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  1. Well the sd1 doesn't respond to the panel, so what you on about dude Example if the sd1 is connected to the bell output of the panel in trigger , bell activates , triggers dialler , dialler dials , person responds pressing 8 dialler either stops or calls next number if it's setup to call next number Maybe dialler has lost some settings somehow and you need to reprogramme Maybe explain what you mean by control panel is not responding
  2. Texecom Comwifi

    I don't know jack about this gear Question can you make two profiles on the app , one to connect via wifi and one when your out ? Or can you only install it once on each app if that makes sense Seems this is best option lol, although the card might sell on ebay
  3. Panda burglar alarm

    Go look
  4. Panda burglar alarm

    Panda is just a label , open it oddly though https://burglaralarmbritain.wordpress.com/2011/09/06/panda-liverpool/ And following where you copied picture from https://burglaralarmbritain.wordpress.com/2014/05/23/panda-liverpool-2003/
  5. Dont mods here each others voices in your minds , like your all one or something or is that just if you Jedi? Or jbeye ?
  6. What's happened to DD the resident ion bod
  7. £400 parts & labour? Cheap imo
  8. £200 is to cheap , who is doing it ? Or you got a professional IT man on the job doing you a favour? As above programming required etc
  9. Chinese gear can be temperamental or hacking jbeye stuff for hostile take over
  10. Gardtec 300 help

    According to screw fixation that's not a pan lo now your making it up
  11. Picture man! Will be better than that dodgy picture on website
  12. Gardtec 300 help

    I like that ," dome head screw"you got to much CCTV on the brain Pan head I suppose because it's like a pan shape , hence pan head screw Just usual hijack thing
  13. No no you have to get away from that desk dude get the meter out and do some monkey business work
  14. It would be a pain having bells go off everytime a tamper goes You could if you really want to add aaster blaster in the house haha select an output linked to the tamper , have an output that disables it when in engineer mode But you might get headache
  15. What you mean "don't think"? You looked?