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  1. abbz

    mr doyle

    Friend worked for Romec but are now CBRE. Are they still trading under the name Romec ?
  2. abbz

    Hi to all....New here today

    I did cg 224 pt 1,2 and 3. Worked for the old ilea repairing stuff for schools. Learnt the importance of having sleeves live and neutral pins as a 1 penny piece fits perfectly in between all 3 plug pins ..
  3. Some bells stay in test mode for 5 minutes or so on power up.
  4. Nova and thanks everyone else for your input
  5. Standalone. It's working at moment so unless can get a manual the code is staying the same. Site not interested in updating to our standard kit
  6. Hi Andy. We only have the operators code. They just want it changed after all these years !
  7. Been told is about 20 years old so could well be
  8. Would any one know make of keypad or better still have a user manual as customer wants code changed ? Tia
  9. abbz

    Advanced technology alarm systems

    Tried to pressure sell to one of my elderly neighbours a couple of months back. When I confronted salesman he was talking absolute rubbish he asked what did I know. I smiled.
  10. abbz

    Galaxy 0001 Missing battery

    You have got 240v going to panel and not just running it off battery.
  11. My first ever mod to an escort mk2. Fitted MS705 which only gave you side light on/odd indication. Fitted relay so that indicators flashed instead so that looked like more expensive model.
  12. Why would you want to collect them
  13. abbz

    Have been a naughty boy

    Yes. Does have vat no and name. Company who run course are aadrivetech
  14. abbz

    Have been a naughty boy

    You don't have to declare course unless insurance asks if been on course, most don't . Was one of the things tutor mentioned. He said make sure read question properly when renewal comes up. No tea or biscuits. Had a vending machine, 50p for a cup of dishwater. Got receipt and form signed saying attended course. 21 of us today, 3 blokes 18 women !