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  1. False alarm issue

    ^ What he said. One at a time and 'faulty' detector should either be swapped (or go on standalone test rig to soak etc...)
  2. False alarm issue

    Interesting, the only other panel I've had spurious zone faults with since is the M series / x5n series! However, in that case it was on the expanders in the first place and swiftly dealt with by junking the panel (and no issues since on same wiring / detectors).
  3. xVision XHD 4ch DVR password help

    Yep they say to contact them in a very SystemQ way, I'd possibly expect a return of unit to be required
  4. xVision XHD 4ch DVR password help

    That'll be £100, please.
  5. False alarm issue

    Was going to say, re. controls, we had one like this once; mega rare (esp for old school Gardtec) but it turned out to be the zone itself (having defaulted the system twice and changed / adjusted / masked PIR twice). TBH it only went on for so long as the client was over the road from the office and also bosses mate (I was getting paid but he wasn't paying), was really surprised when it turned out to be the zone though.
  6. False alarm issue

    Could have been an MI5 / TV detector van shifting a recently crashed UFO across the county whilst trying to stop Trump publishing details of Kennedy...?
  7. Karizma control panel blank....

    To be fair this pretty much sums up the Karizma and iD wiring with the benefit of hindsight.
  8. Karizma control panel blank....

    This code is the default code, which we ask you not to post as per forum rules. It will have been changed by the original installer. Can you see the potential problem if it was not changed...? This is an obsolete system prone to sudden failure. I have replaced many, usually they fail at 3am with sirens blazing, or perhaps during a holiday. The solution is to default the system, though not the best one. We don't give that information out on here, you would rightly be very annoyed if a burglar could simply log in here and gain access to your system, surely?
  9. Paragon Plus

    That's going to a be a little hard, Woolworths has sadly closed since you got your Bronze & Silver certs
  10. Paragon Plus

    Well, who wants to chip in for a frame?
  11. Risco eurosec CPX wireless alarm system

    Write him a short, polite note stating that in the interests of quick, hassle free payment, a much 'plainer' invoice will be useful... However, again, events like this whilst probably nothing to do with the power cut, DO show that there is good reason to have your system regularly serviced. Perhaps by someone a little less passive-aggressive, but serviced none the less. 2 years is pretty much your limit on RF sensor batteries, 3 at the most on some door contacts unless high traffic. As above, many would recommend annually, which we do on certain sites (e.g. fully comprehensive cover) but as a minimum 2 years.
  12. Risco eurosec CPX wireless alarm system

    Realistically if the invoice just states 'to get alarm working after power failure, change batteries, £104' which it probably will, if it's even that detailed, then you have no need to worry anyway. Had it had a zero on the end, no doubt futher investigation would have been made by the builder and/or claims handler! Most board company excepted I have come to realise few if any other trades issue such detailed and itemised invoices as us, for our size at least...
  13. Risco eurosec CPX wireless alarm system

    I must admit if I'd been told straight up that a battery had been deep discharged for 30 hrs or so, I would probably replace it, though I suppose if I then attended the system some hours since the power was restored, and my ACT tester was showing 7ah (I.e OK) I possibly wouldn't rush to replace it.. Also if I turned up to any job and was told it hadn't been serviced in years, I too would assume this meant all batteries were ancient nd would offer to replace them as a matter of course. However, I have now just re-read your post and didn't realise the system was only 21 months old (I'd still recommend device battery changes though, Scantronic suggests 3 year life absolute max. for most devices...) nor that you'd invited back the original installer. Bit of a funny one, price not really outrageous if I'm honest, possibly a slightly odd approach re. Device batteries, and yes, I would pass invoice to builders esp. If NOT itemised! Unfortunately not a very good system in the first place, and I assume your previous systems were not wireless and *should* have been regularly serviced.
  14. Forget unfollowers, I believe in growing. 2 new followers in the last week! Stats via https://t.co/SLJaVDrzF2

  15. Paragon Plus

    ...then pOx must have been on leave for that service?