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  1. These use to be popular in the 90's for those of us who remember the good old expanding foam attacks.
  2. Sadly these were the original ones, yet to have a look on flee bay for replacement's. Regards TS
  3. No, the batteries were in the case, this is why I was surprised! Sorry should have been more clear. Regards TS
  4. This is exactly were we use it, I don't know of any other app that allows a range of different panel manufacturers to be connected via a single interface with the ability to remote arm/disarm, panel allowing of course. This coupled with the fact that you can link CCTV images to circuits up to 4 included in the standard fee makes it a very attractive visual verification tool, subject to the panel you are using of course. Regards TS
  5. That's fine, unfortunately your previous reply implies that if others don't follow your opinions that they some how do not value their clients as much which is simply not true. Let's agree to disagree, draw a line and move on. Regards TS
  6. I purchased the 700e a few years back for a job, unfortunately never got round to using it. Pulled it out to use on a job and the batteries have leaked that's just my luck. I know that you can purchase replacement ones from flee bay has anyone ever brought any of these? Regards TS
  7. With respect I think we all value our clients, do we really need to go there?
  8. It might not be for you, that's why it's great to have options. For people that see value in it, it's great. Opinions everybody has them. Regards TS
  9. Just to add, Conxtd is a very convenient way for clients to manage multiple sites at a glance through the same simple interface, even if the sites have various branded control equipment installed. Conxtd should not be confused with panel manufacturers apps as the target market is different. Regards TS
  10. Only on a complete discharge or new battery senario the rest of the time it's on trickle charge which hardly takes anything. Regards TS
  11. Ditto, the webway unit is small so should fit. I've managed to get dualcom Digi into pyronix enforcers so I'd say yes. Regards TS
  12. Possible board level fault on panel, rather than the com IP module. Have you re tried the original on a test panel? Regards TS
  13. Never seen one like this before, Chinese import or special one off me thinks. Regards TS
  14. 30 mins for fire alarms. 15 mins intruder.
  15. Id be very careful of doing anything with regards to your own admission of not knowing the standards. Stick to what you know and get an expert in. Get further training if this is a field you are looking to get into. Remember you would be taking on responsibility for the installation. Regards TS
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