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  1. Shaunb1905

    L1 or L3 design question

    Travel distance doesn't seem to be more then 45m or reduced to 25 for special hazards?
  2. Shaunb1905

    L1 or L3 design question

    As above A lot of the time I find L3s can be very similar to L1 depending on the layout so I just go L1 anyways
  3. Shaunb1905

    Fire system

    What’s the issues?
  4. Shaunb1905

    FIRE ALARM advice needed

    Is that what they charged him or he’s trying to charge you? Have you counted the devices or have you seen the certs? Only asking because if, like you say you have a suspended ceiling, they may have installed detection or even a smoke beam above?
  5. Shaunb1905


    Morning chaps. Does anyone have any idea where to get one of these from? Thank, Shaun
  6. Shaunb1905

    Advance mx pro 4

    Are they integrated or ancillary base sounders?
  7. Shaunb1905

    laptop etc

    Hello, A Dell for me See what I did there?
  8. Shaunb1905

    XP95 Sounder/beacon to go in -38c

    I meant PSU sorry
  9. Shaunb1905

    XP95 Sounder/beacon to go in -38c

    I'm sure they're is a conventional sounder capable, so just stick a sounder controller on the loop (psi needed) and good to go
  10. Shaunb1905

    Giving quotations to customers

    Usually they try pass it on to their Electrician to try and do
  11. Shaunb1905


    We've got generic ones that gets changed to suit the job.
  12. Shaunb1905


    Sounds like there is more to it, too me
  13. Shaunb1905

    PROTEC 6400

    Protec's are known for **** power supply's!
  14. Shaunb1905

    Security - fire alarm link

    Change it for adressable and put multi sensors in and set up cause and effect, day and night mode?
  15. Shaunb1905

    Apollo 65 SD on Galaxy

    Lots of issues with twinflex! Agree about alarmsense, great bit of kit

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