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  1. This is the thing. They claim that’s what they paid out so that what we have to pay. So theyre been bum raped. Until that is we sign lease. LPC? Law practice? Yes. But I doubt they have the funds to pay them! Shambles. They trying to charge me £1800 for access control. I have one door with a lock and key. Lol.
  2. Lol. The fire alarm is just the tip of the iceberg. We have a quantity surveyor coming in soon.
  3. My portion of the building is 98 square metres. I have one call point. 9 detectors I can see and a repeater panel. It’s a dental surgery so two surgeries, two toilets, tea room, decontamination room, store room and reception two detectors in the reception area. The lease is is as clear as mud. However it may say I have to pay for such things. I just feel the cost is extremely excessive. I believe I’m being charged for a portion this huge building. When I only want to pay for whAt is within my rented four walls.
  4. Hi Shaun. I’ve only counted the optical devices in the ceiling. They are trying to bill me £4000. They have conveniently lost all invoices. Hmm.
  5. Hi guys. When you don’t know where else to turn forums usually point you in the right direction. So I’m hoping someone here can help. Im a commercial tennant Letting a 98 sqm unit within a much larger building. Im currently in dispute with my landlord regarding fit out costs. One of the costs im disputing is for the installation of a fire alarm. Firstly I’m not even sure I should have this cost as I’m just a tennant renting a space within their building! Let me explain what they have installed. A kentec synchro view panel lcd repeater panel. 9 optical smoke detectors and one break glass button. The detectors are installed in a suspended ceiling so I’d imagine a relatively easy install. Now my understanding of a repeater panel is to act as a slave to a main fire alarm panel is this correct? Also my landlord takes responsibility for testing/maintaining and conducting fire drills which tells me they treat the whole building as one fire alarm system. What i believe my landlord is doing is charging me a percentage of the entire buildings fire alarm fit out. I cant imagine how else they’ve came to a figure of £4000 for what I’ve discribed above. Can someone confirm if my understanding of the repeater panel is correct? And if possible can someone give me a ballpark figure of what an install like this should cost? john!
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