core cable as i only need 6
  3. If the system is clear I think both light are to flick off and on.. the Rear does this but the front box only the left green lights up. The manual claims it's stuck in a safe mode. Would you know can you directly wire them straight into the panel?
  4. I'm for sure, Ive had these boxes open and closed rechecking and rechecking. the rear box seems to be working ok, its just the front box...... I removed it today to check if it wasn't faulty and wired it straight into the panel and it was 100% working. Should I just run the Front and rear cable directly straight into the panel instead of running one from the front box into the rear box?
  5. Ive basically just followed the instructions from the guide below. I have removed Tamper wire from MSW 2 on the first unit and connected 'white cable' (spare) into it....on the second unit I have connected it into MSW 1
  6. Hi and thanks in advance for any advice given here. I have a texecom premier elite 24 panel. Yesterday I replaced my old bell boxes with two new Odyssey x-BE boxes. I have followed the instructions regarding wiring from the manual...but I've got a problem. FRONT bell box has left light only flashing...according to hand book it says its stuck on HOLD-OFF mode. Rear bell box has the 2 flashing light working so that box seems to be working ok. I've rang texecom support and I'm totally at a loss,,,I've been at this 2 days and checked and rechecked wiring.
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