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  1. haha New to this then like me.
  2. Jms

    Honeywell Le Sucre

    Pickle packing shelf stacking
  3. You have to use the end of line resistor in the keypad as al-yeti has noticed. See photo.
  4. As Galaxy Guy has explained. See attached photo. But cut your resistors down, I've left them long so you can see how to fit yours. Your resistors could also be green not blue.
  5. Jms

    Alarm upgrade

    Probably best to trace back a cable from one of the PIRs if you can.
  6. Jms

    Alarm upgrade

    Or stick tape under the carpet.
  7. Jms

    Alarm upgrade

    What's the model number of the old alarm panel? Sounds like the PIR cables are jointed together somewhere.
  8. Jms

    End Of Id

    Why did ID systems stop being installed? Not fitted one for 12-14 years, But never had any problems installing the old gardtec systems.
  9. Jms

    End Of Id

    Dammit, I shouldn't have thrown mine away, been ripping out 5 to 6 old Id systems a month for well over 2 years. Would've been loaded by now.
  10. Jms

    mr doyle

    I've done lots of work for CBRE they were Romec then Norlands and are now called CBRE. Good company to do work for and very organised. If you know Galaxy and Castle panels then happy days.

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