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  1. To be honest I am surprised that the Menvier is duff. I factory reset it yesterday and it came back up with unreadable text on the display and parts of characters missing so it would be pretty difficult to program it again! Its a shame cos it did everything I needed! SIM is fine
  2. What was the module called? Sounds like what I'm after Thanks
  3. I looked at those but they look a bit confusing, looks like it would be ok if I had the Premier Elite but unfortunately I havent!
  4. It would be good to have 8 but it doesn't look like there is much out there except the Menvier ones so I suppose 3 would do. 1 for alarm, 1 entry and 1 exit!
  5. Hi I currently have a Texecom Premier 48 which I connected a Menvier SD-GSM to approx 12 months ago, I connected this to the outputs so that I could tell which zone had activated - took quite a bit of fiddling with but I got there in the end and all worked well. I also set one of the outputs so that I received a text when the house was in "entry". I noticed that randomly (every couple of months) the texts stopped sending and would only work again after I powered the SD-GSM off and on again - not ideal! This happened again recently and after I restarted the SD-GSM again it wouldn't work any more the LCD display has bits of character missing and the mobile numbers have strange characters in them so I guess its for the bin. My question is which GSM dialler would anyone recommend? I dont want to spend a fortune really. The ones I have in mind are the GJD710 and I have also seen at a local supplier a TELL Pager4 Pro 3G.IN6.R1 It needs to be GSM as I don't have a landline Any advice would be appreciated Many Thanks
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