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  1. Either you're younger than you've told us or you've lied about your life being too short for this type of thing?
  2. Police favourite for temp post aggro alarm too
  3. Those instructions in full; Turn off mains Remove battery Remove all traces of TP800 equipment Place into bin Contact a local installer, or, fit a DIY Scantronic 9651, Pyronix Enforcer, Accenta based kit, or, fit dummy box with a real brand on, ADT, Yale, Landsend Securities, John o' Groats Systems, it doesnt matter You are now less likely to be burgled with none of the downsides of owning a TP800. Please rate us on TrustPilot
  4. This is Bath old chap, even the homeless gentlemen of the road won't lower themselves any further than Bells blended
  5. Yep only last week I installed an alarm at the Edinburgh Festival and ended up out of pocket
  6. datadiffusion


    Aw, you didn't believe me then Actually no, too demented. 'Over the top, unrealistic' as bystanders would have commented.
  7. datadiffusion


    OK. It's confession time, Paul P was my new internet comedy character, it was all just japes!
  8. datadiffusion


    Missing him already
  9. "Observation Camera" sounds even more like some Orwellian nightmare than plain old CCTV Still, at least you probably weren't being recorded. I remember one of the shops in Bath had a small basement section without a till, massive 21" B+W monitor on the till upstairs jumpy switching between two crap cameras! I also remember those huge rotating dalek type things with lenses in the Owen+Owen dept store, Volumatic?
  10. Everything depends on what you were trained on, as I've said before we were unusual back in the mid 90s in only installing LCD Gardtec 816s etc..., so would feel very odd to me downgrading new installations nearly 30 years later! I'm not saying I didn't play with LED panels but have only ever installed one, a gardec 300 or similar) after that I started contracting for the above firm and changed all my subsequent work to 9651 or better straight away (don't ask why I didn't use gardtec again!). Even my first ever system crash (my parents) at the age of 13 or something stupid was a 9800. I do agree that for some DIY the scope will be limited to exact replacements, also if you are not going to convert from global tamper to EoL, then there is a fair bit less benefit.
  11. All LED panels are fine until something goes wrong at 3am, then you'll have no clue what is happening, worse if you're a DIYer. Absolutely mad to even consider one given the price of any half decent LCD panel.
  12. I should add that this first rewire was back in 1995 MEM Memera 2000 cu, replacing a 2 circuit brown bakelite type Wylex. Had to get the board out for PME and an upgrade from the ceramic Siemens Brothers 40A cutout. Back before Part P (which of course has now been relaxed not to include outdoors) about a month later, the householder had a pond pump fitted via a garden centre(!) and the idiot tripped the RCD. He couldn't work out the old 'down then up' reset manouvre, so told the owner it was faulty. She got me to finish the job off and I don't think she ever paid for the pump or the bodged installation job at all. I agree all RCBO should be the norm except for specialist circuits.
  13. datadiffusion


    Where my Dad lives a few plumbers are now only doing boiler/gas work only due to the influx of have-a-go 'maintanance / project' startups run by middle class oafs burning through redundancy money, doing it for £15 an hour. The only people making money are the tilers and plasterers they inevitably have to sub to, and the sh1t plumbers that are carrying on by passing £500 bills to old grannies for changing a tap washer. Ultimately, the customer loses in the end, if a fair amount isn't charged.
  14. datadiffusion


    Funny old thing, but customer was fully aware of the charge before I even left the office, more than happy to pay me, and we did indeed have a laugh about it, so no need to overly concern yourself. Still, I'm sure you can find more time in your busy schedule later on, to make up some more stories about other people on a forum you've no connection with and are generally disliked on
  15. datadiffusion


    LOL, I had the exact same job last year, householder to be fair was happy on phone it probably wasn't our alarm but wanted me to attend anyway as it needed to be found, it was exactly that even though we'd fitted an RF Aico CO so it wasn't even needed.
  16. 50EXD? If you connect it to a phone line, provided that phone line is BT (not just openreach) it will send SMS via ETSI, not TAP, which actually works.
  17. Tat roundup... https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Alarm-Bell-Box-Outside-Fitting/303272135130?hash=item469c6d89da:g:WQcAAOSwU7hdbPFq I thought this was metal until I looked closer. No wonder the bottom nut was rusty, bet mounting it like that wasn't intended? https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Burglar-Alarm-Bell-Box/183937578865?hash=item2ad388b771:g:ZGcAAOSwz~ZdWXFp If I've listed this before, I'm sorry (not really) https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Ventcroft-Classic-External-Sounder-PCB-USED/174018322709?hash=item28844ce115:g:fGgAAOSwEDBdbpkD Ventcroft sounder PCB just in case anyone on here has an empty, dummy one but with a full backplate... https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Optex-Redwall-Audible-Walk-Tester-AWT-3/264449789157?hash=item3d926f8ce5:g:1AIAAOSwd~9dY-UE Tenner seems good if no other bids? https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/PYRONIX-PARAGON-PLUS-SECURITY-BURGLAR-ALARM-SYSTEM-CONTROL-UNIT-PANEL/113872301769?hash=item1a83516ec9:g:4b8AAOSwC51dapl1 Rare? Yes for a reason. Do you want it in your life? No! https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/MOSS-HOME-SECURITY-SYSTEM/174014090319?hash=item28840c4c4f:g:XxwAAOSwPB9dWw-r Suspect Roy has bought this from another seller a few weeks back and now realises he doesn't have the time, skills, or inclination to fit a 30 year old alarm system. I remember ordering a Moss 'lightswitch PIR' from Maplins only to be told 3 weeks later by letter that it was now discontinued with a cheque at the bottom as a refund. Alans funny stories back again, same time tomorrow.
  18. Sorry I missed your post, the Chubb is a triangle type, but metal. In good condition for age but totally empty... It is so empty I do think it might always have been a dummy, but hard to tell with these older boxes sometimes, not all had special dummy brackets...
  19. I know but at least when it's the brass chart lamp from a cold war destroyer it sort of justifies the price and can look quite cool, in the right place, this is just utterly hideously ugly. That said I made lampshades out of 3x old binned fruit machine reels glued together, attatched to £4.99 homebase lamps and got £40 a pop last xmas.
  20. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Up-cycled-table-or-floor-lamp-using-Original-Emergency-Fire-exit-sign/303264592950?hash=item469bfa7436:g:EBIAAOSwQTRb6dDK What a pile of shite!
  21. Well not quite, at a conference last year Adrian once passed me a note saying 'HELP TEXECOM ARE BEING TAKEN OVER BY THE TALIBAN'. never seen him since...
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