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  1. Hi all, just in case anyone else trying to do this, I ended up doing the following: Omitting the two zones (setting to off) for Part Set 2 (which I renamed text to “Dog at Home). No change needed to front door contact (zone 9) - this behaves the same way by default allowing you to exit and enter / counting down. I also allowed the Part Arm to exit tones in the Area Options by clearing out “AB” areas from Part Arm Silent. Had to test it all with family roaming the house, made easy with a few bits of tin foil over the active PIRs
  2. Hi thanks for your reply. I’ve not actually changed anything on Front Door Zone 9 yet so it can probably stay set as is then, cheers
  3. Hi, Appealing to the Texecom experts for some guidance! I have a Texecom Premier Elite and want to Part Set my alarm for when the dog is home and we go out. I’ve configured Part Set 2 to omit 2 PIRs in the space the dog occupies, however what I can’t get my head around is how I enable the front door contact (Zone 9) to act as an Entry / Exit rather than being armed. I want to be able to set alarm as Part Set 2 and exit through the front door contact (Zone 9) as I would when setting the alarm normally. Likewise I want to be able to enter and disarm as normal. How do I achieve this?
  4. Looks like I've started something here! I'm sure it's probably something I've done wrong - will have to wait until next weekend now before I have the time to look at again. Thanks for all the responses, have a great week Rob.
  5. Oxo, appreciate the continued patience. A FULL set is simply by typing in the code then shutting the door? This is what I am doing. According to the manual, the Final Door (option 2) is set at a program level not a zone level - this is the current setting. Zone 1 is set as Timed (option 2) and Zone 2 PIR set as Inhibit (option 3).
  6. Hi Oxo, yep I'm an alarm numpty it seems Yep - setting and testing inside the property. The point is I haven't got both zones on timed, I've got zone 1 (mag contact) on timed and zone 2 (pir) on inhibit - but when testing, if I pass zone 2 it just starts the entry countdown. Only way I can get alarm to trigger from inside is turning both timed and inhibit off zone 2 (instant alarm). I'm sure I'm doing it right - does the box perhaps need a hard reset? Panel is LED only, but I'm understanding the programming fine it's just not doing as supposed to! Rob
  7. guys. Just some background there are only 2 zones (garden office) with zone 1 on door and PIR directly inside the door. At the moment I've just left with a 10 second entry for both sensors which is fine - just annoyed inhibit function refuses to work. Yep neighbours had their bank holiday Sunday ruined! :0
  8. Nope wired round the right way. Have even tried putting PIR on a different zone. Same result. Suspecting a faulty panel, as inputs for entry and exit times are ignored - still the default.
  9. I'm just doing a normal set - e.g. type in code then close Zone 1 (magnet contact).
  10. Hi all, I'm going out my mind with frustration. I've got a Honeywell Accenta/Optima with 2 zones (zone 1 mag contact on door and zone 2 a PIR). I've set both zones 1 and 2 as "used". On all 3 programs I've set zone 1 as "timed". On all 3 programs I've set zone 2 as "inhibit". I've set and armed the panel, then proceeded to pass through the PIR. Instead of triggering the alarm immediately as I would expect, the entry timer starts. The only way I've managed to get the PIR to trigger the alarm is to remove the inhibit completely, which is useless as I cannot enter zone 1 without tripping the PIR. Help!! What have I done wrong?? Rob.
  11. Solved - +/- wrong way round - sorry to waste time
  12. Guys, quick help if possible - I've wired everything up however the external siren keeps sounding even with cover on (tamper switch active) and control panel powered up. I've wired up as follows from siren to panel, is anything wrong? STROBE+ on panel = n/a on siren STROBE- on panel = ST on siren SCT(T) on panel = R on siren SCB(A) on panel = V- on siren BEK+ on panel = V+ on siren Bell - on panel = SW on siren
  13. guys, much appreciated. Disabiling the integrated EOL resistors is all jumpers off - so I shall remove them. Enjoy the rest of your weekend and wishing you a good start to the week
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