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Hi everyone 


Would really appreciate your advice. I have a Texecom premier 24 installed at home, which has served me very well, but was a pain to install 5 years ago when I put it in. I have a bunch of IR and magnetic sensors all wired up around the house with the standard keypad etc. So I now fancy an upgrade, I would like to minimize additional wiring and reuse all exiting wired sensors, so the question is what should I upgrade to (Texecom or other), and what would be required to do your recommended upgrade?


Would love to have a system that can be configured with a decent PC interface, and one that is able to send me e-mail notifications etc.. something using up to date technology that will be relatively future proof (as much as these things can be).


Thanks in advance for taking the time to reply with your suggestions.





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Stick with the premier, add an ip module or wifi module and away you go. Do you know what version software you have?

The opinions I express are mine and are usually correct!

(Except when I'm wrong)(which I'm not)

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Nar, Older Premiers will run an IP module with ease,

I've for an old V7 Premier 24 with Com-ip running just fine, Working on Texecom app & notifications


There were no configurations in the Premier 24 for the Com-IP settings

Just bang it into a Premier 48, Write the details to the Com-IP and install it in the 24, You're away

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basic app is free

my test system is still waiting to produce a polling fail several weeks after I unplugged it

unless I'm mistaken basic apps shows your udl code...

Only if you dont encrypt it using the Engineers App..................


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One of my guys made that mistake once, totally give him a right bollocking... He'll never do it again.

This is another security implementation were making from 1st October with our new software toy.

Each of our sites will have a random generated unique Engineer code and UDL code per panel

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There were no configurations in the Premier 24 for the Com-IP settings

Just bang it into a Premier 48, Write the details to the Com-IP and install it in the 24, You're away


Ah right, so it almost works straight away ;)


Makes me happier I didn't suggest it to my customer with an older 24, as I don't have any other Texe panels close to hand.


'Proper' monitoring was out of the question as it was a rented (albeit quite posh) house.

So, I've decided to take my work back underground.... to stop it falling into the wrong hands


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Still easy to pick up with wireshark for those that want it.


I may be wrong, But i would say its debateable.

I know that its got a few specific security measures in place, and its on an encrypted secure server 

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Don't see how the notifications would work on the old premier 24 panel as you have nowhere to program the ip address or port of the server, also the app is using a protocol that the premier 24 does not support.


A com ip module / com wifi will work with premier panels that dont have an option for comip as you just need to know what ip address the module is occupying to connect, don't see how the notifications would work though as there is no ip out programing, would love to hear that was programed



You could use the online keypad program for Windows/ dumb down Wintex access for customers, which can be used via dial up/ or ip on the old Premier 24./ cant use on the elites.


The app does not use encrypted coms at present. The encrypted UDL as GalaxyGuy points out is so that someone  cant see the true UDL code for the panel, its decrypted before its sent unfortunately. You can sit and watch this on the comport on the panels keypad if you want, and compare it to using wintex keypad, which is encrypted as far as I can tell anyway.


Think I have a video clip somewhere using the online keypad with a premier 24 over ip.

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Trust me, It works on a Prem 24


There is no available parameters to setup the Com-IP on an earlier Prem24, But there was on a Prem48


The Com-IP is programmed by the control panel, When you reboot the panel it loads the IP/Subnet/Gateway

Once programmed in a Prem48, Remove it and install into a 24.  I know it works, I have one here on V7 firmware


Technical always said the Prem24 was not supported for Com-IP, The firmware was limited, But not on the Prem48
I sussed it out years ago, got a few prem24's running with a Com-IP and working with Montex

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  • 2 weeks later...

Thanks to those that had the time to reply to my original question. So seems like I should save myself some unnecessary wasted time and expense and stick with the Premier 24, and perhaps look into adding a com-ip module (but I would first need someone to put the module into a premier 48 control panel to program it).


I think I'll keep exploring this topic to see what other possible options could be. It does amaze me that there are not more 'smart' alarm systems on the market, combining secure web based technology with best in class hard wired control panels / configurations, at an affordable price .... surly a massive gap in the market?!


I don't like anything that's wireless (be it wireless sensors or a wifi module), its still very unreliable and in my opinion easily exploited, so I would steer away from that, but a hardwired system with encrypted web / VPN access would get me excited! 

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