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  1. https://lmgtfy.com/?q=sl+compact+alarm+manual&pp=1
  2. # "I'm going home in a $%£%£ing ambulance" #
  3. Please don't start another topic. As above we do not give out enongeering manuals and it's likely you'll need an engineer.
  4. Just had a Menvier SD3 GSM dialler go runaway on me, lucky there was only ten quid left on the SIM (customers responsibility) still haven't quite worked out what happened as no alarm externally or other alarm event and fine after reset.
  5. Is this a company you're involved with?
  6. GDPR will be with us for quite some time yet.
  7. Phil has posted twice ever, the other post was a duplicate of the above post, and not logged in since February. I don't think he will be back.
  8. Hi, welcome back, what did you get banned for?
  9. I suspect Eaton do not have the sort of numbers that cause issues... Also as I say they are upfront when things go wrong (and at the time, not days later) so probably takes the sting out of complainers
  10. 2 way capable since the first generation of i-On but most devices (and certainly all the ones that you'd LIKE to be 2 way) 1 way, yes I only use it for perimeter stuff
  11. I agree, but they definately include the price in the new larger panels to at least cover the first 2-3 years at Risco type rates, I'd argue. They probably hope that on larger panels it will be used for nothing more than engineering connections with more traditional monitoring via GSM / IP on top. The 30R, 40H and Compact are priced somewhat more competitively. No huge breakdowns to date, when there have they tell you virtually immediately by email and fix it quickly. I can count about 5 incidents in about 18 months. And I believe they have genuinely invested quite heavily in it of late. Lets be honest the only reason it's free is because their market share is so shattered they daren't charge - yet.
  12. There is just the one, well, actually, there is a version with a contact as well http://touchpoint-online.com/content/738-det-rdcs
  13. Yeah I'd say the Scantronic (Eaton) i-On 40H is a good G2 professional panel that should not totally flummox a competent DIYer. The free cloud monitoring is a nice bonus, there are currently no monthly fees and it has been suggested if they ever come in, it will be for new signups not existing free customers. I agree above about detection, now that Siemens IR range and now Vanderbilt e-Line have gone I've gone back to Optex and they seem as good as remembered (a long time ago TBF) - so far! That said I have tried a few of the own brand Eaton detectors and whilst no FAs I've been a little 'alarmed' at how much motion is needed to make the wired pet ones activate. Flush keypads are available for the ion and they are expensive but look quite nice.
  14. There was a bean to cup machine, which looks cheap but worse I know the dirty cnuts on station (who can't figure out the dishwasher most days) will let the milk container and pipes go minging, it isn't refrigerated, I think this will happen in the first 3 days. I advised management to hide or throw away the milk container and use it just for coffee for adding milk to but so far have been cheerfully ignored. A microwave that looks mega flimsy, in some sick pastel colour, I'll give that 3 months. So we now have 3... A toaster we didn't need, they have thrown away a perfectly good one, f**k you planet! Some stations have been given massive fridges, again no doubt they'll chuck away their 3 year old Bosch ones to accomodate these. I'm not knocking it it's a nice gesture, but sort of wasteful and not really needed at the same time?
  15. Looks very predictably chinoise - they fitted a £2000 commercial one at the station a few years back, total waste of money it wasn't properly serviced and creamed in. As did the replacement tabletop boiler (also not cheap and not Chinese) We've just been donated a load of applicances from Beko, proper Argos tat, oh dear
  16. Yeah I've got a couple of rooms with RGBW hidden strips but these too have lightswitch style controls, push on-off, double push=return to favourite colour, hold=cycle through favourites - or use app obvs. I'm really not into the voice control but when the rest of the house is finished I'll definately have more of a go at programming some more comprehensive cause / effect / time etc... driven automation. The only places I have used sockets are for a radio in the kitchen (comes on at 0700, off at 2300, for burglar detterent and dog!), a lamp in the snug where there is only a small mainly decorative wall light so the table lamp comes on with the wall switched wall light (both dimmable) and will be doing similar in the new lounge/dining room for a standard lamp. That's it really.
  17. Depends what you are plugging in; see for Z-Wave lights these are great, because they look like the switches they replace so manual override is intuitive. Work perfectly with Fibaro and many others as per the table on the website. Getting hold of them though, can be interesting at the mo. http://www.swiid.com/en/produits.html#SwiidInter
  18. He's sold it for a small fortune and run away to Spain *by foot, literally, no planes you see
  19. If you've got the usual 3 point lighting system, you can put the module at the ceiling point and switches are just plain retractable ones. I use Fibaro and the dimmer module (but only the dimmer) doesn#t need a neutral even with LED lamps. This means you can place it behind the switch and still have 2 switches, one for up one for down This way by using manufacturers own retractable grid switches I can keep all my sockets and switches looking the same regardless of which HA I am using as I've also got a few Qubino modules either for cheapness (esp. devices with no local switch required) or where only Qubino make that module such as 1-10v dimming.
  20. ...and if you've been suffering from any of the issues raised in this thread, or you've got a forum colleague clearly experiencing mental health issues, contact TSI Care on 0898 606060 where our borderline functional trainee fitters are ready to misinterpret your requests.
  21. datadiffusion


    There's only one way to settle this... Block the both of you
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