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  1. @Neil PorterApologies for the delayed response I missed your post. Yes we can come to you, no problem at all.
  2. If you need anything at all Neil give me a shout, happy to help, training whatever you need really.
  3. Wireless detector without off the wall tamper does not comply to regs, just saying
  4. They will have a bit of catching up to do. G3 wireless already exists.
  5. 15 minus max Bell time, not PD6662 environmental law I believe. And 3 rearms.
  6. Just give them the part code, its on their system. CEL-0001
  7. How far away were you from the panel when you learned the bell. Need to learn everything on close to receiver, then go and put everything up in its location starting with closest to the panel first. The bell is no different to anything else with regards learning so not sure why you had the issue.
  8. OK, does the bell show in Ricochet monitor? What does the wiring type say for the zone that the bell is assigned too?
  9. Yep no problem I will get that sorted for you, give me a shout tomorrow once you have spoken to the customer so I can arrange to get this shipped. Once you have the other gear out if you can pack it I will get it picked up.
  10. The figures quoted are from the Ricochet diagnostics on the keypad, again if yours were that strong I definitely need that kit back to look at. I need to understand if anything else has contributed to the issues seen on this site, with that kit.
  11. Soak test for weeks if reported fault, I have seen devices on test for 6 weeks plus, some literally forever, everything else from a test point of view at build is as required by BSI (KItemark), the relevant EN standards etc.... and our own functional tests
  12. No and now i am disappointed, perhaps you could share so we can all marvel at this wonderful opportunity
  13. TBH no point in me lying, I've been around long enough and respect people on here enough to know that does not work. Just telling what has been found and that we will look for the best solution to minimise the issues in the future. The wireless keypad is unique in many respects, not least the fact that it obviously sends larger packets of data than any other device, so issues are bound to be more apparent when signal drops off. On the plus side nobody else has a wireless keypad that offers the functionality that we do. @datadiffusion apologies for not getting back to you sooner, I completely forgot and just trawled back through my mail, no fault found by our QA guys, passed all functional tests, not sure what else to say?
  14. OK boys and girls, we have done some testing and have found the following:- There is an issue with keypads when they are right on the border of hopping, but don't. So in the tests we have done response and speed is good when the keypad is at 40% signal strength or better, below that it will slow down and as the signal degrades, get to a state mentioned in this thread, slow, possible missing text on the screen etc... and then eventually hop, if there are devices available The point at which hopping occurs can in some cases, with one hop, actually make the keypad respond as if its a direct connection, this is when the keypad signal to the device its hopping through is high, like 80-90% plus, and the devices signal back to the receiver is high, again 80-90% plus, its almost impossible to tell the difference. If below these numbers speed is affected, as expected, as advised we do say that hopping keypads should really only be treated as arming stations. When the keypad signal goes below 40% it will start slowing down, the weaker it gets, the slower it gets. So I guess the question is what are we going to do about it? The R&D team are involved and discussing what we could do to improve the issues It could be as simple as forcing the keypads to hop earlier than other devices, but this is my simplistic non engineering view(there is absolutely no need to change any other devices they do not have the characteristics that will exhibit these issues So the advice i can give now is, regardless direct connection, 40% or better exhibits similar characteristics as a wired keypad. I will update this thread again when I know more, and can only offer our apologies for the issues caused and the fact that this is not documented. An addendum will probably issued and the manual, will be updated accordingly.
  15. I have no idea, but will get/do some testing tomorrow. I don't have a factory 64 panel, only one I flashed, I will get one of the guys onto it first thing. Thanks for taking the time out to have a further play, at least you now know they do work properly!! Will respond in this thread tomorrow when I have some answers.
  16. Yep just like mine, like I said there is something wrong with that kit, I don't know what it is but I need it back to check it out.
  17. +40 deg for two weeks does that, or not washing, one or the other! Understood, and i know you dont, just trying to get to the nub of the issues. The speed does not seem that much different to mine in your vid? BUT yes errors, just checked mine, got exactly the same, it may be to do with the learning process but will check. Also understand about the contrast, i am wodering if we could offer a contrast option rather than a brightness option. Brightness on wired keypads is what will kill wireless ones, but contrast actually is different. I'm not even sure if the LCD module is capable of anything other than brightness. Let me check.
  18. There is something not right, you saw my video, this is how mine works, and works even with more than one connected to the system. I don't know what's wrong with yours but something is. Can we get someone to site with you with some more gear? Or is the customer adamant for change because of the contrast even if the speed issue was resolved?
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