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  1. al-yeti

    Wireless recommendations

    I don't use enforcer but I thought there was a remote keypad you could put on , enforcer will also be easier to programme and problem solve imo
  2. al-yeti

    Help with Galaxy 8

    Any chance of skipping it?
  3. What do you check with and how? Do you do a tach test or load test or what's your preference?
  4. al-yeti

    What panel is this?

    Proper These old boys like to arc and burn inside lol
  5. al-yeti

    Home System Recomendations

    About right then with no detectors
  6. al-yeti

    Help with Galaxy 8

    So what's the question/s?
  7. al-yeti

    Home System Recomendations

    What do you get in that price?
  8. We're batteries replaced ? Or shorted by mistake?
  9. al-yeti

    Eurosec/ Risco cpx 8l keypad removal

    If it triggers some other way then yes possible In terms of bagging sensors , can't see a problem with it, not sure why you took it apart to bag it , unless cable short , you should carry fuses if you the work regular geezer , I have a box , if you don't have exact you could get away with lower amperage fuse , just don't use fag paper , fag paper still available anyone ? Of course if it's the hold off supply fuse then as jw says
  10. al-yeti

    Hi all

    Excellent another house basher atlast , there's no room for blagger though Hi
  11. apparently your verisure all external bellboxes are illegal to some of your reps lol , desperate sales.......
  12. Yale? Swann? Who else does the good stuff?
  13. al-yeti

    Galaxy 16 Plus Communications Conundrum

    Normal alarm wire , you can buy in metre lengths , or just some gash stuff for £12 eBay 100m
  14. al-yeti

    Galaxy 16 Plus Communications Conundrum

    Don't think it will work with extender
  15. al-yeti

    Eurosec/ Risco cpx 8l keypad removal

    Ah plastic bag is the one , although it works for the pir sometimes aswell

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