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  1. Hi, I will need to wire up quite few access control panels with mostly all the cables from devices wired with Cat5e FTP cables, well... only supplies for the locks 1.5mm twin cable. Panels itself quite roomy but I'm unsure how to make it look good inside with all those skinny solid strand twisted wires. Is there maybe (at least I couldn't find) a topic in this forum with some install pictures that I could browse? Any one maybe have any pictures for sharing in this topic? Or maybe suggestions? I know it's not end of the world, but I would like to make it nice looking. Thanks.
  2. Are those sentences related to each other? Tell that story, old man.
  3. Yes. Just need to sort all the error messages that apers when setting the system. In my case that 'Line Fail' was killing me. Just in case anyone else has it and not using the line then it's in
  4. Nice one. This means it does work. I just expected it to be more instantaneous, when presenting the fob. Thank you.
  5. Thanks for letting me know. Not sure if I have to crate a new topic but will try to not. I have go other question: Should the number on the fob and what reader sees be the same? In my case it's not and fob doesn't do much when programmed in and presented to the reader, for example to do timed set. I have some glitches on the system. So its hard to learn without knowing how the system must really act in first place.
  6. Oh ****. Is this related with 51.03.1 Abort Time? I have had time to understand real meaning and use of it. Or else? thanks for info as i was banging my head in to the wall.
  7. Yech. It's FW v6.10., I'd anddoes complain about line error. There is an option to disable line interface, also it has some serious bugs, or it's *****up or I'm maybe missing something howto sett it up. For example the keypad doesn't allow to enter the code to unset the system during the entry time, so when alarm kicks in, o ly then it accepts key entries. Im just now in situation to find out if I can do firmware without buying any special software.
  8. That fellow has more videos related to those two communicators.
  9. hi, How you would describe what is the Soak Test? And how the days are related to it? For example in Honeywell Galaxy there is option to set days from 1 to 14days. Would be intesting to understand the whole concept of it. Tank you
  10. Hi peaps, On the initial set up when Honeywell Galaxy boots-up for the first time (after the reset), the options after choosing the language there is: 01 = ADT Com UK 02 = ADT Res UK 03/10 = ... (other countries) I can't find anywhere what difference is between those two first ones? Does it sets the panel to be Grade 2 (01) and/or Grade 3 (02) compatible? Or what it does? And if doesn't relates to Grade, then is it even a option on Galaxy? Tnx
  11. Sorry I realized that you have to many silly rules here in this forum. :)) It's fine.
  12. Any examples of beams you can share, please? I will look at them before I go seep
  13. Well... I just looked ones again in to Honeywell Galaxy Dimension Architecture-Chart and it seems that all those components are in one picture. I really hope that it's true. And RF Portal seems that is more newer device and designed to work with newer Galaxy Flex type of systems? Lets see what experts will say. Are you saying about a little bit of DIY to merry active beams with Honeywell's RF door contact transport? or? Thank you
  14. Hi, Just trying to pick the right components. I have got already Honeywell Dimension Galaxy 48 and C079-2 RF-RIO and I'm pretty sure that DT8M wireless PIR will work with it, but I thought I will ask before I buy those. Idea is to build temporary scaffold alarm system. So question no.2: Is it the bast what I can shoes from Honeywell dual-tec wireless PIRs for this situation? Sure not counting the fact that they probably not outdoor rated, but I will make it up something. I'm thinking to put it in 'pet mode', so in case if foxes jumping over the fence or cats. I will put beam away from bushes or trees I think this will do the job? My not professional thinking dual-tech is a good choice too? Additional question would be: There is no option in my situation for wireless sounder? But I though its fine to pull a one wire. I'm not security professional so I allowed myself to ask such a question here. It's OK if you answer with little bit of sarcasm, but please no answers like: "Leave it for professionals" or "I need to use outdoor grade cable for sounder".
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