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  1. Do you flick a switch and the cam zooms onto next doors bedroom window?
  2. Hi Chris, welcome. Which systems have you fitted so far?
  3. Hi, welcome. Have you ever thought about funding your retirement via a high return investment? A few of us on here have been looking at low cost, DIY sprinkler systems...
  4. Oh well, at least they have a strong UK presence. I would phone them Monday, as that can't be right.
  5. Is the DVR also called Nitro? Interesting. Here is the iOs version, which references the website for firmware updates, so assume not an issue to also use in the UK... However, the android store shows nothing called Nitro, but there is a 'QV Pro' by QVIS (i.e. same co. as Adata / Oyn-x), which states it works with Nitro DVRs, amongst others.
  6. What is the name of the App it directs you to that you 'can't have'? Is it any of these? Ltd&hl=en
  7. Appear to be part of Q-Vis / Adata who very much have a UK presence I suspect you are just looking for the wrong thing??
  8. He doesn't need us anyway. He's been advertising Hik since June 10th on twitter, and presumably online previously, long before he thought he needed a 'licence'. You wonder if he is even aware of the ICO.
  9. TBH in the old days, most domestic alarms were in the cupboard under the stairs etc... and that was usually the one place you would find a neutral behind the light switch, as that fitting wouldn't be part of a loop circuit, in my experience anyway. But yes I've been out to a callout where the report was 'alarm sounds whenever cupboard light turned on', this was 3 months in and some moron had wired onto the back of a switch. Of course, back then a 60w lamp would have enough of a resistance to provide a relative neutral to a low load such as a transformer. This was when I worked for a decent setup, but they had used a contractor for the first (and last) time ever on an alarm job. Only the finest...
  10. Hayden; we all know what you mean, my point being if you have to come here to ask basic questions, that are fully answered elsewhere, it leads me to suspect you might be blinded as to the reality of the industry, income and profitability wise. Of course, I could be totally wrong and someone who buys your cable has offered £300 a day to install for them for the next 3 years. If so, no, you do not need a licence for any aspect of being on the tools re. CCTV and Access, but fiddle with mains at your own risk, ditto insurance etc...
  11. Terrible, I'm being undercut by you with your new £198.99 pricing policy
  12. The amount of existing 'beyond rubbish' CCTV outfits operating from 15 year old hatchbacks, selling SWANN kit at £199 'fully' fitted for a 4 camera system would suggest against the need for licencing... Welcome to the site but this does seem to be a bit 'cart before horse'. There is plenty of info out there on what SIA does and doesn't regulate. Do you already have a good deal of business (i.e b2b, not domestic) contacts who already use security services of that nature? (Assuming the current customers of, say, a trade counter would suddenly start buying CCTV and the like isn't going to work). If not, I would seriously rethink your business unless you hate your current job so much, anything would be preferable (but if you have a mortgage / kids, I'd still think again) You would be better of in virtually ANY other trade, income wise. I have just done a job in a million pound house where; whilst it was a good job for me as intruder goes, I was working alongside... A plumber who charged £100 for a 20 minute repair A (crap, the worst I've ever seen, my woodworking is 200% better) joiner who charged £300 for a day of 'door adjustments'. This mainly seemed to consist of spraying WD40 and padding out the occasional hinge with old Navy Cut packets he pulled out from under the floorboards I had taken up. Oh yeah, and whilst I had to do my usual act of eating a sandwich with one hand whilst fixing down the trunking lid with another, our joiner friend 'went off to get some bits' around 12. As it's in the middle of nowhere, and he was gone for barely 40 minutes, I strongly suspect he actually went to get a nice cool lemonade in the Blue Lion...
  13. I agree an good engineer should be able to do wired, that said I've just done an 18th century farmhouse near us, that had a 1980s Modern Alarms installation updated in '97 by ADT, serviced until last year. (1980s wireless PA, twin SABs, Redcare virtually added the day BT lanuched it, every door contacted - could not work out why but now think the occupants were RA targets due to their high position at government work). Anyway, it's a wired installers dream - even the 3 changes of level you can actually fish cables between; even the head of the stairs, usually my least favourite bit, you can fish across the landing, without even drilling. So how did the lads do it in the 80s? I removed 6 surface cables like train tracks going across the lobby above the picture rail alone. A bin bag was filled with the old cable, now all concealed Yup, all surface and picture rail. They wouldn't even have had to remove much carpet to hide the cables either, and the boards have been up more times than the tarmac at Brands Hatch, so not really an excuse. p.s LOL at comment from 2015 - 'Comms still not working. This time STU and main PCB changed. Still nothing. At end of job customer stated 'cancelled BT thing, is that the problem?'. Still getting line on butt phone, but now obvious redcare cancelled. Refer to sales for digi??. Grrrrrrrr!!!!!'. By then the occupants had long retired (the gov. dept they used to work for had long been 'centralised anyway, the regional offices closed) so makes sense!
  14. You lacist* *(c) 2001 datadiffusion. May be used up to ten times a year licence free.
  15. That said, kudos to the video producer for getting access to some of the tracks there wasn't quite the room for on Bowies last album.