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  1. Hi all I have a little issue with titled alarm in the way of a fault code see pic attached. I'm not familiar with eaton panels hence coming here. It's coming up with a low battery fault. TIA
  2. Cant remember was last friday will check again when I go back.
  3. Your probably right james, when the release button on the intercomm is pressed you get a reading of the 2 blk wires.
  4. Tried connecting the 2 blk wires from door station to the red & black from door but no joy.
  5. Not sure how do I find out. Output from what ?
  6. Forgot to upload pics Old unit was a 4 wire Genway, the door cables were connected to the back of the door station from a 2nd output which is the 2nd white connector block on rear panel photo. The new unit is a ccl which is also 4 wire with 2 black for connection to door lock. Also it is existing cabling video and audio work fine just door release having problems with.
  7. Hi all After some advice on an intercomm I was recently asked to change, only been doing them a year or so so still got a lot to learn. The old video intercomm a Genway 4 wire was being problematic so changed it for a similar 4 wire unit which is for a doctors surgery. Video & audio works fine just wont open the door when button pressed. On the Genway you could open the door from the handset but the new one wont work when button pressed on the internal staion. It's an auto door if that helps. On the Genway there was a 2nd output for the door cable on the back of the intercomm. Any guidance
  8. I presume you mean the addressing when you say ID.
  9. This was how it was when I opened it up other then prying the cables apart a little to do some a visual inspection. You might be onto something tho regards the green bit as their was a piece of plastic which fell out when I opened it up which would act as a connecting part when the handset was on.
  10. Hi all I have a little intercoms issue with a videx vx2200 I've been tasked with looking into, I'm more security so have only done a few door entry / Intercoms bits to date. I have a handset that isn't sounding when buzzed from the main panel or doesn't unlock the door. Supposedly worked fine up until recently. TIA
  11. Hi all Been asked to install a roller shutter door contact on an enforcer which would involve using an MC2-WE Transmitter. Just after a little advice. As I understand it you would learn the device as normal then terminate the cores into the terminals on the MC2 adjusting the jumpers accordingly, then the MC2 just acts as the transmitter ?
  12. I will mention it when give my price. Thanks for the advice.
  13. Will cross that bridge as and when.
  14. All I'm I'm trying to do is get an idea of what you guys would charge for a similar installation. It would be 5 sites in total all exactly the same regards kit content. Sparks will be supplying the kit so it will just be labour only. Also as I'm new to alarms and am gathering experience don't want to charge top dollar. Taking on board what you guys have said and speaking to some colleagues was thinking £200 per site.
  15. The electrician has 1st fixed alarm cables with 1st fix electrical and Is currently to busy to 2nd fix. As he knows I am wanting to do alarms more he has asked me how much I would charge.
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