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  1. Wifi CCTV system for domestic

    NVR in loft? Blimey. Today I installed an Axis M7014 in a loft as a last resort (best place where all 4 analogue cables and a decent net point were) and wondered about heat, and that unit is basically a giant metal heatsink itself. And it wasn't even that warm today. Well, tbh re-using old analogue stuff was a last resort but that's another story. At least the 2 additional cams were mid range Axis.
  2. Challenger 5

    Yes if you google Challenger 5, like a sad c**t would, you come back to here but ten years ago where Wickes is mentioned... Plastics are deffo the same as the oddity Tunstall keyswitch panel I keep seeing on my rounds. It doesn't have a single indicator on it, just a keyswitch and might have the word 'ambassador'. Never seen in anything older than mid 1990s, usually right next to this type of more modern residential care panel; As before I assume it's an overpriced 'intruder' granny robbing add-on to carelink
  3. Challenger 5

    Duh! It's like the 00s yeah, just rig up a nice bargain shop £4.99 10w LED flood and then your sundial works again, simples yeah?
  4. Part set Enforcer?

    You're fine, we only get just over a million hits a month at TSI
  5. Challenger 5

    Looks more like the one-zone keyswitch panels I sometimes see (badged as Tunstall, presumably monitored via the existing carelink) & I imagine sold as £800 'extras' on 1990s retirement flats.
  6. Part set Enforcer?

    I find a lot of people esp. domestics using a slightly more commercial panel, often choose Areas to try and achieve what most of us would just use Part for.
  7. PAXTON Configuration utility issue

    Can you disconnect everything apart from the Net2 stuff from the network temporarily? Then reset router. I take it no different when the stuff is plugged directly to the switch using patch leads? And/or cable test on wiring from switch to door Cat5 wiring? Also you can do a total factory reset on the net2 stuff which I did have to do once, it's in the manual, you have to short out one of the reader data lines to ground on power up IIRC. Have installed a fair bit and not had this kind of issue but would try and eliminate other factors.
  8. Depends - they will need a tall ladder which I never used to routinely carry as a sparks.
  9. Part set Enforcer?

    As above. Lovely weather?
  10. From Unknown PIR to Dual TEC

    Norman, I have told you to stop posting on this thread. Please do as you were told and remember there will be a chatroom Mod Huddle at 1900 tonight. John Carstairs will be present with a timely reminder over the use of data and professionalism on the site. Any Mods Grade II or lower unable to attend should provide a written reason or may be asked to consider their position. I do not like to have to do this but we need to remember the reason we are here and that the 2017 Away Day hosted by Detection Systems is entirely dependent upon the performance of this website.
  11. From Unknown PIR to Dual TEC

    There's a place like that in Weston. Used to be the swimming baths, then after a year or two of the new leisure centre being opened in the mid 80's the council realised they could close them. Derelict from mid 80s to early 2000s, but amazingly not burnt down, or particularly trashed, it's the usual flats upstairs and retail outlets downstairs type of affair, with the retail struggling to attract anything other than an estate agent and 2 cafes. One of the cafes from new, and nice outlook being in the filled-in pool area, was decent, until it was sold to a pair of coin-eyed plant hire operators who thought this would be a great wheeze to top up their pension fund, and all they had to do was bung in a few Tesco Value packs of ham and a couple of bored 16 year olds.
  12. From Unknown PIR to Dual TEC

    How about cafe bashing?
  13. John

    Yeah well I still find the nightbus numbering confusing. Especially seeing as I started out in Yatton.
  14. From Unknown PIR to Dual TEC

    John Carstairs (@jonno1966) is our compliance and complaints officer
  15. John

    Damn you found my fan club secret card and pin badge