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  1. In the end I had to put the bell trigger to common, NO to 0v and NC to 12v, since the bell box expects the trigger to be pulled up when in standby, and brought down to negative when triggered. Thanks again.
  2. That's a great idea, I'll do that. Thanks!
  3. I’ve had a look through the menu and the manual and can’t seem to find any reference to a Deterrent zone option. I think what I’ve got it set as for now will have to do! The zone is labelled up as smoke alarm and that is detailed on the notification sent to the app so it should be clear enough. Thanks
  4. Hello, I have a Euro 46 V10 panel installed with a DIGI-LAN which has been place for quite a while now. After having some building work done and having all the smoke alarms swapped out I decided to use Aico’s Relay Base to feed an input on the panel in order to notify the mobile app of a fire. I would like the Fire input to not activate the Siren or internal sounder (if you’re inside you can hear all the smokes go off anyway!), but from what I understand from the manual, the Siren will always go off. The minimum on time for it in timers is ‘1’ not ‘0’. I
  5. Hi there, I'm adding an SMS dialer thats triggered by applied negative to my euro mini panel. I've wired it to the panel and seems fine. There are two triggers, I'm using one for confirmed intruder and the other for mains fail. The intruder trigger works fine but the mains fail doesn't. If I generate the mains fail in the 'test output' section the relay triggers and I receive a text, I've also checked with a multimeter and the panel doesn't actually apply the negative. Reading the manual, in the 'output type' section , it says it'll generate a mains fail af
  6. I tried calling the CHC but the panel just infinitely hangs on the screen. I picked up the phone to see it it was actually sending any data and it turns out the number it was trying to call was invalid! Anyone else happen to know this mysterious manufacturer access code?
  7. I like the look of the advent controls unit, not a bad price either. I would prefer to have some sort of detail, can you recommend any contact iD to SMS convertors? It's a shame pyronix crippled the panel's sms capability by locking down the gateway settings, although I've noticed on the v9/v10 panels you can actually change it without the need for the access code. Cheers
  8. Hmmm, I just had a look into these contact ID to SMS convertors, they seem quite elusive and the ones that I found specify the Ademco Contact ID format. Is it worth just going for some sort of gsm dialler with relay inputs?
  9. Hi everyone, I've had some experience with alarms, mostly Texecom and Pyronix, just done a couple wired installs here and there for mates. In my Garage I have an older Castle/Pyronix Euro One panel, it's running software V6.051 with a few EOL zones. It was monitored over PSTN a couple years back but since been disconnected (switched alarm company after old castle iD panel in the house went kaput). I want to setup SMS messaging over PSTN but I can't edit the setttings for the SMS TAP gateway. I only have the option of Vodafone, Orange, One2One and Cellnet(remember them!!).
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