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  1. Many thanks guys for the advice! I was looking at the ion40H actually even though it don’t need so many zones but I think it looks like a decent bit of kit, the keypad doesn’t look too bad either. Could you suggest any particular Wireless window sensor to go for? I think the Optex looks like a good choice for PIR. Also any alternative suggestions for cameras/NVR, was looking at the QVIS viper 5mp. Many thanks!!! Many thanks, the Optex looks like a good choice, any specific suggestions for the wireless window sensors?
  2. Hi all, hoping for some recommendation on which Scantronic parts I should go for. I’m currently in the process of renovating a 1 bed flat and whilst I have floors open and walls not yet plastered. I want to lay cables for an alarm system, I think I would like to have a hybrid wired system so I have the the options to add additional wireless sensors at a later stage if required, Scantronic has been recommended, I will also be adding a couple of external poe cameras, QVIS viper have also been recommended but open to any suggestions, might also look at adding a Konncected
  3. Well I don’t really like proprietary protocol it uses also, but I think spending £60 a socket that looks rather bland isn’t great value, others may disagree I think something around the £30 is reasonable if it’s looks modern.
  4. Lightwave option is expensive, just want to find a smart dimmer with matching smart sockets, can’t seem to find a company that does both
  5. Yeh I looked at a few switches from China but still can’t find any ones with dimmer functionality in the actually switch, only Lightwave seem to have that functionality but don’t want to go down route, too expensive, also ideally want switches to match sockets but there is even less choice regarding smart sockets
  6. Hey, many thanks for the detailed reply, yes my instinct was to go with POE cameras, I heard Viper Qvis are decent 5mp, I’m only need 2 so I assume 4channel nvr will suffice. Can I ask which Brand light switches you use? And also do have smart sockets? I’m struggling to find nice looking smart dimmer switches, looked at adding the Sonoff mini’s but they don’t work with dimmers, can’t see anything apart from the Lightwave but they are expensive and also a rather bland aesthetically. For sockets I’ve seen these BG electric but again only come in white... https://www
  7. Yeh that is my preference, less need to worry about batteries and dodgy wifi, I think the Samsung hub option looks like a good starting point and potentially fairly future proof but that more for the automation side of things than security
  8. That’s good advice about the hacking, can I ask from your experience do you see much benefit of wired cctv opposed to wireless, I’m trying to make sure I lay any cables at this point to try and future proof myself before the floor and walls get finished
  9. Ha ha, yeh it does seem rather high end for a 1bed flat but still interesting
  10. Many thanks for this, the Scantronic seems to be a little bit more modern than Pyronix but both looks like good systems, although I may not have budget to do the full install right now I'm just trying to plan ahead of where to run cables etc..., I'm guessing its best to have some parts wired such as maybe the CCTV at least and maybe leave the motion sensors wireless, assuming there isn't much difference.
  11. Thanks, I think Loxone could be a bit overkill for my flat as it seems quite a high-end system but will look into anyhow!
  12. Hi all, I would just like to ask your advice please on which might be the best alarm solution to go for. I'm currently renovating my 1 bed flat and want to install an alarm system with cctv (probably 2 external cameras), seeing as i have all the floor open and still yet to plaster the walls I'm thinking it might best to go for a wired system so it saves on batteries running out and I think would be just that slightly more reliable. I would also like to have some home automation at some point like remote sockets and light switches, video intercom, although I think other specia
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