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  1. Eurosec CP8 L Problems

    QFA I thought very good value we would be nearer £1k incVAT
  2. Scantronic 9600 problem

    First off where are you buying your batteries from? Secondly you say the battery was last changed a couple of years ago how long was it before that? My guess would be that it is the main PCB, lofts are not really the best places for electronic components, they are subject to extreme heat in the summer and cold in the winter all that expanding and contracting doesnt do anything any good. This on top of the fact that the panel is at least fifteen years old and nothing lasts forever especially when you consider that its been on even when its not set, I would be happy if I had got that life expectancy out of a fridge . You could try breaking down the circuit board to component level to try and work out which bridge rectifier or transistor is failing, but its unlikely you will get help with that here, the time it takes to diagnose a fault to component level versus the cost to replace the cpu is far outweighed, so most engineers only know how to replace panels. The other problem is you really need an oscilloscope and the knowledge on how to use it a multimeter will only tell you the basics
  3. Gardtec 800 series help?

    If you pressed no when in changing code the code would have defaulted. Try the default code which could be 1234 or 5678 or 7890 (check the user manual). If this does not work your installer will be able to default the code for you but they will most likely charge you
  4. Wickes/Rascal 29 alarm

    Its possible that Wicks had their own set up, do you have the original engineers manual or have you downloaded a rascal manual? We dont install the stuff that is easily available for DIY, but many here use Texecom panels. I would think that you could still set it up as 4737 so would not need to fit end of line resistors, programming is fairly basic
  5. Wickes/Rascal 29 alarm

    The old Rascall panel is obsolete now Racall Guardall have gone, theses panel seem to last about 15 16 years when regularly serviced, so you have had your moneys worth from it. I used to install these myself back in the 90's when they NVM goes like yours has there is nothing you can do. On the up side, whatever you replace it with (assuming you dont go to Wicks or B&Q or Ebay) will be a big improvement, later panels are far more advanced.
  6. Subby - employed

    Job Security is one of those things that money cant buy, at the moment we are busy and everyone I know are busy, so there is loads of work out there and its likely to stay that way for the foreseeable. If you are busy as a Sub and happy that your workload is constant then what is the advantage to going on the cards? 28 days holiday, and a van load of sick pay, a workplace pension, overtime when a job goes over, vehicle, vehicle insurance, fuel for vehicle, phone and workwear, insurance for when you fall off the company ladder, company insurance for when you drill through a customers water pipe. ................I think I might go back on the cards
  7. Hi Josh Welcome Give Ian Austin a call at the alarming co, next week (he's away this week)
  8. Ip Cctv Cameras

    Chinese prices are rising daily apparently, so Ive been told wages are going daily due to property prices in the industrial areas. The stuff I have been importing is getting cheaper to by from UK manufacturers. China is improving their kit but the one thing that was in their favor was they were cheap, if prices start going up they will be less popular.
  9. Ip Cctv Cameras

    That is one thing they have done to improve things they now have Hi Vision for the internet and Hik is no longer available to the GP and prices are harder to find
  10. Ip Cctv Cameras

    God if you find Hik confusing you have no chance with proper CCTV, the main reason Hik is so popular is because no skill is required to install it, a trained monkey can do it. No set up, no back focusing, no setting changes required, just plug and play. Every security company, photo copy shop, locksmith, and painter and decorator is installing Hik down south. Personally I hate the stuff its cheap, no skill required to fit it, it has been hacked on a grand scale, oh and its 42% Chinese state owned. Dahua are similar to Hik in the big scheme of things, its hard to avoid Chinese stuff.
  11. URN Enquiry

    every day is a school day
  12. "Keypad Engnr" message on Abacus LCD Alarm Panel

    Doesnt sound like they could, otherwise they wouldnt be asking you
  13. Hikvision door bell

    I had one the picture is good but the app is crap
  14. Pyronix app

    Web way would have to be installed by a pro, if you want police response then that pro needs to be approved, and the system needs to be installed in compliance with pd6662. Web way pricing depends on grade and how many paths
  15. Texecom Premier Elite AMDT

    I witnessed that and it was a lovely do Dont connect the AM up