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  1. Klaxon Master Blaster

    Why would you think its a long shot? I suspect that most on here would know how to do it
  2. Rename this forum?

    I dont understand?
  3. Gardtec 800 having problems

    Are you sure its an 800? The keypad looks too late for an 800 it could be an 872 but it looks more 595
  4. Normski's Sisters Veritas 8c Nightmare

    Could this have been connected to the intruder alarm? What sort of wire is it?
  5. Normski's Sisters Veritas 8c Nightmare

    Do you not have a zone list? Each one of those lights represents a zone, 1= Front Door 2= Hall etc etc. I suspect that 67&8 are unused zones the fact that you have 5 pirs and a door contact would suggest that at least 7&8 are not used, I cannot think why they should suddenly become active if nothing else has changed like the user code. If the system had defaulted then the user code wouldn't work
  6. Normski's Sisters Veritas 8c Nightmare

    so that makes 6 zones, and you say that leds 67&8 are lit when trying to set, what are wired into zones 67&8?
  7. Normski's Sisters Veritas 8c Nightmare

    No need to shout were not deaf! Do the detectors light up when you walk in front of them?
  8. Hello

    Bine ati venit!
  9. Milestone VMS

    Really? I was told that you could only use their cameras with their VMS by Milestone
  10. Milestone VMS

    Its three multi story car parks with cameras on each level of the stairwells and each pay machine etc
  11. Milestone VMS

    Yes but then your stuck with only being able to use avigilon cameras. Milestone is expensive especially when you consider that the likes of Dahua and Hik are free and they are catching up quite quickly with their analytics. The deciding factor between Milestone and cheaper solutions is risk, if anything happened to avigilon you stuck with something you cant expand or repair, the Dahua and Hik are in my opinion high risk if you are going to use them in a MOD site or similar, that only really leaves Milestone unless you have your own solution. I have just quoted Dahua for a 164 camera system, its a low risk site if the Chinese want to log in and watch people driving around a car park thats fine with me, though I will make it quite hard for them to do that in the first place with a VPN
  12. End Of Id

    Not sure you would, I think faced with fix an old system for lots of dosh, versus new system for lots of dosh, even the most tightest amongst us will go for the latter
  13. Gent Nano

    You need to call the installer Gent is closed protocol
  14. Multimeter calibration

    Thanks Rich, TBF it may be every two years we buy one, its not me that deals with that I just roughly know what we do. Ill check that we dont buy one every year now though. That said theyre only about £30 from CPC
  15. Multimeter calibration

    We purchased a calibration test kit and test our own meters for calibration yearly, and we by a new meter each year with a calibration certificate to test our meters against. The old meters we test for calibration and then use them as spares or replacement for failed meters.