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  1. Service provider blocking ports? Are you all with the same provider? You have proved the devices and the account settings if it works on LAN so the only thing I would say is left would be a service provider issue.
  2. It's alright replacing components like for like but often if the systems been in for a while and not checked over by someone knowledgable the system design would need assessment.
  3. There maybe a number of fuses from your CU (fuse box) to the panel depending on how the supply was installed. CU may have it's own way (breaker) or it could be wired with other circuits, you may then have a FCU (fused spur) adjacent the panel with a 3A fuse. Then there are normally mains fuse carriers in the panel where the mains comes in, also don't rule out something faulty in the panel either.
  4. I think both JW and I have both tried to explain as best we can. Your Strobe +ve terminal at the panel will be unused. You need a -ve Strobe to each bell.
  5. One bell didn't have a strobe connection in the panel? The strobes are -ve trigger so you had a +ve and -ve wire where you need two -ve. You can't the point is they self activate if you tamper with them, get some earplugs. If you remove hold-off power and battery jumper, they will be in test mode until you close them again.
  6. I try to avoid them ... IIRC they are 2k2 tamper return if using the normal bell terminals?
  7. Depends on the system current, battery on for both yer. The other jumpers you are balancing sound output and available system current making sure the PSU isn't overloaded in alarm and that you can keep the system up with no mains power. If your not sure the safe option is SCB for both then minimal load will be put on the system.
  8. Well white is currently strobe neg but that wouldn't matter if you pull all the wires out and use whatever colours you want. I am more thinking you need to know which wire is for which box
  9. They come with instructions, you'll have to work out where each cable goes and copy the wiring in the instructions as with two bells and every model has a different ways to wire the tamper through. You will also need to use the SCB mode so you don't overload the panel. You've worked out what they are on the panel so should be straight forward
  10. So no replacement batteries, charging rate, voltage and resistance checks during this service then? Not fitted "basic" stuff in years, better grade kit overs so much more flexibility and diagnostic tools if you know how to use it. Even so you have no idea what in the garage has gone off, there is also no tamper protection for this wire down the garden, no alarm engineer would install it like that, even if it did "work". You still need to work out what is up with what you have, maybe this link wire up the garden is damaged causing problems with both pan
  11. Don't use the backlit bellboxes so wouldn't know. Although I do have some LED modules from them, to use as a light source, none of those have any failed LEDs. Are these ones you have seen fitted by yourself?
  12. Sometimes pros talk jibberish too... Really I would say you could have it as a standalone system, upgrade to something more modern. Alternatively, you would upgrade the house system to something decent that can have areas setup and have it as one system but partitioned off like two systems, the link to the garage would become a data bus for an expander or whatever. Would require more kit/programming knowledge to work that out from a DIY POV. I wouldn't have linked the systems together in the way you did, its more awkward for isolation when you have issues like now.
  13. As your average house gets more and more IT connected equipment really they need a little server space where the comms come in. When Openreach eventually switch off POTS you will have to power FTTP equipment anyway. I have a small UPS with Multi-WAN router, always prefer this configuration but still polling should come from the signalling device itself. The benefit for signalling to have dual paths at the device with each path polled is to identify an attack over a service outage. If the single path LAN side to the signalling failed you wouldn't be able to tell, you'll just see it do
  14. Yes it will be Connectv2 subscription via installer option.
  15. Features wouldn't be available to DIY tho.
  16. This is my point apps have a limited feature set for an alarm. Maintaining reliability of the system should be priority, upgrade for a better quality of system not the app. Push notifications are not guaranteed to get to you, they are not polled, dual path is better but still no guarantee without polling and can be defeated. They will get there most of the time but is that useful or a false sense of security? I would argue that push apps have more to go wrong than with a dialler, more components that could have downtime or connection issues on the way, send push and hope. Dialler wou
  17. It's the slide on fitment that makes the plastic flex, I do prefer it to the little screw in the middle tho. I remember it as a product name but never worked on one, bit like an Excel?
  18. Well reviews on App stores I would always take with a pinch of salt, there's more to an alarm system than it's app. There are also 3 versions of Texecom apps now and latest having subscription features only via an installer. Shiny app but unreliable system would be pointless, so buying a system based on it's app is a bad idea IMO. Still of the opinion all apps are a false sense of security and offer very little, it's just the thing to have an app for everything. Either way you'll need a hybrid system if you want wireless devices, you can easily spend a fortune getting it wrong DIY. H
  19. Didn't play with a huge amount pre V7 but I remember the 888 and 8168 were similar to what is now export only 412/816/832, Veritas cabs and STU connections on a molex lead adapter, onboard digi. Did takeover a couple, the keyboard buttons didn't have hard plastic over the rubber membrane, made a big difference to the look and feel of the keypads. Back then the TS seemed miles ahead feature wise.
  20. They refreshed the Premier, bumped all version numbers so all panel sizes were same at V7.0 firmware. Already out there just not too popular, lacking in features a little and had an odd menu structure with no shortcuts to get about.
  21. Had more SMPS issues than Rick O'Shea problems... Have had the odd PIR false alarm or DT fail early on but generally install issues yer. Don't really touch Pyronix and pretty much every Risco system I have had to unfortunately deal with had some issue; not all wireless systems tho. The odd Galaxy I have had issues with contacts and the tamper buttons. It's all relative really that's part of why every installer prefers different kit, you wouldn't keep fitting it if you had a lot of grief with it. Give me a wired TS Menvier any day, if I were to pick an era for no hass
  22. Bosch, Scanny Radioplus gave no trouble Rick O'shea I haven't had many issues with any I fitted, but I know some have. New Visonic alright decent range too. Powermax endless issues...
  23. I would agree on solid but they are one way tho. Most one way stuff doesn't give grief it just silently stops working if it's tat.
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