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  1. KWCFC

    Quad v ordinary detectors

    The wireless Pyronix pet sensors you have to do two backflips and a cartwheel for the bloody things to detect movement.
  2. Hi gents Tried to connect my laptop to a Euro 76 panel today. Got an error message on castle insight saying something along the lines of "panel won't initialise". They have a building across the road with a separate system but the same alarm and I connected to that fine so don't think it's do with any of my laptop settings. Just seeing if anyone knows how to fix this? I'm going back tomorrow to program 120 new fobs with different areas and access and really don't fancy doing them from the keypad!
  3. KWCFC

    Breakglass detectors

    Yeah I've tried that but still the same result. Flashing green LED.
  4. KWCFC

    Breakglass detectors

    On the ceiling in front of the windows, well within the 7 meters specified in the instructions.
  5. Hi guys I fitted 2 breakglass detectors in an office on Friday the detectors are Honeywell flexguard FG-1625TAS I don't have much experience in installing these but I had issues with the sensors when if came to testing them at the end. I was using the FG-701 breakglass tester as specified in the instructions but I am struggling to get the red LED on the detector to indicate it has detected an alarm. I put the detector into test mode as per the instructions but when I activate the tester I just seem to get the flickering green LED. Apparently that means it has detected audio but hasnt gone into an alarm condition? Any advice would be great.
  6. KWCFC

    Galaxy High Resistance

    I don't understand why galaxy have the "high resistance" fault function? We use castle and it either works or it doesn't... I dont see the advantage.
  7. KWCFC


    Haha thanks Peter. I'll be sure to send my staff discount!
  8. KWCFC


    I've applied for trade access, hopefully I meet the requirements!
  9. Started from school as an apprentice electrician. Then got laid off as soon as I qualified. (Normal practice for them, just want cheap labour) I then got offered a place at the security company where I currently work who were happy to train me and send me to college etc while still paying a decent wage. Definitely best thing I've done. I get a lot more satisfaction from installing a monitored alarm than I do from fitting lights and sockets. Although I hate domestic!
  10. KWCFC


  11. KWCFC


    Thank you. I will apply as soon as I hit the 5 post count as the rules state.
  12. KWCFC

    Old Garage Alarm

    And Pyronix
  13. KWCFC


    Just introducing myself. I'm a 24 year old electrician from Lincolnshire who got a job with a security company about 3 years ago and very much enjoying this type of work. I've signed up to hopefully learn a bit and improve my knowledge. As much as I think I have learned a hell of a lot over the last 3 years I still feel I'm a bit clueless and have plenty to learn. Especially with the IT side of things!
  14. KWCFC

    Old Garage Alarm

    If it hasn't been serviced how do you know it works? Just because it's not making noises doesn't mean it works.

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