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  1. I use the test um lil buttie, it has dsl indication and a screen with onboard dtmf decoding, cli, line voltage, line current and polarity indication. tbh though I dont use pstn for intruder alarm signalling but it is still very prevalant in warden call and medical alarm signalling, and the dtmf decode has been very handy on a number of occasions. I bought a few when comtec were having a clearout at around £13+vat
  2. Did the freezer thing not work? You might need to adjust your thermostat.
  3. true, but if you cut the top bar off the pet mask they are a lot more sensitive but still tolerate pets. nothong comes close to the bosch for being sensitive while still disregarding pets though.
  4. Thats with the comfort lights on ya fud i was answering the question. It isnt activated via the menu its jumpers.
  5. About 3 years depending on how often the siren is activated.
  6. I thought you didnt want to devalue the industry?
  7. There were a few buggy versions of the enforcer where the system speaker would intermittantly induce a voltage in the tag reader coil causing a code guessing FA. At the time pyronix tech support were suggesting the "fix" was to disconnect the tag reader from the pcb. I declined to do this and RMAd the panel, but perhaps your installer followed this advice? Oh hang on, i see its v10, i think this was 9 and below.
  8. The installer can add you to your account as an additional admin, and you can change these settings yourself. I do it for my customers when asked. They can **** about with their cloud settings to their hearts content, but they cant change settings for the arc monitoring. I use the csl digiair connected gprs product.
  9. Only when a fault is going to take more than a half hour to fix on an obsolete panel, thats when you have the throwing good money after bad, i'm going to need paid for my time regardless if i can get this old scrapper going or not conversation. Unless the thing was unsafe in tems of fire/ electrocution risk, then the fuse holder gets hidden.
  10. I was being sarcastic because he replied the same thing to the same thread a year and 4 months apart.
  11. Are you sure its a galaxy max reader? That aissecur guy said it might not be.
  12. Yes connect pins123 and 6, but it wont poe off the dvr that way you need to add at the nvr end a poe injector or switch that supports mode A I have successfully done this at sites where recabling is not an option to run 2 cams down 1 cat5
  13. And a dogwalking service, but only to clients with no dogs.
  14. QIt has reached the end of its useful life, the various componenents have done their shift and now they want to retire in peace. You will have endless problems with it starting soon, and a new equivelant, upgraded actually, set of controls costs less than a tank of petrol for up to 20 years service. You will spend the money anyway in a short space of time so the only thing you acheive by procrastinating is signalling to your neighbours that you are a dick when thething starts false alarming repeatedly when you arent in to silence it.
  15. Irizola screwdrivers, knipex for big snips, pieregoni for precision snips and milwaulkee for powertools. Elliot lucas pliers from my apprecticeship still, got them secondhand 20 years ago and they are still silky smooth with no play or binding in the hinge.
  16. Other than the iris button next to the preset button you mean?
  17. Congrats on overcoming the big C, edf treating you well? Working down on that site was the most enjoyable task in my time at shorrockinitialchubb, I really wanted to go for the resident engineers job, but the commute was a pure **** and the mrs didn't want to move. Ever hear from George Charles?
  18. I don't know about the situation in england, but up here in the civilised world the local councils heavily subsidise adaptions such as that, it would be worth an enquiry. When I worked for shorrock/inital/chubb we did loads of that type of adaption for the councils and the resident never had to pay.
  19. The pencil type ones deal with that better.
  20. Can you not fit another flush? You can get tiny ones like fc503that work well in aluminium doors. Surface looks gash IMO. https://www.cqr.co.uk/contacts/flush-contact/
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