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  1. We use the Kentec Hydrosense system (available all over - do a google search for "kentec leak detection"). Can either have a local sounder etc, or connect to dialler / redcare, or local pagers etc.
  2. RS232 connection to a Scope pager transmitter (sends the text from eg a galaxy to pocket pagers)?
  3. Visio brilliant for "drag and drop" functionality, but I now use Serif DrawPlus for just about everything, including plans. It reads and writes PDF's which is a real bonus - I either ask for plans in pdf, or use Autodesk or similar (free viewer) to convert cad files to pdf, import into DrawPlus, drop my symbols on top, colour in a set for the zone plan, and output everything as PDF again. Believe it or not my colleague uses Word for plans and swears by it - before you laugh, MS have nicked a lot of Visio functionality and hidden it in Word (2013 onwards) - once you add symbols to the library, turn on the grid and "drawing canvas", it isn;t actually too bad as a basic drawing program. The big advantage is that almost everyone has it already. Matt
  4. Security/fire related manufacturer in South Devon looking for office based technical sales person. Must have fire/security background on the tools, very IT literate, good communicator (on phone and by email). Inbound enquiries, system design, order processing, some tech support. Competitive salary. Office hours. Great environment, friendly staff, very low staff turnover. No on-call! Full product training. PM or reply for details.
  5. This lot do all mine - very good and cheapest I've found for quality: http://www.rivieralabels.co.uk/contact_us.html prizes may be won for minimalist website of the year...
  6. One of the big attractions of Protean was the way it syncs - it works perfectly offline, syncs when it can, and provides real time info at the office end to sync status for each job - so you know who's seen what and - crucially - when they saw it. Can't remember exactly how AM did it but from memory was less effective than Protean when we looked in to it. Now forgive me for the detail here as I'm straying into territory I know very little about (what's new!), but as I understand it from my IT geek, most of the online (servicem8 type) browser-based apps use the 'LocalStorage' browser cache (limited to 2Mb on Android and 5Mb on Apple). Lots of these companies prefer to go Apple-only because they can use non-standard methods for local data storage and test/guarantee they'll work (limited range of devices to check) - whereas with Android there are an unlimited array of devices to worry about compatibility with so they're stuck with established proscribed methods and all their limitations. Protean built their own sync system from the ground up in their own app - which had my IT guy murmuring with appreciation (strange what gets them excited) - and it avoid all of this. It is apparently a tricky thing to do, but they have pulled it off totally. Matt
  7. Bit misleading, 2 engs also needed office seats, couple of engs in pairs so just had one license per pair to start with. The business covers a few sectors, some admin staff are function based, not sector based. Efficient in many ways - but not for implementing protean! Looking at the figures I gave it does seem admin heavy I admit! However don't forget we we going from almost 100% paper-based to totally paperless - so actually admin load dropped hugely. Long long overdue and very scary, but well worth it.
  8. It was about 25k ish for 8 office seats and 10 engs, plus ongoing maintenance if you want it
  9. Having thoroughly confused architects, specifiers and engineers for years with the G2 and G3 range of intruder alarms, Honeywell's new fire panel range will be the P1, L2, L3 and don't forget the popular LD3... ;0
  10. If you can afford it, and you're prepared to spend the time getting it right, Protean. Once it's set up it basically runs everything. It even understands my engineers. It's one of those programs that just does everything, and does it well, but it needs a massive financial and time commitment to implement. Well worth it though.
  11. Again, it is possible to make very simple changes from the panel - but for any major changes, or changes affecting more than a couple of devices, then you do need to use the software.
  12. Hello. The short answer is yes, you do need to remove the sensors in order to address them. It is possible to change the address of a single sensor from the panel, but if all the sensors are set to 255 then this won't be possible. Sorry! Matt
  13. Only yesterday my wonderful (and usually bright) apprentice took a 25mm x 1m sds bit which had just come out of the wall and lent on it. I usually ignore screams but the smell of burning flesh got my attention. Now got a very pretty perfect impression of the bit right across his forearm (sort of short diagonal stripes). Ouch. Several years ago I sent an apprentice to the van to get some panel batteries, but because there were some dead ones kicking around I asked him to check the voltage. I should explain at this point that we're fire, not intruder. After approx 10 mins he comes back to say there's no voltage at all. On any of the batteries. So we go through (again) how to use a multimeter, what setting it's on and so on. He's adamant he's right. Another 10 minutes go by and he returns again to say that none of the batteries have any voltage. Anyone worked it out yet? We'd just been through how to take battery readings on a service. When I get him to bring me the batts and show me what he's doing, he's reading them in pairs in series (as per a fire alarm panel) but with no interconnect lead. Hey presto no volts. Bless.
  14. perhaps I've just been lucky! Although I've fitted it in my own right for 2 years now, before that I worked for one of their distributors as a commissioning engineer and fitted the stuff right from the beginning. Now admittedly some of the early stuff was temperamental, and the early Sita had it's issues, but it's all good now. Just to be an arrogant annoying prat - you were able to find a device on software versions 3, 2 and later end of 1 (using a laptop though). We stuck with it over the years (and admittedly there were occasionally reasons not to) because it does a job that no other kit will do, at a price point thats sensible. (having said that, has anyone used the new CTEC kit designed for multiple dwellings yet?) Matt
  15. Honestly we fit loads of these and I would call them extremely reliable. I have only ever replaced one head and that was to keep the customer happy rather than out of technical necessity. Admittedly we mainly use Sita (addressable) 'cos the wiring is so much simpler and more flexible long term (people will keep knocking down walls and joining flats together and so on). The log is available on the panel at user access level, and you can 'find' a detector from the panel at engineer access level (by sounding it if it's got a sounder, or LED if not). Admittedly some functions are only available via PC but as we fit a lot of addressable stuff my engineers carry laptops anyway. The diagnostic software is (in theory) very useful indeed but I never need to use it, other than to show off. The only problems we ever get are where the system is installed by sparks who haven't done it before. If we're supplying the kit then we'll give them a few pointers about base terminations, about what the pins are for, and about how we want it ready for commissioning... Once you're used to it, it's fantastic kit. We're putting in addressable systems for less money than our main competitor's conventional stuff. I love it. I have to say that (with all due respect) I think that their slightly dodgy reputation is in part caused by the fact that they will insist on selling it all over the place (screwfix etc) so you find a lot of installs done by people who really shouldn't have. That's not a pop at anyone on here, by the way... Matt
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