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  1. So im a bit confused.

    So pressing where cable goes onto connector restores power , so maybe dry joint cracked joint or get a new keypad
  2. You could get an NVR with two network ports stick cameras on one side and internal.network on other , then you can set the app bandwidth etc That's what I do at home , kids on mission with laptops hogging the bandwidth lol
  3. Hi all

    What alarm is it anyway ? Model?
  4. Hi all

    Why not let him supply the door contact and pay his price ,instead of trying to supply your own Many walk once customer wants to supply equipment
  5. Hi all

    Just installed? Ask the engineer who put it in to hand code over , at same time you sign up to say all warranty void and he no longer is responsible for system etc I suppose he wants more than your willing to pay to fit a door sensor?
  6. Ah ok doh! Far from it tho lol
  7. Yes we came to this country , to learn how to be real alarm men , but they talk to us as if we don't know how to twist leaves together and make the circuit, maybe I find forum in Wales they have different rules there .... (Please read in African accent )
  8. Good advice , start with basics of port forwarding first And cover your web cams incase the mods get your IP and want to take a look
  9. You you Brexit person
  10. Hi all

  11. You need to port forward on the router do you know how to do this ? In basic terms Access router go to firewall or port redirection or whatever it is called on your router Port forward the http port and the rtsp port to the ip of your recorder , in Samsung if it shows you one number then that is the one your forward if it is a range like 554-558 , then 558 is the one you would use to connect to it in the app But a range of 554-558 is also forwarded to the DVR if needed Or something like that What router you got
  12. Boiler house?

    You see, your not just a dodgy looking website after all
  13. Geezer this is budget install , to an extent
  14. No time to waste just get better gear with varifocal lenses so you can adjust as needed