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  1. PeterJames

    Panorama - Hacked Smart Home

    LOL! I might use that one
  2. PeterJames

    Panorama - Hacked Smart Home

    Since my kids tried to buy a Lenard Nimmoy album via alexa I have had it set to no purchase. Most of what they showed was down to weak passwords on wifi, I was hoping to see something a bit clever, rather than an old boys ebay cameras being streamed. What I didnt get was why do you need your baby monitor to be internet connected? The whole point is so you can keep an eye and pop in if the kid needs you, you cant do that when your miles away, I guess you can keep an eye on the babysitter while you're down the pub, not sure I would use a babysitter I couldnt trust personally.
  3. PeterJames

    Panorama - Hacked Smart Home

    Yes very interesting
  4. PeterJames

    Karizma+ questions

    You may be able to still get the gardtec expander that works with those id biscuits, you can then use a gardtec 600 panel but the HKC panel is better by miles. HKC also sell id modules but they wont fit inside the detectors, they are nearly as expensive as a detector too.
  5. PeterJames

    trying to identify and find installer manual

    Nah I dont import intruder alarms, I looked at it but it was just tat, but I do still keep my eye on the tat.
  6. PeterJames

    Forum Trade Application

    I am still getting plenty of people applying for trade without posting, I am unable to put you as trade if you have not made at least five posts, the system will not let me so post if you want trade access. If you cant follow these simple instructions then try facebook there is a security forum on there that seems to be full of plums that cant read.
  7. PeterJames

    So im a bit confused.

    He has one It could be the screws holding the keypad up are screwed into the cable in the wall?
  8. PeterJames

    Thinking of Subbing?

    You misinterpreted, lets put it another way, I dont need stuff I have people that work for me that do LOL I dont think gaz was asking if I had any jobs going James
  9. PeterJames

    Thinking of Subbing?

    Fortunately Gaz I have managers that know stuff so I dont have to, I cant program alarm panels anymore either (well I say I cant I would have to read the manual first)
  10. PeterJames

    Protec Security Engineers Code

    They are obliged to, assuming that the customer is paying for their time.
  11. PeterJames

    Protec Security Engineers Code

    Apply for trade, but we still dont share engineers codes. Its bad practice and laziness, how would you ever know if its programmed correctly if you dont program it yourself. Please read the rules of application carefully before applying
  12. PeterJames

    Thinking of Subbing?

    oh yeah I remember now. I cant think why I thought they were the same its probably because we sent engineers to do them both at the same time