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  1. Hi Peter, Thank you for your assistance. The bell box has an active tamper - as I removed the lid the siren went off - the tamper was a little spring loaded stick attached internally to the blue plastic in the picture. That being the case, does the loose black need go into one of the terminals please and if so which one ? Many thanks, Paul
  2. Okay thanks everyone - does anyone have a comment relating to the black wire from the bell box ? Is it redundant or does it need to be terminated ? Thank you Paul
  3. Aha !! No the smoke alarm is battery operated and is not the origin of the noise. The panel is in a cupboard and the noise is definitely coming from the panel !! All I could think of was that if the bell box had it's own power cell then it would still have a live circuit with the control panel hence me removing the bell box cover. I'm not sure what's in the white plastic cover in the photo as it seems a sealed unit but wondered whether it was an old style square battery (rechargeable?). I'm keeping the power off in case this is correct to see if the chirping stops later. Do yo
  4. Dear Al Yeti - thank you for your response - I'm afraid there is no smoke alarm connected to the system, only two PIRs and 9 shock sensors - all of which work on the walk through test. Many thanks Paul
  5. Dear All, I have a Scantronic 9800 hardwired alarm system that functions perfectly. In the past 6 weeks or so it has developed a Strange beep/chirp coming from the Control Panel about every 40 seconds whether the alarm is set or not !! There are no warning codes showing on the keypad (the Control panel doesn't have a display) I have tested the Control Panel battery and it is in excellent condition (only 18 months old) Strangely when Mains power is removed and the battery is disconnected the chirping continues even though the two main sources of power have been
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