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  1. Thank you all for coming back to me. I have checked the wires and all are connected correctly. I am following the steps below 1. go into engineer mode via keypad 1 2.go to add bus option 3. go the keypad 2 and press A and tick which displays B1 d52 t00, v3.11 4. At this point, from my understanding, this will assign the keypad. But no further progress , and keypad 1 still states, 'Press addr button etc. 5. I exit from engineer mode, key pad 1 is green, but keypad 2 still flashes red. Any further help would be appreciated.
  2. Hello. I hope someone can me on the issues that I am encountering. I have a Scantronic ion 30ex, which was installed by a professional. Whilst decorating, I disconnected the second KP01 Keypad (in engineer mode), reconnected it once finish decorating and now the navigation button is flashing red. I have tried re scanning for bus addr , but when pressing A + tick on the second keypad , it shows up further details but its not assigning. If someone can advise on how to resolve this it would be much appreciated. Thank you
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