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  1. Ah no it's fine, I've only run it off the battery but it no problems at all, for that Was doing an amb job on Friday, last one before finishing, so didn't want to hang about, right by the front door was a Tunstall-??Byers alarm keyswitch right out of the 70s, all in surface mounted shiny red aluminium...
  2. Ah you mean the M+W panel - the 4 zoner?
  3. What really pisses me off is when they put bells above ground floor bay window roof, especially when they had the pick of the whole front and it would have looked BETTER elsewhere
  4. You are right, my interactions with ebay people usually go like this; Seller: Wants £80 for a 'rare' Scanny keypad Me: 'Twat, lets wait 6 months' Seller: 6 months later, still for sale even at £40 Me: Offer to seller - £20 Seller: 'These are really rare now, you wouldn't want to have to replace the whole system would you, I will take £35' Me: Actually I would love to be ripping out the whole system, possibly getting something like that for it's true value, e.g free Seller: 'Eh???' Me: I collect old stuff. I'm happy to pay a reasonable price, in fact, for some stuff what any sensible person would regard OTT, but to be fair £20 is probably £15 more than it's worth. Seller: 'Eh???' Me: I'm a <hushed tones> collector Seller: 'Eh???' Me: Are you fecking deaf, I collect old alarm stuff, preferably for nothing, but sometimes I have to resort to buying from c**ts like you who think old shit is worth something Seller: 'Did you just call me a cnut'? Me: No, I said characters like you Seller: 'OK, sorry, I am a bit deaf. OK, lets settle on £15' Me: Oh, alright then Seller: 'I genuinely had no idea people like you existed' That last comment, was real....
  5. Confused at speaker/sounder confusion You have been sent an Eaton wireless speaker by the looks of it - if you paid a tenner for a wired speaker, ebay calling, £ching!
  6. I very much dou... oh yes I suppose I do! And hopefully with sod all competition given they are not only skip tat, but badly described skip tat!
  7. But you realise, that if JW is fictional, so is TSI, and therefore, none of us exist either? So carrying on this thread seems even more pointless than usual
  8. Agreed I was only joking - I'll just persuade them to buy any half decent machine with W10 already on.
  9. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/283743774783?ul_noapp=true TS700 BNIB Kit, so old it's got Clevedon addresses. I've seen a few of these, so either someones got a time machine and can't think of anything lucrative or creative to do with it, or ADI head office are having a clearout!
  10. Dad had an email from a friend of his asking if I knew anything about how they can 'install Norton antivirus or something' to make up for the end of support on Windows 7, which I guess must have popped up on the screen. I guess like so many people they just don't get it. So I can see my next visit to see him will be interrupted by a 4 hour diversion to attempt to install Windows 10 on some crappy Celeron PC.
  11. eh? what about using your 2nd secret account? Come on we all know AG isn't real!
  12. Which just about sums it up.
  13. Nah, too decent. I think he has a stash of 1980s Clubs, Escorts and Fiestas. Which are all super cars, Logan.
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