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  1. No sir, much respect to you and your business acomplices.
  2. I know, they just throw themselves on you - and you've been told it's rude to push people away!
  3. Which is why it only lasts the week?
  4. PJ goes round with a gang of thugs, smashing up systems and saying things like 'sorry squire, it looks like the keypad got broke, I fink youd better get a new one, wouldn't want a nice place like this to get broken into now would we?'
  5. Is that after one of your playground gang kicks them in and demands a new panel fitting with menaces?
  6. The Texecom stuff is good, no mistake, if I was starting from scratch, I'd use it. The other alternative panel is an Eaton (Scantronic) ion 40H, you'll get 10 wired zones, wireless on board, free self monitoring via web app and some familiarity with the 9751. As ever, the kicker is that the wireless is mostly only 1-way, but it depends what you want to do with it, if you just want to add a few wireless fobs, these are 2 way anyway, as are smoke detectors you can add on, for the odd extra door contact or window vibe, e.g. additional perimeter stuff the 1 way thing annoys me greatly but doesn't put me off using it.
  7. SOunds like a radio station Welcome!
  8. Given the lid says a 4 wire keypad.. you need a 4 wire keypad. Good thing is (IIRC) these tend to be the cheaper ones on fleebay, as everyone goes gaga over the 6 wire ones to fix their proper old tat Just looked, feck me even the CPX one is nearly £50!! The panel must have been less than that complete!
  9. https://lmgtfy.com/?q=xvision+contact&pp=1
  10. I had to google Voltek but immediately recognised the kit esp. the beige twin PIRs. Blimey I remember them slinging this stuff in when I was at school (thats 25 years ago!).
  11. I never realised they actually marked them up as 4 wire, nor that you couldn't always tell from the panel which it was. When I was involved with Gardtec, with a couple of exceptions all our customers were on 8xx series and I think I was gone before the whole 4 or 6 wire keypad thing kicked off. I'm right in saying that you could still buy the 6 wires for years after the 4 wires came in anyway, right? Love the way on an 8 zone panel they've doubled up on 4 circuits for one zone! I guess an 'upgrade' on an ancient panel where they either didn't have the knowledge, time or spare cores to sort that out.
  12. As SWB it seems loony to me to replace any wired detector with wireless just for the sake of it, in a room you want to keep detection!
  13. Used to fit these back in the day. As SWB and IIRC Sapphire is a one channel system, with 4 zone indicators. So you may well have a detector on Zone 1 and Zone 2, but with only one relay for the lights(s).... Hence as above detectors have an output for the 'beep' and an output for the 'lighting' which will only be at 'night'.
  14. Yep it's sadly rare to remove anything that I don't feel belongs in the bin with a few kicks for good measure... Even inside stuff is usually yellowed or covered in paint Or sometimes not even that old in the first place and so not that collectible. In fact I think it's fair to say I see the most interesting older alarm stuff when I'm on the ambo!
  15. Most of the houses aren't that old, more like Pic 3 above, but yeah one I did just before Xmas I was lucky it was proper coastal and oh so quickly painting (e.g. Scaffolding) time again, or I would have probably just had to leave it.
  16. Oddly the only time I ever used them was when they were pumping out Eaton i-On RKPs for silly low prices, and not after they introduced the new shape ones, this was a few years back when the oblong ones were the only game in town. I thought it was a price error (it probably was a price error) but ordered 20, and got 20, exactly as described, all sealed and new. So may just be incompetent staff!
  17. What gets me is how some of them managed to get it up there in the first place! Especially as the rest of the job always seems chucked in the easiest way, e.g. PIRS back to back, facing windows etc etc
  18. Ah no it's fine, I've only run it off the battery but it no problems at all, for that Was doing an amb job on Friday, last one before finishing, so didn't want to hang about, right by the front door was a Tunstall-??Byers alarm keyswitch right out of the 70s, all in surface mounted shiny red aluminium...
  19. Ah you mean the M+W panel - the 4 zoner?
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