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  1. Ideal world yes, I’ve since found out a backup would be pointless as the system is so old that the database couldn’t be imported into the latest version of software ACT winlite 2.5 Could you advise on the GDPR stance on a company making a backup and taking that with them? I presume the backup should be left on site
  2. I would have thought a backup is good practice, I have a client who is kicking off because his access control PC has died and we Don’t hold a back up but your comment makes me wonder if GDPR comes into play here? I have looked before but is there a check list for maintenance requirements for access control, this is what I ask the guys to do Check voltage on lock output check backup battery check functions of door ie RTE, BG Reader check lock is secure Check software is recording transactions Am I missing anything? thanks
  3. Hi on a access control maintenance is it just good practice to backup the database or is it a requirement from the likes of SSIAB etc? Appreciate that the backup would be 6 months old but it’s better than nothing thanks
  4. Hahaha! i won’t be changing it, we maintain the building (inherited) and the camera went down, ex employee took it down, quit the next day and the new guy gets the joy of putting it back, all at my cost as previous ‘security engineer’ thought he could just change it for a 5mp hik analogue
  5. Website link would be great if possible
  6. Hi im wondering if there are model maintenance forms for cctv and access Control, we just have a text box and I want to ensure we tick all the right boxes, I want to go 3rd party accredited within the next 2 years so this is just a step towards that. Fire alarm regulations have all the required maintenance model forms so I presume security has the same thanks
  7. I’ve got the ACT Gold, not sure which model it is, I’ll have a look and see if it has a model number
  8. Hi i called Kentec today as I wanted to check the power supply was ok to charge the size of the batteries as after 1 year my ACT battery tester tells me they have failed (considerably) The guy I spoke to who was a previous service engineer for contract fire said he had been advised by ACT that the units are only calibrated upto 12Ah and the best way to test them is to measure the current being drawn, if the battery is failing the current will be hundreds of mA opposed to the trickle charge Firstly has anyone heard this from ACT before? On my next panel I tried it, little Sita 200plus had 2.8Ah batteries in it (never achieving 24 hour standby) and I measured 9mA going into it and the ACT measured 1.42Ah which fails on their chart. Do you use a ACT tester or measure the current? What I’m trying to avoid is failing the batteries too early and ensuring they are failed so 1 day / week or months after my service the panel doesn’t show a battery fault Thanks
  9. There is a balcony just below it, yes it is an analogue dvr. I’m assuming I can’t just swap it for something like a hik or dahua and axis would be too high spec, maybe I need to have a look through the Alien website to see what they offer. i think these are called body or box cameras, if so are they a standard fit in the existing housing or would this be a new housing? thanks
  10. Hi i have a client who has a Alien Mega Hero Dvr, it’s running some external 230v cameras with a floodlight mounted above the camera (see picture attached) one of the cameras is faulty and I need to propose a suitable replacement, I’ve attempted to contact Alien but no answer, I was going to call them on Monday but thought I’d ask on here first Thanks
  11. Hi i need to meet with a IT guy next week to work out what ports are for security and label them. is there a labeller which anyone can recommend for patch panels, I’m not convinced a standard dymo will cut it thanks
  12. Thank you, I will advise them to update their signage In exceptional circumstances where audio recording is being used, this should be stated explicitly and prominently. It should also be clearly stated if audio recording is used for a different or further purpose than visual recording. If they decide they don’t want the feature it can be disabled, at the moment they do want it
  13. I agree, the paperwork states audio is recording but I need to follow this up with what they need to do to be legsl
  14. I agree it’s the cheap end of the market but this tat is pretty good tat in my opinion, happy to be educated
  15. Thanks James, I’ll do some research into ico but if it’s ok I’ll advise them to update their signage, if not I’ll go and disable it, more than happy to tell them I’m wrong and shouldn’t have left it
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