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  1. I found it on eBay. It was £60. I was getting a bit desperate cos couldn’t get a new board anywhere, even the manufacturer wouldn’t sell the PCB only. I could only get it new as a kit with outer case, and a keypad. Wasn’t going to pay that cos I’d already bought a new keypad thinking that was the problem. I suppose I was taking a bit of a gamble that it was fully functional, but there are some honourable people out there.
  2. The system will not let me program the tags. I follow the instructions, the last thing is to present the tag to the keypad, l get a double peep but the tag isn’t programmed. I’ve even bought new tags and tried the original keypad, which turned out to be OK but to no avail
  3. Thanks but I got it sorted. All voltages were good, so took a gamble on it being a PCB problem. I got a 2nd hand PCB & case and luckily I was right. Just 1 little question - my proximity tags no longer work. Does the main alarm have to be specific to the proximity tag feature ? It may just be that the alarm was for sale because that feature stopped working !
  4. Thanks, I haven’t tried that, but I will. That is why I decided to enlist some superior diagnostic brains ! There are a couple of other clues to this puzzle removing the keypad & main box cover did not trigger a tamper alarm. I did trigger an alarm by disconnecting the backup battery.
  5. Hi I was hoping someone might be able to shed some light on a problem I have just encountered. 3 years ago I did a DIY installation of a 9571 with wireless expander and 1 remote keypad with tag reader. Everything was fine until a week ago, when the keypad stopped responding to key presses ( I still got a confirmation beep with each press) The screen alternates between. 9571 V5.00 Checking Bus and the date and time 01/01/2005 00.00 the time clock would begin counting, but it rarely got to 10 seconds before it again showed 9571 V5.00 Checking Bus these 2 screens alternated constantly for 2 days, before permanently showing 9571 V5.00 Checking Bus I foolishly thought it might be the keypad and I bought a replacement but whatever the problem is it isn’t the keypad as the new keypad display shows the same message. does anybody have any ideas ?
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