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  1. Thanks, I'm flashing the panel so hopefully that will sort it out, but if not I'll try a 500 ohm resistor.
  2. Ok thanks for your help, really appreciated!
  3. Looks like it might be easier to upgrade to a dimension, plus I can then add wireless devices
  4. Is it easy to update the firmware if you have a lead?
  5. Hi, I've got a galaxy g2-12 with a standard 16 ohm speaker but the volume control doesn't seem to make a major difference to the output, even on 1/30! I need the speaker to hear the chime inside the house, but it's way too loud even on the lowest setting, but then in alarm I want the speaker to be as loud as possible. Is my panel faulty or is it a problem across the G2 series? The tones are really high pitched compared to any other galaxy I've heard. Has anyone else found this problem and got any way of sorting it, like if the firmware can be upgraded etc? Thanks
  6. I've got an Axis M1031-W and have set it up on the same network as the DS2, but I can't seem to get either to connect. Does anyone have a trick to getting the DS2 to pick up the feed from an Axis cameras? I'm sure there's a setting which needs changing on the camera menu. They're on the same Ethernet module on the same router, but I haven't set up port forwarding. Thanks, Dan
  7. I'm not in the trade, although I work for someone who is.
  8. Wouldn't the council camera have helped them catch the burglars?
  9. I'm really hoping they don't replace the x230 convertible with the twist, the only thing which worries me about getting the x230 is the touchpad, is it too small to use without a separate mouse?
  10. Oh I meant outside, it's just all I've got round to fitting at the moment is the one inside. I keep forgetting to pick up some cat5!
  11. What CCTV/Intruder alarms have you got fitted around your house? Post pics if you want. I fitted a spectra mini flushed into the ceiling of the converted part of the garage which has my dj equipment in.
  12. Yes, that snow shovel was holding it up!
  13. Yep. How did you all get into the trades? What qualifications do you need to become an installer?
  14. Do ADT have engineers or do they get companies in to fit the stuff? I see ADT vans around but I've heard for smaller installs, they contract companies in to fit and sign off the system?
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