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  1. Hey don’t apologise, I’m so grateful for the advice I just dont want to piss anyone off lol. maybe I can explain. I done intruder for years, first panel was a logic 4, then an Concept? I think. I stuck to intruder for a long time then moved to fire, CCTV etc. Eventually i landed a door access role. I moved away from intruder and have recently gone back. I’m in a more senior role now but I’m finding things have moved on. I’m trying to pass on knowledge but I’m finding it’s out of date, I need to get up to date and I sometimes come here for a quick reply that pushes me in the right direction.
  2. Sorry James I’m missing the point. You don’t like how I’m asking my questions here? Thanks for that reply, great info, much appreciated.
  3. Hi guys, Grade 3 question. I’ve only ever done 1 grade 3 system and I’m now questioning if we over done it. It was at least 7 years ago but I remember all cables were in tube and all JB’s were tampered. All DT’s had anti masking too. I was questioned on grade 3 today and was told I was wrong about the containment and JB’s, am I? I don’t see why we would have done this if it wasn’t required, it was a right pain. Anyone have a link to grade 3 requirements? Have they changed over the years? Other option is that I’m just plain wrong.
  4. I’m thinking the fire and intruder signal separately through the same dualcom. Are you talking about the ARC response time?
  5. Hi Peter, I think that’s a huge factor, I didn’t think about that. If no brigade response is required then it’s probably a lot more relaxed. Just to clarify, I’m not saying the intruder will signal fire, just that both systems use the same dualcom.
  6. Hi guys, hope you’re all safe? I know this has been asked a thousand times and will probably get me some grief for asking again but hey ho. what are the regs for an intruder alarm and a fire system sharing a dualcom? I’m assuming a few things, it has to be fire rated point to point seems obvious but how can the alarm panel be fire rated? Surely that’s the week point? Like drilling a hole in a fire rated door or wall and not using fire stop etc.? Obviously it’s just easier to use two separate dualcom’s but then the cost goes way up. Anyway, hope this isn’t too annoying. Thanks in advance gu
  7. James, this is the setup we have and I was actually wanting to change it to one code. I guess it’s way more secure overall but it’s a bit of a pain for call outs etc. Having said that we have an easy system to remember, same 4 digits then the first two numbers of the address. My issue was that when you changed all the codes it becomes almost unmanageable.
  8. Sh*t, I lost the argument then. To be fair, it’s a huge job for a medium to large company and probably impossible to complete.
  9. Hi guys, can you help settle an argument? Is it an nsi gold requirement that the engineer code be changed when an employee (engineer) leaves the company? Or is it just good practice? Also, should it be changed annually? thanks in advance.
  10. So we had to use areas because the client had an office space split over 2 floors and wanted more flexibility. I can’t see a good reason to use it at home unless you had a completely separate area. I’d say part set and full set are all you need. what did you need to do?
  11. That was hard work! Setting up the fobs to work the same way was in a completely different menu. It all worked in the end. thanks for the help guys, really appreciate it.
  12. Can I restrict the keypad E/E tone to each group?
  13. So when I’m in user codes, I go to the user, modify group, then what? I’m assuming the user should have both groups but no “*”, that way they can set both groups without a choice but the keypad is what decides the group? Also, do I now need to disable groups again in menu 62?
  14. Sorry James I didn’t see your reply. Thanks for that. Do I not need to assign each keypad to the group in menu 58?
  15. Tell me it’s not just assigning the group to the keypad?
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