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  1. Galaxy kit shortages

    @Neil PorterApologies for the delayed response I missed your post. Yes we can come to you, no problem at all.
  2. Galaxy kit shortages

    If you need anything at all Neil give me a shout, happy to help, training whatever you need really.
  3. Siemens SPC wireless zones

    Wireless detector without off the wall tamper does not comply to regs, just saying
  4. Texecom opinions

  5. Texecom opinions

    Uh, no
  6. Texecom opinions

    They will have a bit of catching up to do. G3 wireless already exists.
  7. Number of rearms/bell time

    15 minus max Bell time, not PD6662 environmental law I believe. And 3 rearms.
  8. Texecom V4 Firmware Upgrade

    Yes please
  9. Texecom V4 Firmware Upgrade

    Just give them the part code, its on their system. CEL-0001
  10. Texecom V4 Firmware Upgrade

    Nope I am still here!!
  11. texecom wireless sab issue

    How far away were you from the panel when you learned the bell. Need to learn everything on close to receiver, then go and put everything up in its location starting with closest to the panel first. The bell is no different to anything else with regards learning so not sure why you had the issue.
  12. texecom wireless sab issue

    So it works now yes?
  13. texecom wireless sab issue

    OK, does the bell show in Ricochet monitor? What does the wiring type say for the zone that the bell is assigned too?
  14. texecom wireless sab issue

    How are you testing it?
  15. Texecom V4.00 Issues

    Yep no problem I will get that sorted for you, give me a shout tomorrow once you have spoken to the customer so I can arrange to get this shipped. Once you have the other gear out if you can pack it I will get it picked up.