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  1. Hello, I haven't officially introduced here myself. I will put myself as a beginner in access-controls and security. I've done wiring for it and terminated boxes on the wall but not much experience in the guts of whole security systems, but I have got a general understanding of electronics and IT. My idea is to advance in security systems to be competent to be a tradesman. I found it complicated to get a good grasp on it just by myself and make up the problems to come up with the solutions to get that knowledge when you not in this role as a professional. Sure it's much possible to achieve asking questions here in the forum but. So I thought I shout here for someone a friendly person who would be willing to be my mentor. A person who would not mind receiving Skype/WhatsApp messages with questions or my unsure thoughts related to the security systems and things related to it. So what I'm expecting is just a short conversation to help me formulate my approach to find the answers. Not sure if what I'm asking is acceptable for this industry and this forum? I used to have a mentor when I started my journey amateur radio in electronics and photography and IT, so I thought I'll look for someone this time as well. Not sure what I can give in exchange to your time and willingness, but I'm sure I will cover beer bill or you ask me. Please write me a personal message for further conversations. Thanks a lot.
  2. Hi, After listening this AV show podcast https://www.avshoptalk.com/episode12/ I wonder if Security professionals in regions gathering regularly for a pint and chat? Or if no then maybe someone will step in and organise one? Or I'm silly and security pros would never meet together to prevent that massive fight to be published in the newspapers? ;))
  3. Not sure how did you come up with this question. Is anything wrong with it? This is just random piece software that I remember first to have as example.
  4. Don't want to argue about but this is what I've find quickly scrolling through their site https://cryptomator.org/faq/gdpr/ this maybe eases the situation.. just random.
  5. If it's not a secret what system did you used for the project you posted above? Cheers
  6. Hi, Did you got it now? Cheers.
  7. Portable media it's ok until you remember to take it with you to do backups or you find it at all if you give it to someone. My thought would be sit of DropBox or any other similar service solution. Sure enough you better encrypt it before uploading. Solution like Cryptomator would be just good enough. To comply with GDPR probably would be good enough to crate account for customer instead uploading it to your Dropbox. Any way GDPR is not more applicable as UK now not in EU?
  8. Hi, As not too much experienced installer/technician I usually come up with many questions in my head but sometimes not sure if I need to load in to my brains. My general question is how much knowledge awarage technician must have? Is there any guidelines without going to college? Maybe online general training or reading available, just to get overall look and to know where to go from there. Otherwise it takes very long as I know from experience from my other interests. Just for example when I was reading one of random PDFs (I have attached to my post) so I thought if this really relevant to me to get deep in to this? Sure it's good to know but as I said it maybe later on in my career, now I need to get on other more general things. Or maybe I'm wrong and this is really important? Any thoughts regarding general knowledge are welcome. Also, as I mentioned above all links to online or maybe video training are appreciated. Cheers. hid-understanding_card_data_formats-wp-en.pdf
  9. Hi Phil, Did you come up with one? Cheers
  10. Thanks for letting me know, but any way I wasn't looking for any answer here. Not sure if it's ok to reply to posts with unrelated messages but I will slow my self this time. I'm just very new in this forum and still trying to catch up with the local culture.
  11. Hi, My 2p worth of thoughts. To have touchscreen to arm/disarm and call it smart system? I don't think so. All other things you mentioned is done with home automation systems. Often done by expensive controllers that needs programming if you look for Crestron, Controll4. And I think this make alarm system more complicated and more unreliable. I'm sure those controllers have capability to be programmed (programming is costly also £ if you want to change anything) to display pretty numeric keypad to display on user touchpads all you need to do is to integrate those two systems. And eventually it will comes to the point how much you want to spend on it? Or you probably asking for native alarm system to be smart as expensive controllers can do?
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