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  1. Another pint to you Andyha. And thanks for example to those who was bit crying here that 11 questions is too much to answer, but actually it's done with a line per question and this what I need. I need to expand my general knowledge of this before I will be in similar role even if as trainee (and no one need to comment on this). I have looked at this before, but i thought its bit pricey for individual, so I was maybe waiting until I get position in company that has it to read through, but probably I will need to get it in advance. Not quite sure what we are talking ab
  2. You have an upvote for this. Well done thanks, I need to look through it. Seems that I have missed this somehow previously.
  3. I really don't understand what are you trying to prove with your posts? I don't want to start this silly battle here but I will do for the sake maybe more chaps like you will get this message even my original post and my questions will be forbidden. - I'm not preaching, I'm suggesting new rule for the better world we live in. - As I said you did reply with your complains to my previous message instead of answering one of the 11 questions to leave 9 unanswered. - You did your best to make this thread more ugly for everyone to read and spend time reading and not finding it interes
  4. Also, if you would't post your complains here, then this forum would be so cleaner to read and find it useful. But instead answering one from 11 simple questions to leave the post with 10 unasnverded you rather not. :)) and probably you will find time tome to reply to my this comment with not really relevant information to the topic, which again could be just better answer another questions and leave with 9 unanswered questions and you would be done about 18% of the all list. Otherwise my topic that I started is also very pointless, same as other people's replies to it. I would suggest
  5. Peter James and Andyha I would like for sure to buy a pint for you guys. I have to come back later to discus Andyha post, but for now Peter's post for in detail analysis. I know many of you will say that is too many questions to even bother answer them but they actually really simple for security wolfs like you instead replay with irrelevant posts. I would be happy to go some kind of training delay online but I can not find any, than maybe a business plan for any of you Ok great. Can I ask more in detail about: - 1. Program the box - is it usually any requirements or plans given of how
  6. Can we expand a little bit on some of the things that weren't mentioned by James? 2. Wiring multiple detectors. 'Preset 1' (in the screenshot) is this relates to resistance values Option 01 - 1k from the table 2-7? At the same time, this means that it's Double-balanced type of line? 4. Push to set. I bit doubt bout how the scenario would look like in this configuration? If the button is pushed and all zones in a safe state then system will be set? And if this is true, then, in the same way, the system will be unset just while pushing the same button? How we can call this syste
  7. Thank you. It's about how I understand, just wanted some kind of confirmation. What is 'pts'?
  8. Hi, I have got some questions while reading the manual. As relatively new to this, I need help to understand the following below. All from Honeywell Galaxy Dimension Installer manual pdf here,**link removed** pages 2-14 through 2-16 (until the outputs) 1. Zone wiring types. Fault double-balanced vs. Fault end-of-line Why those two types exist, or brief prehistory? When/why one is used vs another? The only difference I have spotted is that Alarm contacts have a resistor in parallel. Anything to note? 2. Wiring multiple detectors This opt
  9. I would love to have a pint with you all and have a laugh about how im maybe late in my life thinking about the change. But here I did wrote completely bout different. I think most of you just failing to be on-topic. I have spotted just from day one that in this forum you love to chat for the sake of chatting. So far I have only one reply to my topic which was in private message. Is maybe here anyone wants to change me? I can come to do a week or a couple of weeks for a minimum £/day. So you will have a good couple of hand to help you with little £. Or even for free if you give me
  10. Career change, correct. I did some wiring and simple point termination, when working at some electrical companies. I have no problems with electronics. Electronics is my passion / hobby since my 13een's. I can't state that I security engineer whrlen applying for the job as I will fail, but I need a month and I could do most of the tasks on my own. But how to explain to hiring person when you apply to agency? Most of the works listed are through the agencies.
  11. Let's not talk about covid. Let's be on topic. And I think courses running already, also, my preference would be online. Adult, yes. Do I sound like I'm not? I'm nearly 40 years old professional with varios sills and knowledge, just when changing job title is not easy to prove to hiring manager that I can show my abilities in Fire & Security field as well.
  12. Hi all, After looking at some job ads, seems that without experience, they don't even look my way to take me on board. So my thinking is to decorate my CV with fire and security-related certifications. Now is a little bit confusing about where to start? I need help to answer some questions. I need your thoughts on: 1. I'm right that fire-related certifications would be more weighty, instead of electronic security courses? 2. If [1] is [yes] then where to go FIA or NSI or somewhere else? 3. How courses from FIA (BS 5839-1 Fundamentals in FD&A Unit 1 / Unit 2) and NSI (
  13. Interesting would be intruder, access and maybe CCTV. Tnx.
  14. Thanks, Peter. This is exactly what I'm looking for, but also I'm in need of more details. Sure most of the things seems just obviuos from high overvew. I understand programing. But for example how is testing done, is there any seaquance sheets that I can find that I could folow? This probably somehow relates to system certification? Also, meter readings probably relates to testing too? So if any one could describe tasks and maybe in details sequeance of the things on that day. That would make me think more.
  15. Jason, did you come up with any finished document? Would you be able to share it?
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