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  1. Followers -7, Unfollowers - 0. I didn't know I was this awesome. Get your weekly stats via https://t.co/SLJaVDrzF2.

  2. Stats for the week have arrived. 3 new followers and 1 unfollower via https://t.co/SLJaVDrzF2.

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  4. New week, new tweets, new stats. 5 followers, 2 unfollowers. Via good old https://t.co/SLJaVDrzF2

  5. 2 weekly followers. 1 unfollower. Crowdfire doesn't miss a trick - via https://t.co/SLJaVDrzF2

  6. Trade membership required

    Did you do Dave from Eatons?
  7. Magnetic Contacts Sticking on Un-Opened Windows

    Fair enough then!
  8. Magnetic Contacts Sticking on Un-Opened Windows

    Going to back to what H said earlier, didn't Ade, or maybe the Knight's chap, once imply that reeds are no longer made in the UK and the 2 qualities are basically 'USA or China' with nothing inbetween, as it were? I think he also said that often quantities needed dictated ordering from both areas more often than not, so there is no easy way of knowing where your reed came from in your otherwise 'UK made' contact. I have had loads of failures, usually stuck closed, with those Ventcroft 'Premium' contacts, I don't use them any more, shame as they are a nice looking surface contact with easy EoL and a decent tamper spring. I use Knights for surface inc. industrial and RSD etc... and Elmdene circular Quickfits for flush.
  9. Klaxon Master Blaster

    Been done before, though tricky. Below is a simplified version of the more popular interface sold by Bentley, suitable for home production;
  10. Honeywell Le Sucre

    I thought that was the whole point of the system eg not having to redesign all the existing Gal wireless devices again?
  11. Rename this forum?

    Genuinely, in tribute, lets include Arf's name...
  12. Rename this forum?

    Public Members Lounge?
  13. Galaxy GX push notifications

    Be interesting if you changed the port forward rule name to 'Galaxy' etc... and see if it worked?
  14. Galaxy GX push notifications

    Yuck. Cloud / hole punching is deffo the way to be if you want self monitoring. Did you call the port fowards on the BT hub things like 'Alarm'? I have had trouble using names like 'CCTV' on a HH4. Tearing my hair for hours until I changed the name. Then it all worked. I assume due to the fact there was an entry already named 'CCTV' etc... on the useless drop-down list of pre-filled port forwards, and obviously not picked up in testing.