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  1. Karizma control panel blank....

    Glad we could be of service
  2. Karizma control panel blank....

    Are you sure? I didnt think you could with ADE panels, its been a long time since I did any programming mind.
  3. Risco eurosec CPX wireless alarm system

    LOL drop testing is using a special instrument that puts a load onto the battery, but as Paul says below, you cannot do this with Lithium batteries.
  4. Risco eurosec CPX wireless alarm system

    We're not, we are seeing it from both sides hopefully. If a customer telephone here complaining we would first off ask them to put their grievance in writing. It would come to me and I would investigate it, I would look at the job sheet, then speak with the operation manager, then speak with the engineer. If the failed product was still in our quarantine shelf I would look at the item. I will then call the customer and get their side. Once I have all the facts I will make judgement. As far as I can make out in the problem started when there was power problems no mains. When the power returned, it was discovered that all the batteries in the detection required changing and the main control panel battery was fine. I can only surmise from experience what had happened, but you and I both know that it is likely that the power needed recycling on the CPU. What we dont know is what the panel did/said once it came back to life. It could be sour grapes on part of the alarm company because the customer did not have the system serviced, reading the information claimed to be on the invoice I can understand why Maria would think that. Or it could be that the Lithium batteries were genuinely failing. The problem now is that the Maria suspects its sour grapes, so therefore is asking us if her suspicion could be correct. We dont know for sure as we have only heard her half of the story, but it is possible, and that is all I am saying. The inspectorate will find out by asking the company the right questions.
  5. Risco eurosec CPX wireless alarm system

    Or it could be that it was written that way because the customer was not there to show/explain too. (I am not defending the engineer, or the company but engineers and job-sheets are down to interpretation sometimes) We had a Fire alarm takeover recently, the landlord had had one or two false alarms and was unhappy with the incumbent co. We tested everything and replaced the batteries dated 2009 wrote everything clearly on the job-sheet stating that the false alarms may have been down to the batteries that had failed the drop test as well as being 8 years old. The landlord complained saying that the panel was only replaced last year so the batteries were only a year old. We sent a copy of the jobsheet and asked him if the false alarms had stopped, we got a cheque a week later. Good luck Maria
  6. Risco eurosec CPX wireless alarm system

    If its an approved system the customer would have paid for a certificate, that is what pays the inspectorates wages, the customer has every right to get them involved.
  7. Risco eurosec CPX wireless alarm system

    I think the point is Imran that the origin of the problem was with the power cut, from the OP point of view they had a power outage which caused a problem with something unrelated to the outage.
  8. Risco eurosec CPX wireless alarm system

    QFA If they are an approved company they will have to take your complaint seriously and if they are ISO9001:2015 they will have a process of hoops to jump through. Their diagnosis would have to make sense to their inspectorate, or they will be in trouble.
  9. Risco eurosec CPX wireless alarm system

    The problem was because the battery had discharged completely, the panel was unable to deal with charging the battery and powering the control panel efficiently so the panel had locked up. Recycling the power would have restarted the panel, the Lithium batteries in the detectors would not have had anything to do with the panel locking up. The reason I asked if the company is approved is because you can appeal to their inspectorate for a full explanation as to what happened, the inspectorate should ask the right questions for you and if the company is bluffing then it will be found out. I am not familiar with the wireless version of the CPX but the 600 series definitively does indicate low battery on detectors well in advance. Have you checked your user manual what does it say about detector batteries and low battery warnings?
  10. Risco eurosec CPX wireless alarm system

    Is the company an approved company?
  11. Risco eurosec CPX wireless alarm system

    £50 is too cheap and £10.00 per battery is to dear but £104 is still reasonable, we would have charged £76 for the call out and around £4.50 per battery plus VAT so about the same. Sounds expensive but name a profession that isn't expensive, and your not paying for how far he travels or how long he was there for, you're paying for someone to do something you could not do yourself. The lithium batteries would not necessarily be influenced by the mains failure, the main control panel would have been and it would have taken a full 24hrs to recharge. Its difficult to surmise the exact events after power was returned to your panel, but I would guess that the battery would have pulled the system down until the battery was fully charged and the system had been restarted, and that would be when the low batteries in the detectors would have been discovered. In my experience Lithium batteries rarely last three years despite what the manufactures tell you, we change batteries yearly because its cheaper than calling us out between service visits. You could with the builders that the batteries would have not needed to be changed so soon if it not for the power incident, but they will be claiming on their insurance anyway. I suspect food in your freezer and fridge was spoilt, and you have suffered inconvenience no hot water, lights, etc, on top of the alarm problem, the insurance negotiators will be used to dealing with this sort of thing.
  12. Thanks you've just saved me a fortune!
  13. Hi Scott It really wont be just replace the batteries once a year for £13.00 per month honestly. I suspect your installer did not explain what you were getting for your money, but if I am wrong look at other alarm companies in your area because most will offer a maintenance contract for around that price. Because of the nature of alarm systems, when they go wrong they can be a nuisance to not just you but your neighbours therefore alarm companies have to have someone on call 24/7 should your alarm become a nuisance. That in itself is expensive, I pay £25 a night for the engineer on standby that doesnt include what I pay him if he has to go out. I also suspect that the £13.00 per month entitles the customer to priority service we attend call-outs same day for non urgent calls and straight away for urgent ones. Contracted customers also pay less for call-outs we charge non contract customers 3 times more than contracted customers, although we do offer an option to take up a contract and reduce the call-out fee. Servicing the alarm and replacing the batteries prevents faults with the system, so you end up with a trouble free alarm. It sound like the replacement batteries you have purchased could be fake or past their shelf life, (Another reason to have contract we buy batteries from a ISO Quality supplier) Ebay and corner shops are not the best place to buy batteries.
  14. Accenta Control Panel Power Light

    Maybe its because nobody replied the op thought it was closed?
  15. Bristol incident

    Well back in those days my weapon only fired when I took the safety off