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  1. I converted to security about 6 years ago after being a sparks... I do prefer it but best advice I can give you is make sure you learn as much as you can from your colleagues as the information isn't as widely available on the Internet as it is for sparks. If it's just intruder alarms then there's not much to worry about but it does get complicated if you need to integrate it with CCTV and access control etc on a large commercial. As for what's the best intruder alarm... There isn't one. If you asked 5 different alarm engineers what the best panel is they will name 5 different bra
  2. Hi guys a bit of background. Got sent to a bowls clubs a few months ago to replace a Digi with a speech dialler as they don't want to pay the monitoring anymore and nothing valuable in there anyway. No problem is fitted the speech dialler and used the phone line supplying the digi for the dialler. I've now get a job on my diary next week saying that a BT engineer has disconnected the phone line for the dialler saying its not compliant due to "star wiring". Anyone know what he's on about?? The wiring itself was likely installed about 20 years ago by a long r
  3. It's CQR contact but I jumped the gun a bit guys. I got a callout to a tamper fault and assumed it was this door contact again... Turned out it was SAB tamper.. Doh!
  4. Hi guys I've got grade 3 site where the door contact on the automatic door keeps going into tamper - contact has been changed. The doors are metal, does the contact or magnet require spacing to stop magnetic interference? The contact and the magnet are also fitted quite close together, I heard someone suggest a while back that on grade 3 contacts there should be a bit of space between the magnet and contact.
  5. Looking to buy one of these, anyone recommend any?
  6. Yeah I noticed they worked better lower down but that's still no good on a domestic. They need to be near the ceiling else it looks poor in my opinion
  7. Yeah I was actually told that by Pyronix tech support when I first fitted them and struggled to walk test. A bit of a **** design if you have to do that ain't it
  8. Anyone have any more info on this kit? Guy I work with raves about Uniview and the images he showed me on his phone do look very good. They seem to offer a better value for money compared to the other products.
  9. The wireless Pyronix pet sensors you have to do two backflips and a cartwheel for the bloody things to detect movement.
  10. Hi gents Tried to connect my laptop to a Euro 76 panel today. Got an error message on castle insight saying something along the lines of "panel won't initialise". They have a building across the road with a separate system but the same alarm and I connected to that fine so don't think it's do with any of my laptop settings. Just seeing if anyone knows how to fix this? I'm going back tomorrow to program 120 new fobs with different areas and access and really don't fancy doing them from the keypad!
  11. Yeah I've tried that but still the same result. Flashing green LED.
  12. On the ceiling in front of the windows, well within the 7 meters specified in the instructions.
  13. Hi guys I fitted 2 breakglass detectors in an office on Friday the detectors are Honeywell flexguard FG-1625TAS I don't have much experience in installing these but I had issues with the sensors when if came to testing them at the end. I was using the FG-701 breakglass tester as specified in the instructions but I am struggling to get the red LED on the detector to indicate it has detected an alarm. I put the detector into test mode as per the instructions but when I activate the tester I just seem to get the flickering green LED. Apparently that
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